Miami Dolphins Monday Night Patriot Live Chat!

“It’s here! It’s here!  The new Phone book is here!”  O.k. maybe not the new phone book, a great line by Steve Martin from the movie “The Jerk”, but the Miami Dolphins opening 2011 regular season game is a short hour away.  Which means, it’s time to crank up the live chat room.   The chat room works like this.  You enter, you add a screen name, you post.  I moderate.  The first 40 people will be given un-moderated access meaning you post once and I will set you to auto post.  If you leave the chat room, you risk losing that spot.

For those of you who are not un-moderated, I will “add” your comments as you make them.  One rule.  If you act like a childish loser you will get booted like a childish loser.  Being critical is fine, being a complete jerk is not.  I don’t tolerate it and it’s not appreciated by those who come to the chat to keep tabs on the game.  We hope you enjoy this years first 2011 “LIVE CHAT”!

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