Dr. Henne and Mr. Chad-duh Continues

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Against the Texans in Game 2, Mr. Chad-duh completed just 12 of 30 passes for 170 yards with 1 TD and 1 INT.  This was a completion percentage of 40%, 5.67 yards per attempt, and a TD/INT of 1.  His overall passer rating (old style) was 56.3.  Overall, Mr. Chad-duh had a very poor game.  I think most Dolphans will be screaming for Matt Moore or even Pat Devlin, if this continues.  To put his numbers into perspective, Mr. Chad-duh had 5.67 yards per attempt passing the football and Daniel Thomas had 5.9 yards per attempt rushing the football.  It is not good when your RB has more yards per attempt than your QB.  And, let me say it again … Mr. Chad-duh had a 40% completion percentage.  He is damn lucky that everyone seems to be focusing on the poor play of the defense in that game.

For the season, Chad Henne has completed 42 of 79 passes for 586 yards with 3 TD and 2 INTs.  He has a season completion percentage of 53.2%, 7.42 yards per attempt, and a TD/INT of 1.5.  His overall passer rating (old style) is 79.4.  But, it is Dr. Henne and Mr. Chad-duh kind of bipolar quarterbacking that drives Dolphans crazy.  It is the kind that builds up frustrations that results in calling for a QB change and/or a change in coaching.

It is interesting to point out that this kind of bipolar quarterbacking is not new to Chad Henne.  In arguably his best year at Michigan (2006), Dr. Henne had three games where he completed 70% or more of his passes and Mr. Chad-duh had three games where he completed 50% or less.  So, I guess we all should not be surprised by his inconsistency.  What is surprising is that some think it will change!  This includes the Dolphins management and coaching staff.

I have been arguing that a QB’s college statistics are a good indicator of how he will perform as a pro.  In 2006 with Michigan, Chad Henne had an overall completion percentage of 61.9% with three games at 70% or above and three games at 50% or below.  In his career with the Dolphins, he has an overall completion percentage of 60.5% and we all know about the inconsistency.  This is what we should expect as long as Dr. Henne and Mr. Chad-duh is at the helm of the Dolphins.  Maybe, this is why no one in the media focused on how poor his performance was in the last game.

In comparison of best college years, Philip Rivers had eight games, in 2003, where he completed 70% or more of his passes and ZERO games where he completed 50% or less.  Aaron Rodgers had five games, in 2004, where he completed 70% or more of his passes and ZERO games where he completed 50% or less.  Matt Schaub had five games, in 2003, where he completed 70% or more of his passes and only ONE game where he completed 50% or less. And, Andy Dalton had four games, in 2010, where he completed 70% or more of his passes and ZERO games where he completed 50% or less.  We all know how consistent these pros are. 

Oh by the way, why did I add Andy Dalton into that mix above?  Not because I think he deserves to be mentioned same company … at least not yet.  But, I argued that the Dolphins should have selected him in the draft.  And, so far so good for the Bengals, who did select him.  In his first game with a win at the Browns, Dalton completed 10 of 15 passes for 80 yards with 1 TDs and 0 INTs — his day was cut short with a hand injury.  In his second game with a loss at the Broncos, Dalton completed 27 of 41 passes for 322 yards with 2 TDs and 0 INTs.  He has a season completion percentage of 66.1%, 7.38 yards per attempt, and a overall passer rating (old style) of 105.7 — both of his first two NFL games were on the road.  It should be noted that in 2010 at TCU, he had a season completion percentage of 66.1% — believe it or not, exactly the same as a pro, so far. 

My point is … I personally would take consistency with a lower yards per completion over bipolar with a higher yards per completion on any Sunday of the season.  It is better for my heart and certainly less frustrating.  And, I think it would result in a playoff berth for the Dolphins … as was the case with Chad Pennington in 2008.

So, who do you think will show up on Sunday at the Browns?  Dr. Henne or Mr. Chad-duh? 

I think Tony Sparano and Jeff Ireland hope that Dr. Henne shows up four times more often than Mr. Chad-duh does this season.  Or, they all may be finding a new job next year or maybe even sooner.


