How Bad Are The Dolphins?

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The Miami Dolphins are 0 – 4 after one-quarter of the 2012 NFL Season has been completed.  So, how bad are the Dolphins?

Taking a look at the Dolphins’ offensive statistics, here are their rankings:

  • 16th (tied with the Bucs) in Total Yards with 358.2/game
  • 15th in Passing Yards with 237.5/game
  • 12th (tied with the Bengals) in Rushing Yards with 115.3/game
  • 15th (tied with the Broncos and Bucs) in First Downs with 20.25/game
  • 26th in Points with 17.3/game
  • 32nd in Third Down conversion percentage with 26.5%
  • 3rd in Punting Average with 51.1 yards/punt
  • 7th in Punting Net Average with 43.3 yards/punt
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