Dolphins Pipe In Crowd Noise...For Home Game

It certainly has been one interesting off-season.  It’s really starting to play out as though I were entering an MMA fight with no training.  Me, not some dude that is all jacked up.  The Miami Dolphins entered the 2011 off-season by hopscotching across the country to woo Jim Harbaugh.  Punch number one.  They then sell NY Jets merchandise in their own team pro-shop.  Punch number 2 lands just below the belt.  The team announces they are going to celebrate the 2007 Florida Gator National Championship team the week that Denver and Tim Tebow are in town.  Punch three lands in the gut.  Now, with only a couple of days left until the Dolphins open their season.  A fourth punch is being thrown.

Where will it hit?

It was reported yesterday by Dave Hyde that the Dolphins’ Tony Sparano was piping crowd noise over the practice facility speakers.  Crowd noise.  When asked, he said something to the affect that in Miami there are a lot of New England fans.  So he anticipates a lot of noise.  Reality?  Yes.  Smart move by Sparano?  Probably.  Shameful?  Without a freaking doubt.

I honestly can’t think of another stadium in the NFL where the home team needs to worry about the visiting teams fans creating enough noise to cause problems for the home team offense.  Not one.  Cincinnati?  Nope.  Cleveland?  Nope.  Oakland?  Nope.  Not even Jacksonville.  Miami is apparently a different story.

The team is already becoming a joke to the national media and before you bite down hard on that statement, it’s true.  No one is giving Miami a shot this year let alone against New England.  But here is my real problem with this.  The Miami fans.  It’s amazing to me that anyone really could call themselves a “die-hard” fan and then turn around and quit on your team.  I know.  That is really going to create a stir and I can already feel the barbs, spears, and downright personal attacks coming my way.  I have even created more Email space.  But it’s true…and you know it.

Miami has beautiful beaches, fantastic weather, gorgeous women, and a million other things to do than sit in a hot sticky stadium paying for over priced beer, food, and 20 dollar parking.  To watch the team lose.  Excuses, excuses, excuses.  We all know what excuses are like so you choose.  The fact is this.  Regardless of how the Dolphins play on the field, if you are a fan, you should be supporting that team.  You should be cheering them on.

Yes, the play over the last two years has been miserable to watch.  Aside from the Wild Cat led playoff season, the Dolphins have been in a major funk the better part of 15 years.  So has Detroit, Cleveland, and Cincinnati.  Three teams who have no problems selling out their stadiums.  Before you blame the weather being too hot, try sitting in the open air stadium of Cleveland in mid-December.  I have, it sucks.  I’ll take the 98 degree heat and humidity in Miami every September.

The reality is the fans are tired of the losing so they stay home, they cancel their season tickets, they go to the beach or bar to watch the games and bitch because there is no one in the stands.  I hear it every year and see it first hand once a year when I make the trek down from NC.  The stadium has a lot of empty seats.

The game against New England wasn’t sold out as of yesterday that I am aware of and there are over 12,000 tickets left for the Houston game.  The stadium hasn’t grown seating over night.  That stadium used to be packed with fans rooting for the Dolphins, now we have to pipe in crowd noise for own damn home games.  I am aware that the economy sucks right now.  It does in every other U.S. city as well.  My brother just bought two tickets for 35 dollars each for the Texans game so there are varying price points.  In other words, more excuses from the Miami home crowd.

We get it, you’re unhappy about the state of the team.  Gotcha.  I am too.  Without question.  You want to send a message to owner Stephen Ross that you are not going to take this kind of losing anymore.  Gotcha.  Completely agree with you.  But don’t spend your time complaining after the fact that the stadium is half empty or that a third of those in attendance are rooting for the other team.  You give up that right when you decide you’re not going to the game.

Sparano may be doing the right thing by piping crowd noise onto his practice field but it sure does make you want to hang your head in shame.  Or maybe it just makes you want to stay home instead…oh, a lot of fans already are.

O.k…let me have it…

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  • MOU

    Bottom line – Winning solves all ill’s. If we are winning, everything is better. Dolphin fans have had a really rough time of it. Hootie wrote a song about how the Dolphins make him cry. From never providing a defense and OL to support the best QB to ever play the game. Yeah it was fun watching Marino throw and put up major points and huge numbers but it sucked losing 50 – 48. Since Marino departure it has been one gaffe after another till they brought in Parcells. If there was one guy in the NFL proven to turn teams around it would be him. We were fortunate that we were able to get a division championship and playoffs the following year and it looked like we were on our way. Since then we have watched the Patriots and Jets making a strong push for talent while we have kind of plodded along. I think fans are hopeful that this approach will work but only wins will convince the fans to get excited about the team.

    I truly think that the Fins are continually improving with the OL being my biggest doubt. Having said that the only real reason to believe that this team won’t get to the playoffs is due to our competition improving faster. One more point – I think we match up against the Pats better than against the Jets because in order to beat the Pats you have to be able to sack the Brady – I think we are equipped to do so. VS the Jets your OL has to be able to block and QB has to beat the blitz – this is where I am far more skeptical.

