Week 1: Putting Things Into Perspective

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Whereas the Dolphins lost 38-24 to the team with the best record in the AFC last season lead by the 2010 NFL MVP, it is important to also examine what also happened in Week 1.  The Pittsburgh Steelers, last year’s Super Bowl participant, were humiliated by their rivals the Baltimore Ravens 35-7.  The Steelers turned the ball over 7 times and Ben Roethlisberger was sacked 4 times.  The Atlanta Falcons, who had the best record in the NFC last year, were humiliated by the Chicago Bears 30-12.  Matt Ryan was sacked 5 times and threw an interception in the loss.  And, the Dallas Cowboys threw away a sure victory at the Jets with Tony Romo (looking more like last year’s Chad Henne) fumbling the ball away at the 3 yard line on a TD drive and then throwing an inexcusable interception — all in the 4th quarter.

So, this is only Week 1 and the Phins loss does not make the entire season.  There is a chance at redemption.  Certainly, the Steelers, Falcons, and Cowboys fans are not giving up on their teams at this point.

However … I did see some troubling signs in the Dolphins game that caused me to violently pull on the remaining hair left on my 52 year old head.

1).  What was the deal with all the penalties for 12 men on the field?  What was the deal with the secondary often running around like the Keystone Cops BEFORE the snap?  And, please do not give me the crap that it was Tom Brady and his hurry up offense — we have seen this before.  It should have not been a surprise.

2).  What was the deal with the Dolphins wilting and cramping in the Miami heat and the Patriots were not?  Good thing the game was not held at 1:00 in the afternoon.

3).  Where was that “best CB tandem in the league”?  Why were they sitting on the bench or hobbling on the field?  And, their three replacements looked like they couldn’t even start for any team in the WAC.  It sure would have been nice to have Will Allen to lean on.  But, it sure was a good thing that we have 5 TEs on the 53 man roster.  By the way other than Fasano who made a great catch, did anyone see any of the other guys?

4).  Could we find someone … anyone … maybe even Dwayne Wade …  to cover those damn Patriots TEs?  I thought that is why we signed Kevin Burnett?  It sure would have been nice to have A.J. Edds, who was supposed to be our go to TE covering LB.  But, it sure was a good thing that we have 5 TEs on the 53 man roster.

5).  Could we find someone … anyone … maybe even … Lou Polite … to run the ball in short yardage situations?  But, it sure was a good thing that we have 5 TEs on the 53 man roster.

6).  Could we find someone … anyone … to block in short yardage situations without getting caught for holding?  I noticed that the Patriots Center went down with a broken leg and the Patriots did not seem to miss a beat.  It sure would have been nice to have Brian Waters at guard for the Dolphins … either guard.   But, it sure was a good thing that we have 5 TEs on the 53 man roster.

I think you get the picture that I think the Dolphins coaches/management should have focused more on covering the Patriots 3 TEs rather than having 5 TEs on the Dolphins 53 man roster.

Well … there is always next week … the Texans come to town.  If you were wondering and did not know, they thumped the Manning-less Colts 34-7.  I sure hope the Dolphins think about dumping one of those TEs on their roster in favor of finding someone who could cover one TE on the opponents team.  And, maybe dump another TE and resign LOU!  So what if he is not a good blocker, he sure knows how to pick up one yard when you need him to.

What do you think?


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