A Foolish Mistake

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Why? That is the question that I am pondering today….What has Chris Clemons or Rashed Jones shown this offseason to deserve a starting spot? The battle between Clemons and Jones is still not decided, which leaves me to believe that our front office doesn’t know which to pick.  We know what Clemons can bring to table, which isn’t much.  Jones was the dark horse, but I haven’t seen him make one play this offseason.  He started against Dallas and took a terrible read on the screen play that resulted in 60 yards.

Our team has been lacking a true ball hawk in our secondary for years.  We passed on Rolle, OJ, Mickell, and other free agent possibilities.  I am not saying Meriweather would have been a long term solution, but he would have been a stop gap solution.

Just look at this from an outside perspective….
What team do we play our first game against? Patriots. 
What team did Meriweather get dropped from? Patriots.

Notice the trend

If we ever wanted to understand the Patriots offence and learn more about Tom Brady’s tendencies who better to provide them to us then the QB of the secondary? It makes me confused to understand why we are getting gratitude on the signing of a former TE on the Patriots roster, when we could have signed someone to help understand why our defence hasn’t worked against a team we play twice a year.

Another fact is that Bell isn’t getting any younger and will be on the wrong side of 30 next season.  This will likely mean the release of our longest tenured player.  We don’t even have a suitable replacement for him and Meriweather could have been groomed to take over that position.  He would also have provided some insurance or motivation to both Clemons and Jones, but that is all lost now.

Meriweather also has roots in Miami.  The former Hurricane played extremely well during his tenure and has a home in Miami.  

Now this is a moo point…a cow’s opinion, since Meriweather signed with the Bears.  The only good news in all of this is that I have the Bears D in my fantasy league. Bitter sweet if you ask me

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