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  • redteg02

    Interesting. I like what you have done with the stats comparison between college and pro. However, I do think Henne has potential. The problem is that this coaching staff is finding it difficult to stay in front of the opposition. What I mean by this is that the other teams are adjusting to what we do faster than we are adjusting to what a defense is going to do. Against New England Henne had a decent amount of time to throw. When he did get pressured he did a good job of stepping up and running when he needed to. Against the Texans they supplied a ton a heat and Miami couldn’t handle it. He was under pressure all night, as evidenced by the fact that miami had to bring in a 3rd tackle to help on super Mario, and not just from one side. Even Long seemed to struggle a bit in pass blocking. Miami, however realized that the Texans were in all out pressure mode and started to hand the ball to Thomas on delays. The reason Thomas had such a high average is that the Texans could give a damn less what the rookie ran for, so long as time came off the clock and the Dolphins continued to fail to score. The Texans are also proving to have quite the competent secondary. Miami only really found success when Jason Allen had to fill in.

    My one real problem, okay I have two, with this staff is that they seem slow to adjust. By the time they figured out that the defense was over-agressive, the game was too far gone. Watch, this week they will try to run Thomas too much early and forget that they have a passing game. They remind me of a buddy in my fantasy league. He likes to look at who did the best last week and plug them in or pick them up without regard for the circumstances surrounding the coming week. He almost always looses, but has tons of talent.

    My second problem with this coaching staff is their refusal to use players strengths. Reggie could be an every down back (whether he should or not is a different question). The problem is that he isn’t going to be a bruising, up-the-middle every down back. He needs space and to get outside. Toss in a few middle runs at the right time to keep the D honest and he could produce. Instead, he is used as if he were a battering back, up the middle almost every run. Why was New Orleans so successful? They knew what their players strengths were and exploited them. This staff seems to like to force giant square pegs through small circular holes.

    Sorry for such a long reply, but I’m really getting tired of everything going on. To state it simply I think Henne will make a fine QB once he gets out of the disaster in Miami.

  • BillyVolz

    I guess you didn’t really watch the game. I guess it’s Chad’s fault the O-LIne is not that good. Give him a break, it’s only 2 games in and everyone wants him and Sparano gone. You probably want Carpenter gone also as he had a poor game against Houston. Just relax and support your team.

  • tennetom

    No it can’t be Henne’s fault if we can’t score inside the red zone. I blame Dan Henning. Or the wildcat…. or the moon being in the wrong place…

  • tennetom

    Screw u Billy loser boy. Henne stinks and he should be shown the door or the bench by game four. @BillyVolz

  • tennetom

    Dude you’re an idiot. The coaching is the reason Henne was 12 for 30. Again blame everybody but Henne, you blamed Henning last year, when will this stiff of a QB actually win a game with his arm? It seems like some fans here thingk everybody on the team must play perfectly in order for Henne to have a good game. What a joke. @redteg02

    • Brian Miller

      We are glad you comment on the site. Thank you for reading. However, that being said, please tone down your personal attacks on the other commentors. This is not grade school. You may not like an opinion but everyone is entitled to their own.

      If this continues I will have to remove your privlege of posting.

      Thank you.

    • Brian Miller

      Oh and I mean personal attacks strictly towards the other posters. Say what you want about the team…however, please keep it clean.

  • BillyVolz

    Your the Fu@&in Idiot. Your probably a Jets fan, tennetom!!!

  • redteg02

    @tennetom and others just like to rip into each other and offer no real take except for Henne sucks. God I love the anonymity, it means you can hide behind your computer mouth-breather, of the internet. Why do you think Henne struggles so much some days and is golden others? Oh yeah, he sucks. Forgot how helpful that opinion is. Oh and when I say I’m tired of everything going on, mostly I meant I’m tired of fans like you tannetom.

  • BillyVolz

    @redteg02@tennetom Well said redteg02. I bleed orange and teal like most true fans. I just can not stand fair weather fans, people who probably never played a down of football in their life talk crap about our players. Henne is not Marino and never will be. There will NEVER be another Marino. We have a QB who has potential, he just needs alittle support from his fans, his coach’s and his O-line. It has been 12 years since Dan has been gone, the team has not had a young QB that can lead this team. We now have him. I mean if people want to see it first hand, I mean when a team relies on 1 man to be the team, the leader , the #1 QB the face of the team just look at Indy. They were favored for their division or at least compete for it. Now without 18 they are nothing. That will be the same way for years to come…..Just like the Dolphins. We put all our eggs, as we should have in Marino’s basket. The Bills did it with Kelly, the Broncos with Elway, no one looks ahead.. Ok maybe Green Bay and San Fran were different but not the norm.

    No one wants the Dolphins to be awesome as bad as I do. I mean I look forward to every game they play. I have DirecTV just to watch them, but I understand it takes time. Hopefully we don’t have to wait to much longer. Saten, I mean Saben screwed us and put us years behind. But lets stop with excuses and just support our ‘Fins!!!

