Commentary: More Say in Personnel Matters

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After a search for a new Phins head coach earlier this year, Stephen Ross settled with giving Tony Sparano a new three year deal.  As a part of the new deal, Sparano was also given “more say” in personnel matters.  Did you ever wonder what that “more say” thing really meant?  It likely did NOT mean he was going to have “more say” in who was going to manage the water bottles and the first down markers — that should be well beneath a head coach.  And, it likely did NOT mean he was going to have “more say” in the defensive personel matters — that has been well taken care of.

I thought that it meant the former offensive line coach of the Dallas Cowboys wanted and was given “more say” in the Phins offensive line personnel matters.  Over the last two years, the Phins offensive line play has been dreadful with a revolving door of both young and old players.  This must have been hard for Sparano to watch.  It must have been hard for Sparano to determine, in the past offseason, that one of the weak links on his team was his specialty — AGAIN.

So, what happened in the offseason with the offensive line?

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