Annoyed? Irritated?  Disappointed? Or all the above

That is the tone of our team after another lose at home.  A lot of questions, with no answers, even our Head Coach had the following comment after the game:

“It’s baffling to me. I don’t have any answers.”

– Miami coach Tony Sparano, after the Dolphins lost their second game in six days at Sun Life Stadium Sunday, this one to Houston

 Tony better be ready to answer a lot of questions, especially to us the fans.  There seems to be a growing amount of ‘frustration’ and it’s all pointing towards Tony and Jeff.  As it should be, they are the two responsible for the product on the field.  If you look at the game day stats, which is something I think everyone needs to look at, the most depressing one is listed below:

Houston Texans, New England Patriots and the New York Jets have better records in our home stadium then we do.  Each of those teams listed above our 2-0 in recent trips. 

That’s ridiculous.

I don’t know where this team started to slide, but yesterday’s game was decided when Daniel Thomas fumbled the ball.   Momentum was building after our first and only touchdown.  We held the Texans down.  Jason Taylor came off a shield call, and sacked Schaub, which then lead to the Texans punting the ball, and we were in great shape.  Ball at the 40 yard line and Henne hands the ball over to Thomas who was having a great game, then the rookie mistakes showed up.  Trying to make something out of nothing, Thomas fumbled the ball after a second spin out move. 

What happened next is even worse.  Schaub leads his team downfield, and Vontae Davis was on the sidelines with a hamstring injury.  Nolan Caroll was in the game, and you could see the pre-set read.  Caroll looks back at Rashed Jones places his signal for over the top help.  The play is set and Schaub delivers a nice over the top throw connecting with Andre Johnson in the end zone.

What I liked about the play, Nolan was vexed.  He looked immediately over to Jones, who gave the dazed and confused look back at him.  This was the second game in a row that this Free Safety has allowed two huge game changing plays.  It’s obvious that Houston game planned for this, all they had to do was watch New England game and see the “free parking” sign we have in our backfield.

Frustrated, words can’t even begin to explain how upset I was on that play.  I’m honestly looking forward to Chris Clemons returning.  Jones is not the answer; he’s the problem with our secondary. Do I think the return of Chris Clemons is going to make a upgrade, no.  The upgrade needs to happen with what we thought was the best part of our D, the line.  Where is the pressure? All the preseason talk about the amount of high level players we have on our Dline…where is it? The best secondary is one that doesn’t have to work longer than expected.  Schaub had all day to pick apart our secondary.  The more time a QB has, the worse it is for us.  Where was Starks? Langford? Odrick? Wake? I barely heard their name called.

Coming into the season it was our D that we were supposed to lean on, but this isn’t the case.  Which leads to questions all around for our team, and with all other team in our division at 2-0, it just makes you feel $%^&*() _+ (aka Frustrated)


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  • Lespaul

    Can’t argue with that commentary. I too am amazed at how poorly this team is playing. The talent on defense has been suspect in my mind. I had a serious head scratch on Kevin Burnett. He doesn’t put up the numbers for a trade like that. Mediocre at best and not an upgrade from Crowder. The secondary is a mess and totally not on the same page. D-line unable to add pressure without help from blitzing LB or DB??? Really?? The O-line again was horrid…no one can pass block so our TE & backs have to stay in and block?? Really?? The Texans defense was shredded last year, but now they are a top ten D and no one could block them?? Really? Marshall can’t catch the easy one’ on third down when you really need it?? Really?? What, were they like 2-14 on third down…something like that? Really?? I would take an 80 year old Don Shula over these hacks we coaching this team right now…

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  • mgoodwin04

    I thought Odrick, Starks, and Wake played an alright game. Schaub was feeling pressure at points and the Texans kept a lot of blockers back there to deal with a mostly four man rush. Reshad Jones is awful, just awful. Total disappointment. And Colombo is as bad as we thought he was. You can pretty much credit that INT to him.

    @Lespaul agree on Burnett. What’s up with that guy? I never thought I’d be calling for Crowder to come back but I am. It’s not like Burnett has helped with DEs and our run D is notably worse. Strength of the team last year was making teams one-dimensional.

    Hate to say it, but without Dansby and Vontae we’re pretty much screwed.

  • fins4ever


    Agree on Burnett. A nasty rumor has it that he is actually Marc Columbo’s cousin. Time for a blood transfusion.

  • Lespaul

    Yeah, its a real bloody mess, as they say, but hey 0-2….been there before haven’t we? Oh, but we finished with a losing record…hmmm. I was so excited to have feetball back and piss-off the wife every weekend, but now she has the last laugh and I just want to go kick the neighbors dog. @Lespaul

  • Lespaul

    Ya know I live here in Houston and been catching hell since Sunday afternoon….I would love for the Dolphins to beat the Texans just once before I die, so I don’t have to endure the post game bashing. The stuffed Dolphin with a bullet hole in it’s head laying on my desk was real cute….Ha,HA…sigh! I am gonna go kick the neighbors whiney-assed dog….real hard!