  • tennetom

    Hey moron, how many starts has Henne already been given? You forgot about the dismal performance of the past two years. If you think Henne will ever get ANY team into the playoffs you need to lay off the crack pipe. Geez what a f-ing moron. @BillyVolz

    • Brian Miller

      This is the last warning Tenn. Enough already with the Moron, idiot, and all the other rude comments.

  • Dansama

    I know Brady is one of the best ever, but the point is Brady wins games, we hope Chad doesn’t loose them. Until Henne takes over a game and becomes a dominate QB that makes the other teams stay up nights, there should be a search to replace Henne for a QB that is that good.

  • mw11215

    tom brady had 62% his senior year, 3 games at or below 50% and 3 games at or above 70%. alex smith was top-5 in the nation for completion percentage his final year. . . and he’s turned out great.

    riveting stuff.

  • DonDaleRebholz

    If your going to be negative get your facts straight. True he was only 12 for 30, BUT how many passes did his talented receiving core drop? I think Marshall was good for at least 2. TE dropped 1st pass of the game. Those caught he’s up to 50%. All told I believe there were probably 8 drops. Now we are up to 20 for 30 – 60% and close to 300 yards. The game wasn’t Chad’s fault it was his butter fingered KY Jelly receivers that hurt his stats.

  • chlorophyll.envy

    It blows my mind how aggressively some “fans” will assert that they know, unquestionably, all there is to know about why a team is the way they are and all of the exact ways to improve the team. Yet, these anonymous “internet mouth-breathers” (outstanding description, btw) are simply that. If your actual football acumen was what you vehemently claim, you would not be tossing obscenities at fellow fans but be conducting press conferences for the team you’ve elevated from its current state and into a championship.

    I live in the northeast and everyone here speaks about “we” and “us” in regard to the Jets and Giants and most are as foul-mouthed and irate about both any opposing team and what needs to be done to “fix” their team. Yet most lack any physical prowess or actual ability to influence “their” team so they rant ever the more loudly to try and convince others that they know what they are talking about.

    The Dolphins are in a hole, no one would deny that (unless you have been under the same rock you crawled under when Marino retired all this time). There is more than one reason why and more than one pair of shoulders that will be required to elevate this team back to greatness. That is the essence and beauty of football.

    The dolphins are “our” team, if you are a hater, go root for another team. If you love the teal and orange show up for some games and show them that they have a fan-base who supports them instead of broadcasting your own inane opinions and attacking fellow fans!

  • mscout99

    @BillyVolz You’re speaking out of logic, and some of the haters don’t like that.

    Marshall dropped a TD pass that hit him on the hands, in stride. Brian Hartline has butter on his gloves and shouldn’t see the field. Fasano will either make an outstanding catch or drop an easy catch.

    As a matter of fact, Henne’s INT’s this year weren’t his fault. The one in the Pats game bounced off of Fasano and was extremely catchable, and the one in the Texans game was because Marc Columbo would lose to his shadow in a blocking drill.

    Every QB will get pressure from an LB/DB, but Miami’s O-Line has gotten owned the past two weeks by three man fronts. Not good.

  • mscout99

    @redteg02 I’m hoping with Clay healthy, Miami can go to more two back sets, which can only help Reggie out with a guy in front of him blocking.

    On that note, I would LOVE to see a package out there with Reggie in the slot, Thomas in the backfield, and Marshall and Bess. You’d have to respect the inside run because of Thomas, respect the edges because of Marshall and Bess, AND account for Reggie in the slot.

    I actually like what Daboll has come up with so far, but there is still room for improvements. Unfortunately, even Dan Marino would be having issues with time to throw with that patchwork OL in front of him.

  • tennetom

    Just as predicted, Henne goes four and out when the game is on the line. The Henne era is over, trade him for an eight rounder just so we can salvage the season.

  • tennetom

    Hey moron how did you boy Henne do against the Cleveland? How’s that QB play working out for you in the red zone? How about in the forth quarter? What’s your IQ? @DonDaleRebholz

  • tennetom

    Hey moron how did Henne do when he could have beat the Browns? I guess it’s all Dan Hennings fault.@BillyVolz

  • BillyVolz

    @tennetom Hey you dumb inbreeding redneck, why don’t you go get your mom/sister/wife to reread what I wrote. There was never a mention about Hennings. I will be glad when this site gets rid of your dumb ass!!! You make no sense, you hide behind a computer name and make stupid points that are not correct.

    Also maybe next week Henne can play defense that, that way maybe he can blow a coverage and then the game would be his fault. Where do you get that it is Henne’s fault? He was not on the field for the last defensive drive, when they couldn’t stop the Browns.@tennetom.