Miami Dolphins Provide Fans An EPIC FAIL!

For those wondering, Stephen Ross will not fire Tony Sparano this week and he likely won’t fire after the next game in San Diego.  So gripe, whine, complain, but that doesn’t seem to be the operating method of Ross.  Not saying it shouldn’t happen, but I will be surprised if it does.  Today, we learned exactly what these Miami Dolphins are.  Failures.

Chad Henne?  We will get to him after the jump.  Our focus needs to be on two areas of the team.  Offensive line and the entire defense.

To put it simply, the offensive line is horrendous.  They can’t block right now.  It was an absolute joke today that against the Cleveland Browns, Tony Sparano brought out Nate Garner to help block with RT Marc Columbo.  Sparano opted to keep TE Anthony Fasano in to block.  We are not talking about the NY Jets defense here we are talking about the Cleveland Browns.

Reggie Bush?  Nothing special.  Daniel Thomas?  Explosive and ran with purpose.  The problem?  Sparano didn’t bother to use him the first half like he should have.  A wasted offensive effort by Henne and Thomas for sure.  Today’s game was all about coaching and the fact that the teams offensive line is a joke at the moment.

Moving over to the defense let’s just say that while the offense can’t score in the redzone, the defense can’t stop anyone from getting there.  Cameron Wake was owned most of the game by a back-up tackle.  Jason Taylor kept pushing the jump that he finally got caught off-sides.  Nolan Carroll shouldn’t be in the NFL and while Jimmy Wilson showed some flash, when it’s crunch time, the coaches opted for the inexperienced rookie instead of a veteran.  Why?  Because they don’t have a vet they can rely on.

This game was supposed to be a good barometer of what this team could do.  They lost two games coming in to very good football teams.  Today they lost to one of the worst.  The fact that the Browns couldn’t move the ball the entire game should tell you exactly where the blame should be.  Coaching.  The Phins gave up a final 85 yard drive that ended with the game winning TD.  Pathetic.  The Dolphins defense should be ashamed.

So back to Chad Henne.  255 yards in the air.  1 touchdown and 1 interception.  Henne led the Dolphins with a 100 plus QB rating most of the game but when faced with a final opportunity to drive the team 10 yards from the Cleveland 47 he failed.  Part of that was the horrid play of the offensive line who couldn’t protect him long enough to get the ball out cleanly, the ending result was a 4th and nine that ended with the game ending interception.

Henne is still learning and one thing he has yet to learn is how to win.  How to finish off an opponent.

Today fans realize that any preconceptions they had about this team coming into the season is all but officially removed three weeks in with the San Diego Chargers and New York Jets on the horizon.  Sorry, but there is no way the Dolphins will beat the Chargers next week.  Not playing like this.  The Dolphins simply waste too many opportunities on offense and the defense can’t put a team down and keep them down.

Today’s loss was simply ridiculous and there are no excuses for it from the coaching staff.

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  • fins4ever

    Tony hits the unemployment line this week. Nothing to gain by waiting. The sooner the better. He should have never been hired to begin with!

  • hawkfinfan

    I agree Sparano should be fired, but who is the HC? Can’t be Nolan, his defense sucks Daboll? Am I crazy lol ?

  • tedhill

    Todd Bowles is the “Assistant Head Coach.” If anyone were to be interim it would probably be him.

  • redteg02

    The Dolphins continue to misuse their players and waste their talent. There is more talent on this team than most in the NFL, but there is an inability to put it to use and to execute. The red zone is a mess. Does something need to be changed in Miami? Yes. Should Sparono be fired? Maybe. The thing that disappoints me most as a fan is that the talent is there, even at QB (I think Henne could still be the answer at QB) but when a new regime comes in there is no telling what will be done with it all. Just look at what McDaniels did in Denver. Playoff are out of the question, baring some sort of miracle, but don’t count on it. If Detroit can get it turned around there is hope in Miami, but how many more years do we have to wait?

  • savoy9

    So Loser Cleveland beat Loser Miami. Doesn’t mean much. It just as easily could have gone the other way. What counts is that the Dolphins were outcoached again today. Players come and players go and the results in Miami ubder Sparano are always the same. The Dolphins STILL cannot play with the big boys. There is no hope this year again.

