How Bad Are The Dolphins?

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The Dolphins offense ranks middle of the pack in yardage and first downs — this playing against defenses ranked 6th (Chargers), 9th (Browns), 10th (Houston), and 32nd (Patriots) in total yardage given up.  However, the Dolphins’ offense ranks low in points per game and third down conversion.  This means the offense is moving the ball, but are not performing in the clutch — something that was a gut feeling for just about every Dolphan.  Alternatively, the punting team has been very good — hats off to Brandon Fields.

Taking a look at the Dolphins’ defensive statistics, here are their rankings:

  • 30th in Total Yards with 414.5/game
  • 30th in Passing Yards with 307/game
  • 17th in Rushing Yards with 107.5/game
  • 26th in First Downs with 24/game
  • 26th (tied with the Patriots and Panthers) in Sacks with only 6
  • 24th (tied with many) in INTs with only 2
  • 26th in Points with 26/game
  • 24th (tied with Broncos) in Third Down conversion percentage with 43.4%

Bottomline, the Dolphins defense is downright playing poor and they are not making enough game changing plays.

It is important to point out that as a team, the Dolphins differentials look real bad too.  They have an minus 8.3 points/game, minus 56.3 yards/game, minus 3.75 first downs/game,  and a minus 5 give away/take away differential.

However, I think one of the most telling statistic from the first four games of the seasons are the penalties.  The Dolphins have committed 23 penalties (tied for 11th for the fewest) for 214 yards (18th for the fewest) — not too bad.  But, the Dolphins have committed 9.3 yards per penalty which is the 5th highest average in the NFL — this means the Dolphins are making costly mental errors.   Do you remember back to 2008, when Sparano was talking a lot about not making negative plays?   Whatever happened to coaching that?

I know what you are probably thinking … This guy is telling us what we already know — the Dolphins suck … This guy is making me feel worse than I already feel — depressed.  I thought I might look for some positives and what needs to be fixed.  My conclusion … not many and just about everything.  Good thing Sparano has a bye week to work out all the problems … now that Ross says his job is safe … for now.


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