  • Phinphanatic

    Winning will cure all, but is that a reason not to go to a game? They don’t win in Detroit, Cincy, or Cleveland and haven’t for sometime. So does that mean they have better fans?

  • Phinfan18

    I TOTALLY agree with you. Being a Dolphins fan and living in Miami would be a dream. Instead I have to wait for them to come to Ohio and sit in the Dawg Pound and get crap thrown at me all game. Not to mention before and after the game too! Last game was 50° and a howling wind was blowing off Lake Erie. Be grateful you can attend a game in weather not even close to that!

  • phillyphinphan

    As a Phins fan in Philly, its disgusts me that the home crowd can’t fill the stadium. I wish I could go to those games to cheer on my team, win or lose. Instead, I have to hear it from all the Eagles fans how my team is a joke that can’t sell out a game and that the Eagles waiting list for season tickets is thousands of people long. Either way, I still go when the Phins play in philly and plan on going to the game in October with a bunch of Eagles fans when we play them. Go and support the team, stop the lame excuses!

  • fins4ever

    I have a solution for home crowd support!


    Only one team in the NFL is owned by the fans. That would be Green Bay. When Wayne Huizenga started speculation about selling the team, I wrote him a letter asking that he consider an IPO (Initial Public Offering) to sell the team to the fans. I never heard back.

    No one supports a product or team like they do when they own it. Look how well it has worked in a tiny town in Wisconsin. It was reported earlier today on ESPN that employees if the area were being let out of work early this afternoon and all schools would be closed early as well.

    Tonight’s game is being treated like a national holiday. That is what I call fan support and I suspect it has little to do with last years success!! I would be willing to bet they would sellout every home game, even if they even went 2-14.

  • Exiliado

    How i would love to be able to attend a game, hard when you are in a different country.

    From outside, you see stadiums that you know will be supporting their team hard, Steelers and terrible towel, Cheeseheads, the boys fans at texas stadium, NO at the dome and the who dat… man, even the jets and his obnoxious fans… All of them teams that are doing ok, but then you have stadiums like the raiders black hole, with their crazy fans, chiefs is always a red stadium, no matter who they are playing against and fans that suffered a lot like the dawg pound in cleveland and houston when they lost the oilers and now they have the texans… even the bills with their home games in canada…

    The dolfans stayed with the team trough the 1-15 year. you could see the happines at the only win that season. But now that the team is just mediocre, not bad, people are leaving? we can stand a bad team but not a mediocre one?

    Again, this is from somebody who haven´t been in a game (but would love to) and just based on the impressions from outside

  • Beowulf

    We have attended every home regular season game of the Sparano era, and come home hoarse most of the time. We decided to NOT attend any games this year due to the labor dispute. Granted it seems a futile effort since the majority seem to have kissed and made up, but we are resolute. It doesn’t make us bad fans, any more than the player holdouts make them bad players, or the lockout made bad teams. The failure to field a team which can excite the fans falls on the team more than on the fans.

    That said, I still respect the Browns’ fans for turning out no matter the weather, or the team’s record… I even respect the game where they threw the beer bottles!

  • Lespaul

    Sigh!! so, maybe 8 and 8 was unrealistic. looks more like 4 and 12…..

    Its hard to win when winning isn’t in the spirit of the people around you. One feeds off the other….

  • ryanac1

    Miami will always have lots of fans of North east teams at games. They retire here, duh and still support their first home teams. Its not the fault of Miami fans or the city it’s just the way it is. Give Miami a break. Or they visit for a game to watch their team play Miami ’cause of the, u guessed it, the weather. Your article would have merit if u spoke these words about a team in the north east, not in sunny south Florida, take a hike!

  • miamivice13

    I am a die hard never leave my team Dolphins fan. Have been for 40yrs. Live in Iowa. Been to one game in Minnesota against the VIkings. It was a dream come true, to take my son and watch the Dolphins. We lost and a couple times i may have embarrassed my son beyond repair. LOL. Standing up and cheering like a mad man on a good play and seeing I was the only one…pretty much the only one out of 80,000….

    Support the TEAM. If you don’t agree with the owner or coach, support the TEAM. Go to games. Yell, have fun, enjoy it. I don’t agree with Ross and think he doesn’t want to win cuz the salaries needed to pay out to get to that level will hurt his profit margin. He doesn’t want anyone else, coach or player to be a bigger name than some of the co owners or himself.

    You are a Miami fan, live in Florida and don’t go to games??? Won’t go to games??? Please, be a fan for someone else. Dolphins deserve better. If I could go to a home game with my son it would be like a dream come true. If we lived on Florida, or even better, Miami, I’d do anything to get to the games. The team isn’t the embarrassment, its the “fans” that live in Southern Florida and don’t go to games or boo the Fins, don’t support the Fins, that are. The Dolphins will turn it around, maybe this year. Henne will prove himself. Somehow, Sporano will figure out how to get the O line needed to win games. Or the next coach will…

    Heck yes, I wish i could jump ship and be for the Vikings or Packers or Chiefs and go to those games. Only a 5 hour drive to Minn. or Ks. City. But, can’t do it…. Maybe this year, or next will go to Miami for a home game…

    GO FINS!!