OPINION: Tony Sparano will not survive the three game road trip.

The Miami Dolphins travel to Cleveland this weekend to play the first of a three game road trip. Most teams hate road trips and can’t wait to get home to play. However, Miami has only won one of the last twelve games in Miami. Sparano told Jeff Darlington of the Miami Herald after the loss to Houston that he didn’t have the answers to why they can’t win at home. Not the best thing for a coach to say to the media especially for a coach that came into the season on the hot seat and that the owner tried to replace but failed in the off-season. Judging from comments from Jason Taylor and Yeremiah Bell about the lack of intensity and sloppy practice habits it seems like Sparano is losing the locker room and losing it fast. 

Tony will take the heat for losing the locker room but it’s not all his fault. Ross and Ireland put him in an impossible situation when they flew to Californiato try and make Jim Harbaugh the coach of the Miami Dolphins while still having Sparano under contract. Ross failed to lure Harbaugh from Northern California to South Florida and instead of firing Sparano and moving forward he tried to heal the wounds to Sparano gave him a two year extension. Note to Ross, if you want to make a change then do it. Doing what you did just chopped Sparano off at the knees and any respect he did have in the locker room and of the fans was gone. 

Tony was done before he ever began this season, and so were the Dolphins. This is one of the major reasons most pundits predicted Miami to only win 4-5 games. We Dolphin fans tried to look at the season optimistically, but just as we have done in recent years that optimism is crushed early on giving us nothing but next year to look towards. 

If you haven’t read or seen the article yet from Greg Cote in the Miami Herald titled “Miami Dolphins coach Tony Sparano firmly on hot seat,” I would suggest you click on it and give it a read. Much of the article is Greg’s opinion, but he does have some sources close to Ross that admit Ross is “not a happy owner,” and “running out of patience.” Greg Suggest that if Tony goes 0-3 on this road trip that he may not have a home to come back to, but I will take it one step further and suggest if he doesn’t win the next two games at Cleveland and at San Diego Sparano will be fired going into the buy week and Mike Nolan will be name interim head coach for the remainder of the season. 

At that point Ross will start weighing his options. We all know he loves the flash and start potential. So it seems obvious that Bill Cowher and John Gruden will be at the top of his list for coaches. The problem with that is they will want full control over the team. In Cowher’s defense that may not be such a bad thing as it is rumored that he would like to bring Kevin Colbert and or Ron Hughes in fromPittsburgh if he goes to a team. If he can lure one of those guys with him to South Florida I might be ok with it, but in general I don’t like the head coach having GM responsibilities as well. I like Gruden as a coach, but not so much as a talent evaluator. He seems to fall in love with guys and doesn’t always see the worst in them.   

I do think Sparano will be fired at some point this season, and my prediction is during the bye week. I also think Ireland will be replaced as well and the replacement will depend on if Ross brings in a flashy name with full control or does it IMO the right way and bring in the GM to hire the coach. No matter what it looks like Dolphin fans may once again be talking more about the off-season during the season than the actual season itself for the remainder of the 2011 season.

  • dan261980

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  • savoy9

    I think you are 100% correct. You know, players come and players go but no matter who is in there nothing changes in Miami. The result is the same boring no-hope also-ran results year after year. People are tired of the word patience. We have some pretty good players but they are not put in a position to win. They have a huge handicap. That handicap is the team seems to be outcoached just about every week on several levels. This results in the problem of the Dolphins STILL cannot play with the league’s best teams PERIOD. It doesn’t matter if the loser Dolphins beat loser Cleveland. The season is essentially already over as far as hope and excitement goes. Fortunately at least it’s time for Hockey and soon Basketball.

  • GatorBressmer

    @dolphinsbuzztap I agree!!!!!

  • tennetom

    I agree wholeheartedly. Stupid Tony did not bring in competition for that loser Henne and we’re watching Ground Hog day over and over again. What has the fool Henne done this year that makes it ok to be starting QB? 12 for 30. Whoopie Doo!

  • mscout99

    The issue with Miami isn’t Sparano. The main issue is the ownership and the GM.

    Miami is having problems competing with the Pats and Jets because there are no FOOTBALL people running the team. We have washed up celebrities in ownership/partnership positions, and Jeff Ireland is quite possibly the worst GM in the league. The Pats and Jets have pure football people running the organization, and it shows. I’m a huge Dolfan and despise the Pats and Jets, but what else can you say?

    Ireland also dropped the ball in a BIG way during free agency. Signing Bush was a good thing, but you could have pulled the trigger on another skill position player such as Steve Smith at WR, signed an experienced backup at RB such as Jason Snelling, and could have found a much better way to upgrade the offensive line besides that loser Columbo.

    Look, we can bring in Cowher, Gruden, and even bring back Don Shula; until the culture of the organization changes and we turn it into a FOOTBALL team instead of a nightclub act, we can keep bringing in the flavor of the month coaches and it won’t get any better.

    So, lay off Sparano. He’s doing the best with what he has.

  • mscout99

    @tennetom “Stupid Tony” doesn’t make the personnel decisions, so bringing in Matt Moore wasn’t Sparano’s idea. You can thank Mr. Ireland for that.