Tom Petty Singing "The Waiting is the Hardest Part"

The Waiting is the Hardest Part

Merriam-Webster defines patience as: The capacity, habit, or fact of being patient.  A common saying states that patience is a virtue. In small doses, I suppose I could agree. However, maybe due to my type A personality, patience has never been one of my better traits. In fact, I am the guy you see walking faster than anyone else around him, and the first to jump in the shortest line at the store or bank.  FedEx employees call their overnight priority mail service “The Fins4ever Special”. I can watch 60 minutes is 18 minutes. You get the idea. So, that begs the question,  just how much of this so called “patience” is enough?

If you are a Dolphin fan, you either have The Patience of Job , am at the end of your rope, or have been in a coma for the past 12 -15 years.  Dolphin fans have indeed been “Job like”. Despite being 1-11 in their past 12 home games, all games have been sold out. This streak of 109 consecutive sell outs is expected to end any week.

When Shula left and Johnson took over, we were patient. When Johnson left and Wannstedt took over, we were patient. We even tolerated Nick Saban and Cam Cameron. Now that the current front office has had over three years and the organization is further away than ever to returning to excellence,  how is your patience holding up? Me? NOT TOO GOOD!

Perhaps Tom Petty said it best when he sung The Waiting is the Hardest Part. Seriously, if I had wanted this much pain and suffering, I would become a Chicago Cubs fan. Even the annual bottom dweller Detroit Lions have a more promising future. A MUCH MORE PROMISING FUTURE!

Do you realize how long it has been since the organization has had significant success or any semblance of long-term stability? Let’s look at the history of mediocrity:

  • The last time they won a Super Bowl was in 1973. That was also the year that CBS sold the Yankees to George Steinbrenner for 10 million dollars. Today, according to Forbes, they are valued at 1.7 BILLION.  Richard Nixon was the President of The United States. Secretariat won The Preakness Stakes. Anyone under the age of 38 was not yet born.


  • The last time they played in a Super Bowl was 1984. Is was also  Dan Marino’s only SB appearance. Ronald Reagan was President.   LeBron James was born.


  • The last time the Fins won a playoff game was in 2000, when they beat the Colts in OT, only to get shutout by the Raiders the next week. Johnny Weissmuller died (AKA Tarzan). This was also a full year before Apple invented the I-Pod.


  • Aside from Tony Sparano, the last time the franchise had a HC for more than two years was Dave Wannstedt who coached from 2000-2004.


  • The last playoff game the Dolphins played in was in 2008, where they were promptly disposed of in the first round by a 27-9 physical drubbing, courtesy of the Baltimore Ravens.
According to a recent poll asking the fans what Mr. Ross should do, the fans, or at least the readership of this website have had enough. The patience is gone.  An overwhelming 87% of over 600 pollsters want major changes in the front office and coaching staffs either immediately or at the end of the year at the latest. While Stephen Ross is still a fairly new owner and has yet to make any type of serious decisions regarding the franchise, two things are clear to me. Mr. Ross has both much more money and much more patience than I do. Yes, waiting is the hardest part!


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  • libman.robert1

    What if you were me ..being 83 is hard to know which one goes first.. me or the Dolphin..

  • abbeynormal

    Fins, the “fans” wanted major change back when Jimmy Johnson helped engineer Shula’s ousting from the studio. Well we got major change and not in a good way. The fans wanted major change when Dumbstead blew up our team and we got it in the form of the golden boy Satan. The next change was thrust upon us by that fraud in the form of flavor of the month Cameron. The fans clamored for more change and bought what Parcells was selling. Once again the whole world seems to be telling us to back a truck full of cash into Bill Cowher’s drive way and give him total control of operations when he has never had this before. I think this will result in the next disaster and we the fans will be clamoring for even more change three to four years down the road when the great Cowher experiment blows up.

  • fins4ever

    @libman.robert1 The way the organization is being operated, it would not matter if you were 23. Wayne knew hiring a big name like Tuna would probably add value to the franchise. He must be snickering while counting his million dollar profits, while the fans waller in the mess left behind.

  • fins4ever

    @abbeynormal Doesn’t matter what the consensus is for what the fans want. The fans want a successful team. Period, and that isn’t happening with the current FO.

    BTW, it was WH who bought what BP was selling, not the fans. Fans were not happy with leaving Wanny in place after JJ bailed either if I recall.

  • dolfan486

    Are you kidding me! Just because we want change doesn’t mean we wanted to bring in guys like Cameron, or Parcells! Plus the problem starts from up top. I don’t think this team can get better until Ross sells the team. We need an owner who’s number one priority is the football team. Ross is only in it for the money.

  • abbeynormal

    You have a short memory Many fans and nearly ALL the talking heads had Parcells turning things around . I don’t like how it turned out either but that’s the way it was.


  • abbeynormal

    I know who the owner was, I am just of the opinion that the next coach of the dolphins should be someone other than the consensus pick of the Sunday morning pregame shows (cowher)@fins4ever

  • RandyCarlson


    Ross is not in it for the money,he has lost 15 million the last two years

    the avg. profit for an nfl team is about 36 million nobody would invest

    over a billion to make 36 million a year that is not much more than what could be earned in a savings account.

    Ross has a football heart,not a football mind.

  • libman.robert1

    Ross is a very sucessful business man..and understand he is not a Jerry Jones nor will he ever be..but he has to know that the team is a mess..GM..Coach, and QB down..After this season he has to make whole correction..starting with bring in a Football expert to run the show..then we will see what he is made of..This is a due or die situation..If he want to keep his fan..We will all be watching

  • dolfan486

    @RandyCarlson The point I am making is that Ross is a terrible owner. He might have a heart for the team but that doesn’t mean he should own it. I mean the way he has been treating business for the phins the past couple of years- I feel that I could have done a better job. I want an owner like Kraft. That guy is a stud for the Patriots…