What If?

What if?

I am going to play the ‘what if’ game.

What if we get smoked out by the Jets on Monday Night Football? What will that do to our team morale after a national television lose? Would the white flag be waved?

If that is the case, should we not trade our best assets and build for the future?

What if we did the following?

-          Trade Karlos Dansby

  • Let’s be real…has Dansby made on game changing play since he has put on our uniform? Has there been on key hit, one key interception? The answer to all your questions is no! Dansby has not been the playmaker we thought we were getting when we gave him 22 million guaranteed.  What if we traded him to a team that is on the verge of getting over the top?
  • What if we traded Dansby to the Green Packers for their first round pick ( we all know it will be a late round pick, in the early 30’s)

-          Trade Reggie Bush

  • We know the future is going to be Donald Thomas, so why not let the kid play.  We can use Lex Hillard as our change of pace back and see if he can develop.  What if we can get a return on our investment and just build for the future
  • What if we traded Bush to Pittsburgh? Mendenhall is hurting and Bush would only add to the excitement of Mike Wallace.  Talk about speed on the field.

-          Trade Jason Taylor

  • I feel for JT.  During his prime he was amazing, one of the best athletes we had the pleasure of watching every Sunday.  He’s 37 and shouldn’t he deserve a chance to get to the dance one more time?
  • What if we traded Jason Taylor to Houston? Super Mario is out for the season and adding JT as a stop gap for a 6th round pick would be great for both sides

-          Kendall Langford

  • Langford thinks he deserves a fat contract, and maybe he does, but based on what he has done on the field, do you really think someone is going to give him 8 million a year? Worse, do you think we are going to give him that type of contract…?
  • What if we traded Langford to San Fran? San Fran has great LB’s, but there really isn’t one player getting to the quarterback.  Adding Langford adds depth to a thin roster.  If we could get a 3rd or even a 4th rounder that would be fair

Which one of these players would you be okay with letting go? Or is there someone else that you think should be added to the list. I have not included Marshall, because if we draft a QB in the first round, he needs a prime target, and Marshall is that.  We can’t allow our first round pick not to have any weapons at his disposal.


Who should we trade?

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  • fins4ever

    Yo Mon,

    I vote for Brandon Marshall or Phillip Merling.

  • notquiterosey

    I don’t think anybody would give up a 1st for Dansby. A 2nd if we are lucky…

    I’m not with everybody that thinks Marshall should be traded. Yes, he was underperformed in Miami, but I think that is more due to the uneven offensive play more than his own skill or motivation. Remember, he was having a pretty good begining of 2011 with Henne before he went down with the injury. Marshall stays.

    Bush should be traded. I definitely think we should trade some of the defensive line depth that we have.

    And poor JT.

  • Lespaul

    Bush, Taylor and Hartline. I like Hartline, but you could probably get a good 3 or 4 for him and that’s better than him sitting on the sidelines. Give Gates, Moore or Wallace a chance and see what they can do. Taylor to Houston?? I like that one…I live in Houston and they are in a panic after the loss of super Mario. The Dolphins need ‘home run’ hitters on both side of the ball. You need those guys that scare the hell out of teams when they have the ball. There is no one on the Dolphins team that scares anyone right now. You can pretty much line up in a standard-D and whip the sh*t out of us without much scheming. Speaking of D…when was the last time anyone scored on D? when was the last fumble for a TD or INT to the house? This team has more issues than one might think. One can argue that coaching can get the best out of a player once they are placed in a situation to succeed. That’s very true, but it still goes back to strength dependent on the weakest link. What if there are a string of week links…such as this article pointed out. I think you really have to plan for the draft…get draft picks. Stop picking up other teams trash and start fresh. Give the NEW coaching/management a solid foundation to work from. Coaching really can make a difference, but it’s not the only difference. Look at SF…they are 4-1 and Alex Smith is playing lights out. That team had a complete transformation…coaching, philosophy of winning, offense, defense, personnel improvements, the list goes on. They may finish 4-12, but right now they are winning and they FEEL like winners…that’s more than you can say for the Dolphins.

  • Bahamas

    @fins4ever I dont think we can get anything from Merling…as per Marshall, i want him on our team. He’s my favorite player

  • Bahamas

    @Lespaul – Last scoring D moment….perhap against Minny last year, where Wake sacked Farve for a TD….week 2…i think

  • koolthingG


    To think Dansby would garner a 1st round pick from anyone is absurd. Middle linebacker is one of the least valued positons in football, especially a 3-4 mike backer; you can get those guys off the scrap heap. Look at Kelvin Sheppard he was picked up by the Bills in the third round and they plugged him in and he’s already preformed better than Dansby. Linebacker, like safety, are important positions but are not valued that highly by organizations to give up a premium pick for a underperforming oft-injured player

    How is Hilliard a change of pace back? He’s TEN pounds heavier than DANIEL, not DONALD Thomas, the ex Dolphin guard. Yeah he’s a change of pace if you mean from slow to slower.

    Bush is garbage gimmick player, why would anyone want the Dolphins trash? He’s rated the worst out of all running backs by Pro Football Focus.

    And Kendall Langford to the 49ers make absolutely no sense, considering they have two of the best 5 techniques in the game in Ray Mcdonald and Justin Smith.