NFL Trade Deadline Approaching, Should Dolphins Make A Move?

Next week the NFL will go into season lock down when the trade deadline passes.  At that point, guys like Carson Palmer in Cincinnati and Peyton Hillis in Cleveland will not be going anywhere.  For the Miami Dolphins, it’s not a matter of trading for players that will help this team to win now.  That time past last week when the Dolphins fell to 0-4.  No, there is no one out there that could resurrect this team’s seasons.  If the Dolphins are going to turn it around, they need to do it from within.

Now with that being said, the Dolphins could look to parlay some of their own players into 2012 draft picks.  Who knows they may need them if they fail to land in the number 1 slot for Andrew Luck.  Now I’m not saying they should gut the team by any means but in reality, there are a few players that could provide them with some extra picks scattered throughout the draft or maybe a young prospect in return.

Here a few names the Dolphins should consider moving if the price was right.

The lists below are simply nothing more than names who would bring in reasonable compensation and I’m not saying that the Dolphins should or should not trade them.

The defensive line is deep with talent.  Randy Starks, Kendall Langford, Philliip Merling to name three.  Several teams in the NFL are currently depleted along the front line and the Dolphins would be smart to start offering up some of their bodies.  While Miami won’t get 2nd or even 3rd round picks for any of them, they could land an extra pick somewhere in the 4th or 5th round.  Miami needs to start thinking long term solutions instead of waiting for players to become stars.  A players value is only as good as it was the year before.

Cameron Wake is a monster, or at least he played like one last year.  The entire defense is struggling this year but Wake has been nothing more than a mild tremor this year.  Wake holds perhaps the highest value of any player on the roster and he is due for a contract negotiation soon as well.  Wake is a Miami fan favorite but the betterment of the team may lie in Wake being traded.  A second round pick would be a good compensation number.  Wake still has value despite his struggles this year.  If Miami opts to not trade him, they will risk his value never becoming this high again.

Nolan Carroll is an NFL starting CB and with the return of Vontae’ Davis the Dolphins no longer need his excellent service.  Jeff Ireland will likely not have to work the phones to get a deal done.  A local convenience store with a help wanted sign would likely trade for him.  Compensation?  A blue slushy and maybe a bag of pork rinds.

Jake Long is due a new contract and it won’t be small.  The bench mark will be the deal signed this off-season by Joe Thomas of Cleveland.  Expect upwards of 70 million easily.  While Long is a great LT and a perennial Pro-Bowler he is also a high reward player on the trade market.  He could immediately help any other team out there who is contending.  Miami could easily get a first round pick and more for him in a trade.  This of course will not happen as the Dolphins simply do not have any one on the roster who could fill his position let alone his shoes.

Who in your opinion would be a candidate for trade?

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  • drumzan

    Can’t trade Carroll. There’s ZERO depth in the secondary right now.

  • fins4ever

    I would not be against trading any of the names you mentioned if it was “for the good of the team”. I like Jake, but 70 mil is an awful lot of cash and would come at the cost of other needed positions.

    I would add Brandon Marshall to the list. They would save a TON of money and his value will only diminish. It would also be the perfect opportunity to let Moore and Wallace get some playing time.

  • drumzan

    I’d like to see if the Phins would consider Brady Quinn or Matt Leinart. Quinn ended off the season really well on a winning streak for a struggling Browns team a few years ago. And Daboll has familiarity with him. Or, Matt Leinart. The Texans lost Mario Williams for the year and suddenly need a DE which the Phins have decent depth. Leinart has upside and I truly think he was never given a fair shot in Arizona. Plus his mentality has changed now that he has been a backup the last few years.

  • ChuckLaBarre

    No team would trade away a good bag of pork rinds for N.C. … I think we might get a small blue slushy. The risk is worth the reward, let’s do it.

  • Onole1

    There are only two names that in my mind are untradeable on this team and that would be Long and Pouncey. Other than those two names I think Wake and Starks have the most trade value and I would deal both of them. Wake turns 30 next year and Starks turns 29. If Miami could get a second for Wake and a third for Starks I would do it, or possibly package one of them up for Quinn and a pick.

    The reason I say Quinn is because if Gruden is in Miami I think Quinn is a good WCO type of WB that would fit well in Gruden’s system.

  • Lespaul

    Yup, the season is done and have to start looking at next years draft. With Miami’s luck…Luck will go Indi or Minnesota. so, good trade bait would be Langford for sue, Marshal hasn’t produced not many teams want the headache. Hartline could fetch a 3rd round if someone visions him as the next Welker. I would keep Long only because he has experience and has been the only shining spot on the line of the past several years.

  • fins4ever

    @Lespaul I would rather keep Langford and deal Merling.

    Minny will win some games. It looks like it will come down to Indy and Miami.

  • hawkfinfan

    I think Long is untradeable. I suggested trading Wake during last years draft. I think weshould call the Texans. Brandon Marshall, yes. Paul Solai, yes, he is gone at the end of the season. Any of the D-line. Reggie Bush? Yes to a playoff team in need. The only way you trade is for picks. Not other players. Our franchise trades picks away, not get them. Do you trust or FO to be Sucessful? That’s the Big question!

  • Lespaul

    Merling, OK I can buy that trade. I just wouldn’t hold out hope for Luck. might start thinking about that Okie kid or Case Keenum maybe Russell Wilson. Got to get those lines fixed or no one they draft behind center can win games in south Florida.