Was Jon Gruden Fishing For The Dolphins HC Job?

Jon Gruden was part of the three man Monday Night Football announcing team last night and for the better part of the first half, he spent quite a bit talking about what he would do with the talent that Miami had on the field and a couple of times, mentioned players that he would put on the roster.  It almost sounded as though Gruden was broadcasting his desire to coach the team should Tony Sparano not be around next season.

Gruden’s  name was mentioned on several occasions over the off-season when owner Stephen Ross was reportedly looking for a Sparano replacement.  Rumors swirled that Gruden was seeking a deal in the 6 to 9 million a year range.  It’s no secret that Sparano’s job is on the line this year despite a contract extension.  Ross has said that the team needs perform and perform well and that Sparano would be evaluated at the seasons end.  So was Gruden laying the foundation for a future in Miami?  Or was he simply doing his job?

As the game started to get a little out of hand, Gruden fired up solutions to getting back into it.  In fact at one point he declared that he would take a different approach to finishing off the Patriots but never went into full details.  He was confident throughout that the Dolphins could stick with the opposition.  Perhaps I was listening and putting a little too much into what he was saying, but there seemed to be a bit more to the tone of his comments than simply doing his job.

I’m not saying that Gruden is in line for the Miami job if and when it came open or that Stephen Ross would consider it.  I am also not saying that Sparano should be fired or even on the hot seat.  It’s week 1 of the regular season.  I am really more interested in what you think regarding his commentary last night.  It simply seemed to me that Jon Gruden had an awful lot to say about our team than he has about others in the past.


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  • snakebyte

    Are you kidding me??? John Gruden wanted to go make out with Brady. He worshipped everything Brady did from the begiining of that game to the very end. It was riduculous. It was the most biased announcing I’ve ever heard.

  • uberphins

    I agree with snakebye. although I had trouble understanding him with brady’s junk in his mouth.

  • compcomplex

    Jon Gruden the next Miami Dolphins coach…? Not sure which would be worse, another season of Tony S. or a change to J. Gruden…

  • snakebyte

    @ Uberphins, I said the same thing last nyte. That Gruden should just go down to the field and profess his love for Brady and just blow him for all to see. I’m not taking anything away from Brady’s accomplishment, he had an amazing night. However listening to Gruden verbally suck him off was pathetic.

  • GenLowe

    @snakebyte Guys. Brady is the best. If he was on your team all of you would be trying to make out with the guy.

  • snakebyte


    I don’t know that he is the best. I think he is that good cuz of the weapons he has and the system. Point in case, when Cassel was there he was a great QB, so much that they franchised him. Then shipped him to KC. What has he done since that? I think Aaron Rogers has a claim in being the best QB in the league. As far as Brady being on the Dolphins, if that ever happened I think I’d switch teams.

  • Captain Fist Pump

    I liked Gruden as a coach, but no more retreads. No more big names. No more flash over substance. PLEASE!! I would prefer Rob Ryan over Gruden, Or take a serious look at Perry Fewell in Buffalo, Joe DeCamillis in Dallas, Brian VanGorder in Atlanta, Winston Moss in Green Bay, or Bill Musgrave in Minnesota (good offensive minded coach).

    I hope Sparano is gone by week 6. He was paid millions yet this team was always unprepared, showed no improvement from game to game (or year to year) and he is thoroughly out coached every week. After watching him melt in the last few minutes of the Steelers game last year it’s obvious he should be an assistant. Time to take a walk, Tony.

  • compcomplex

    Ha! Sparano could easily be gone by the end of week 4 when their 0-4. If they don’t beat Houston this week, I’ll have no faith they can get past the Browns or Chargers.

    BTW, I agree, no more retreads. Let’s look into any or all of the names listed above…