  • snefru54

    I love my Dolphins. I have loved them as long as I can remember. I remember a team of pride., a team of respect, stability, and a team of class. Today was just crushing. The Dolphins, and through association we, the fans, are jokes. We are the New Orleans Saints of the 70s and 80s. Since Shula, we have had one pathetic administration after another. The disrespect shown to beloved figures like Marino and Thomas over the years has made me, a fan, ashamed. The summer coach hunt fiasco made me embarassed. I had high hopes for this year, but now I hope we lose out and have a chance at Andrew Luck. I am ashamed to say that, because Henne is playing well this year, but he is tainted by plague of absolute despair that is the Miami Dolphins. I am tired of crappy drafts, has been or never will be free agents, and leadership that is just not there. I’ll never give up on my Dolphins, but I have a sneaky feeling that they have given up on us……..

  • snefru54

    Detroit did it through the draft with some homeruns… we have not had one of those since Marino.

  • miamiman

    FIRE EVERYBODY!!!.. and by everybody.. I mean EV-ER-Y-BO-DY!!!

  • compcomplex

    There simply is no defense, when it needed to show up it croaked. The next two games should be interesting – what do you think? SD should easily score, what, 33-45 points? The Jets, an easy 27 to 35.

  • tennetom

    Henne is the reason this team sucks.

  • tennetom

    Henne should be shown the door… the writer Brain Dead, has been avoiding the obvious for years, the QB play stinks it up in the red zone and when the game is on the line. All the teammates hate Henne.

  • mattm422

    Brian Dabbol… LOL……GO BROWNS!!!

  • mattm422

    Brian Daboll !………LOL……..GO BROWNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • compcomplex

    @tennetom Agreed. Henne just isn’t starter material. Sure, he’s moving the ball well, but just isn’t able to punch it in. And when it counts the most, at the end of the game when franchise QBs make their name – he does what he does quite well – throws a pick.

  • compcomplex

    @snefru54 Yes they did, but after canning Millen, they found some sound front office minds, created a plan, and followed it. Now look at them. It can be done, but it starts in the front office. And with all this talk of Carl Peterson being a close friend…God help us.

  • MatthewEarl

    Wow you SUCK Dolphins……

  • muckdog

    Kind of hope they just lose out and draft Andrew Luck.

  • Lespaul

    @fins4ever yeah agree not sure what a hack like Sporano was doing as head coach innthe first place. This is a real mess, but the owner is a joke, the GM is a pompous ass and the rest of the coordinators have issues. It’s 2007 all over again…

  • espn2390

    Browns defense is no joke. New D coordinator, and their first 2 draft picks are starting on their D line. Joe Haden will be a Pro Bowler soon.

  • LeeStover

    @espn2390 good point! most people fail to recognize that the browns are improving. we have a well proven president in mike holmgren, who brought in shurmur, an unproven, but very intelligent coach. and even tho he didnt have a great game, given the opportunity and with the game on the line colt mccoy led the offense down the field and got the win. not pretty, but a game won with a lot of heart and grit. i think that miami fans need to be patient with henne. he looked pretty good most of the game. hard to play much better than he did when your o line is full of holes.

    • Brian Miller

      The miami offense didnt lose the game they just didnt win it. The defense lost the game. After JT said we were going whip somebodys ass up there. Must have been somebody in the locker room.

  • mscout99

    @compcomplex Wait a minute here….how many TD’s has his #1 receiver dropped in the endzone? It’s been in successive weeks. His #1 receiver also bailed on his route at the end of the game and didn’t even try to get open. Marshall is playing worthless.

  • mscout99

    @tennetom I guess you don’t watch football, just soap opera re-runs…..

  • mscout99

    @tennetom Let me guess….you would throw Matt Moore out there because you think he’s so much better? What a joke…..

  • mscout99

    @redteg02 McDaniels did in Denver? How many playoff appearances did they have? Tell me why McDaniels is no longer a head coach anymore? I know things are bad in Miami, but they’ve been a bette team than the Broncos the past three or four years…….

  • redteg02

    @mscout99 That was my point. A new administration may be required in miami, but things COULD get worse. Miami has quite a bit of talent and personally I would hate to see someone like McDaniels (who was supposed to be an up and coming, exciting young coach) and destroy it. McDaniels single handily destroyed the Denver Broncos in a way I’m not sure has ever happened before and so help us hopefully won’t happen down in Miami.