What's The Missing Piece Of The Puzzle In Miami?

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What is lacking in Miami for the team to return to glory? Is it one or two players? Fan support? Coaching? The QB? Something else?

One Piece Away?

I recently asked that question in a readers poll and was shocked by the results. The majority of the nearly 400 respondents said the biggest problem was “home fan support”, with needing  more talent second, a new QB third, and the coaching staff fourth. That surprised me! Actually, like I said,  it shocked me! Do you agree? Let’s explore the top three responses.



Yup! If you have been to a home game in Miami in recent years, you know it is true that fan support has dwindled. In fact, many feel that Miami is now the town of The Miami Heat and not The Miami Dolphins. That is a shame! It has recently been reported the Fins are in great danger of losing their consecutive sellout streak. The team has sold out 102 games spanning over several years. The New England game is expected to sell out, but the Houston game the following weekend still has thousands of unsold tickets at the time of this writing.


Still, it goes beyond the number of tickets being sold. Depending upon the game, there is sometimes as many opposing fans as Dolfans. I know of no other stadium in the NFL where that happens. Because South Florida is a popular retirement spot and a desirable place to live, the residents are from all over the country, hence bringing in fans from every team in the NFL. No doubt the northeast is the most dominant. Go to a home game against the division rival Jets or Bills and after a few minutes, one begins to wonder if you are in Florida or New York.

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