Is .500 Good Enough For The Miami Dolphins? With Poll

National media members are not loving the Miami Dolphins these days.  This morning on the radio show Mike & Mike in the morning on ESPN radio, both predicted dismal seasons for the south Florida football team.  Mike Greenberg, a know Jets fan predicted three wins while his partner predicted a four win season.  Over the weekend, an NFL Network analyst predicted six wins, the highest prediction nationally so far.

Outside of the national front stage media types, the average finishing spot for the Dolphins seems to be around the .500 mark.  Is that good enough for this team?  Is it good enough to save the jobs of Tony Sparano and/or Jeff Ireland?

Dolphins fans don’t want to hear the gloom and doom from naysayers.  They want to believe that this team has the defense to carry them into a competitive advantage for the division or a wild card spot.  Optimistic despite the tough schedule the Phins will face.

There is a lot of talk on the street about the future of Tony Sparnao and I really don’t want to speculate as to whether his job is safe or not.  The reality is that only Stephen  Ross will make that decision and despite the declaration earlier this off-season that Sparano must win now, Ross will evaluate the situation throughout the season and at it’s conclusion.  So maybe .500 keeps Sparano employed, maybe it doesn’t.

The reality is that fans want to win and the long tradition of winning has now been replaced with years of losing and no playoffs.  Fans are fed up as well as they should be.  The truth is that a lot of questions ride on the season ahead and the future of the coaches, general manager, and the QB could be decided with this seasons outcome.

Despite the doom and gloom of the media, the reality is this team is actually not as bad as they would have you believe.  Potentially, the defense could be a top five under Mike Nolan.  The Dolphins have the deepest front seven in the NFL.  In fact, the Dolphins back-ups could be solid starters for a handful of other NFL teams.  The secondary is young but the corners are solid.

Offensively, the line is a bigger question than Chad Henne although Henne is close behind.  The real question is the game plan of new OC Brian Daboll.  It is safe to say that the offense will be a lot less predictable than last season.  Maybe the Dolphins do finish .500, maybe they finish better, maybe worse.  However the season plays out, fans want the team to be competitive instead of a doormat.

Last Friday’s game showed promise in all areas of the team but pre-season is a far cry from the regular season.  Over and over again, year after year the predictions roll out and the Dolphins tend to be on the sub .500 list.  And it means absolutely nothing until the season ends and the Dolphins have their record logged into history.

What is your prediction for the Dolphins season?

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  • Henneneedstime

    arent these the same “experts” that predicted that miami was ahead of the jets and behind NE for the last two years?? how did that turn out.. face it no one can predict anything but bad teams and elite teams.. the rest is a crap shoot! if Henne play 90+ QBR .. then the Dolphins will win 10 gms if he doesnt they have no shot!!

    TWO things for sure the defense will be tough to score on! once the Game planning starts.

    and Henne Has the weapons !

  • Lespaul

    The O-line has to play consistent for any hope of a winning season. I think this an 8-8 season if we can beat the jets one game and the Bills on both. We will probably drop both games to the Patriots. They are very tough in the middle of the D…no one will run on them this year. Tough schedule for a middle of the road team like Miami…not sure what they did to deserve it.

  • Paulmatthew22

    The team was far from a DOORMAT last year Mr. Miller,.. I think Ireland has done everything possible in the offseason to make us a better team,..And he hasnt mortgaged future drafts in the process,..We are young,.hungry,.and have fixed alott of bad decisions made by Parcells,..Henne at worst will be 10% better than he was last yr,.and that should make us a playoff team with our upgrades at RB,OL,LB, and most notably the subtraction of HENNING

  • Paulmatthew22

    Oh yeah,.We are laso MUCH healthier this yr!!!

  • Paulmatthew22

    Oh yeah,.We are also MUCH healthier this yr!!!

  • Phinphanatic

    So what you are saying is that you are optimistic this team will get to the playoffs? Which is exactly the point that I was making in this article…that outside of the media, fans are expecting more…which asks the question, is .500 good enough? As for the doormat comment, well to be honest, you can look at it any way you want but we are the 3rd child in the East family.

    Teams do not fear playing the Dolphins right now and that makes you a doormat. This team needs to find a way to instill fear from their opponents.

    I like Jeff Ireland and I see him making moves to help the team and not hinder it. He doesn’t make moves on the fly…they are calculated. That does not mean that all of his moves are great. As for Chad Henne…dude, you will not find a stronger supporter of Henne than me. But even I am not going to say that Henne 10 percent better than he was last year makes this team a playoff contender.

  • Paulmatthew22


    You ask the Steelers ,..the Superbowl team from the AFC if they thought we were a doormatt,.and that aside if outr special teams play alott better then we should even have more reason to be optimistic,.WE ARE FAR FROM DOORMATS,.and teams do fear us!!! Ask the JETS,..Sorry,.they are stinking lying gutter trash

  • Paulmatthew22


    LOok,.I wanted a better QB also,.but i didnt really see getting one that wouldnt hurt our future drafts,.They mostly sucked and I didnt want them plus the $$$ on top!!!!,..what moves would you have made differently genius???

  • Paulmatthew22


    LOok,.I wanted a better QB also,.but i didnt really see getting one that wouldnt hurt our future drafts,.They mostly sucked and I didnt want them plus the $$$ on top!!!!,..what moves would you have made differently genius???

  • Paulmatthew22

    I dont know how GOOD we are going to be???,.But i Know we wont nbe BADD,.So yess im extremely optimistic,.If we had made a bunch of bad offseason moves,.then I wouldnt