Clueless In Miami? Dolphins Claim Steve Slaton

The Miami Dolphins have a serious need for a right tackle.  A serious need for a right guard.  A need to some degree for a left guard, a need at strong safety, a need at cornerback depth (other than Nolan Carroll), and a need for a TE not named Nate Garner.  So today, sensing they have a pulse for what all of us idiots on the outside deem to be team needs, the Dolphins signed a RT claimed 25 year old running back Steve Slaton off waivers from the Houston Texans.

Maybe they want to get inside information on how to beat the Texans offense.  Oh wait, we already played them.

Slaton was a fine runner and I’m sure he can still tote the rock.  The Texans are simply loaded at the position and Slaton was on the edge looking in.  A fantasy stud a few years ago, injuries took control and Slaton eventually lost his job to Ryan Moats and then to Arian Foster permanently.  In Miami, he won’t likely see the field of play unless the injury bug bites Reggie Bush.

Slaton is an identical runner as Bush is so he will provide a back-up role.  He can also return kicks which is not as much of a priority as it was last year given the change in kickoff rules.

So again, the offensive line is left untouched which means that Chad Henne will likely get touched…often and the free safety spot currently manned or unmanned by Reshad Jones will likely become a platoon of Jones and returning from injury Chris Clemons who couldn’t beat out Jones in training camp for the starting FS job, and Nate Garner will still get used on third and long situations to protect RT Marc Columbo from himself.

The Phins also cut DT Ryan Baker, presumably to make room for Slaton.

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  • fins4ever


  • hawkfinfan

    Did you hear? Our team is bad because the running backs are BAD! The O line? Sparano says they are HOF worthy LOL!

  • mscout99

    Take a deep breath, everyone. Hopefully Ireland saw the light on this and is moving in this direction…….

    Daboll has decided that Bush isn’t the every down feature back that they tried to make him out to be. Okay, fine. Daniel Thomas is our guy. Tough inside runner, hard to tackle, and actually has a pretty good burst for a bigger back. If he kicks the fumble bug that bit him frequently at Kansas State, Thomas could be a beast for us in the backfield not seen since before Ronnie Brown’s second knee surgery.

    UH OH! Daniel Thomas is injured. What do we do now? Put Bush back in there and watch him struggle in between the tackles? Just got shotgun four and five wide all the time? Put in Lex Hilliard, who has as much business as an NFL running back as my six year old?

    If Slaton is used as Thomas’ primary backup and spells Thomas from the beating he’s going to take running inside of Miami’s swiss cheese offensive line, this can be a good move. But if Slaton just sits the bench and sees no action, then just confirms that Jeff Ireland is the idiot we all thought he was.

  • mscout99

    BTW, I’d like to ask all of you that are complaining about this move, author included, which free agent OL is out there worth a darn? Please be specific. I know Columbo couldn’t pass block an old lady in a wheelchair, but tell me who’s out there worth the phone call. Don’t just say “ANYONE.” Be specific.

  • Paulmatthew22

    The management is making my hair fallout,.Im suing,.Ill win,..This is plain stupid!!!,..Why do we need Slaton???,The dumbest of the dumbest,.It cant get worse unless they start checking the benchs of the CFL,..I thought I had seen it all

  • Paulmatthew22


    It still doesnt garner getting Slaton who cant score inside the 5 yrd line,..He is a slower,.more fumbling Reggie Bush type,..Its another waste of time,.Like the Larry Johnson move,.why did we spend all that time on him then cut him? He scored from 22 yds out in preseason,.More than any other rb for us has in pre-season or regular season,. ANd then we cut him???.It makes ZERO sense

  • Paulmatthew22


    If they had kept Larry Johnson then we wouldnt have to worry,.What did Larry do so bad to get cut twice??? As far as Oline goes,..Just leave it alone,..Guys cant just come in and play at 100%,..Leave the roster alone! Its the coaching!!!!!!!!!!

  • Paulmatthew22


    I concur,.What do they see in Slaton???,..No one and i mean NO ONE else sees it!

  • Paulmatthew22

    Theres 31 other teams scratching their head on this move also,..Theres baseball people scratching their heads

  • Paulmatthew22

    Clueless is a compliment,.Fire Sporano!!!!,..Then we can have a positive discussion!

  • Phinphanatic

    @mscout99 Nice thought but Slaton is a Bush style player and will be his handcuff

  • Phinphanatic

    @mscout99 rick Seubert, shawn Ohara who can play guard and back up center, leonard davis…has to be better than carey and would allow the team to put carey back at tackle. To name 3…:)

  • Lespaul

    @Paulmatthew22 I live in Houston and can tell you that Slaton will cost you a game with a big fumble inside your own twenty. Big mistake, but hey if there isn’t anyone to block for him whats the point. unbelievably stupid on the part of Ireland and Sporano.

  • kidflash112

    Slaton nothing this team does makes sense sparano needs to get ovr his man crush on columbo the guy sucks it seems the FO and coach are trying to destroy this team sparano is the coach we didnt want and henne the QB we didnt want Tony benched him last yr only to be forced to play him after pennington injury while we did ok in draft QB was our most notable need (feel free to disagree) no vet QB in FA 4 competition pass on a lot of decent upgrades in FA are we really to believe after last yrs play Tony had such high confidence in Henne that he was willing to pin his job on Henne’s performance thats hard to believe or sparano is a fool.we have a serious need for a RT ,TE and CB depth and his solution is to grab a RB like Bush when we dont even use Bush the way we should or enough either he is clueless in Miami ,purposely tanking the season for Luck or for spite because they tried to replace him,then again if we suck enough maybe it will justify moving to LA which might be where Ross wants to be anyway celebs and all the glam…

  • mscout99

    @Paulmatthew22 You do realize that Larry Johnson is older and a lot slower than what he used to be? There’s no value to him. Plus how long was he away from football? If anything, I think signing Larry Johnson was a dumber move than picking up Slaton.

  • mscout99

    @Phinphanatic You don’t run for 1000 yards just going outside of the tackles and catching screen/swing passes. Slaton can go on the inside and would provide a quicker burst than what you get from DT.