Observations from an Embarrassment

I have watched the Dolphins play on television several times this year and over the past few years. Let me tell you, they have NEVER looked worse than they did last night against the Jets.

I felt ashamed wearing my Dolphins gear. The team is 0-5 and the frontrunner in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes. And that is fine by me. This team needs some energy injected into its fanbase, and Luck is probably the only way to do that. But before we start declaring this season 0-16 (which I believe is a distinct possibility now), I’ll share some observations from last night.

1. Bye, bye Tony. It’s time. It’s past the time. Tony Sparano needs to go. I have never seen players less excited to play for a head coach than in Miami. This team is dead. They have absolutely no energy. Sparano is a lame duck at this point, and I honestly see zero point in letting him finish the season. What exactly will that accomplish? Remember last year when the Dallas Cowboys fired Wade Phillips and let Jason Garrett coach the reminder of the season? And magically, the Cowboys started to string a few wins together and actually looked like a decent unit, right? Well we borrow all the old Cowboy-cast offs anyway, why not follow in their footsteps here as well?

2. Red Zone execution. It’s basically like beating a dead horse at this point. Every week, it’s the same story. The score should’ve been 21-7 Dolphins at halftime. At one point in the 2nd quarter, the Jets had zero first downs, the Dolphins had 176 yards of total offense, and the score was 7-6 Jets. Unacceptable. If Matt Moore doesn’t throw the interception to Darelle Revis, we could be talking about a very different game. On a sidenote, why the hell was Moore trying to pick on Revis in the end zone. On consecutive drives?? You just don’t do that. Just abolsutely horrible red zone calls, and you aren’t going to win games by kicking field goals. Simple as that.

3. Time Management. This is a vent. Plain and simple. 2nd quarter. About a minute left. One timeout. Ball on the 20-yard line. Team is 0-4. WHY THE @#$% ARE YOU RUNNING OUT THE CLOCK? Please explain to me what the Dolphins had to lose by trying to get some points before the half. They were playing in the opposing stadium, in a stadium where every single fan hates you. Any idea how demoralizing it would have been for a team and their fanbase coming off three straight loses to go into the locker room against an 0-4 team up by only one?  It’s not like the Dolphins are fighting for a playoff spot. The goal coming into New York is just to kick in the teeth of a bitter rival. Instead, by not going for anything in the final minute of the half, you just gave them a teeth whitening (bad analogy, I know).

4. Still no pass rush. Once again, it looked like the defensive line was not there. You had five guys at least who at the beginning of the season, looked like they could be starters for most teams. Not one of them is getting after the quarterback this season. Cameron Wake especially, looks like a shell of himself from last season. Mark Sanchez had all day to throw the ball, and if he were a capable quarterback, the game could’ve been more out of hand than it was. I will say that our offensive line played a bit better last night than they have all season, and they may be the only positive thing I can take from the game.

5. Stop throwing to Brandon Marshall. Not completely. There is a time and a place for Brandon Marshall to be the main target, and that is not when Darelle Revis is shadowing him. The Dolphins have other capable recievers. But Marshall caught six passes (and had plenty more targets that he missed), while the next closest reciever was Brian Hartline with three receptions. Moore only had eyes for Marshall in the red zone, and again, he is not going to win that battle against Revis. He just is not talented enough, no matter what he says. And did you see how he gave up in the end zone on that 3rd down pass in the first half? Horrible. I don’t understand why Daboll doesn’t get Anthony Fasano more involved in the red zone. He is a better tight end than the Dolphins apparently think he is.

I’m sorry, I have pretty much reached my breaking point this year with this team. They should be better than this. They have the talent to be better than this. The players have quit. It’s pretty obvious the coaches have quit. It’s also pretty obvious that Tony Sparano has no idea what to do, and it’s time for him to go now. What I saw last night was an embarrassment, the laughingstock of the league.

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  • fins4ever

    No doubt losing Henne was a setback, but it is hard to believe with all the individual talent, a team can be that bad. No synergy at all.

  • Lespaul

    I too was flabbergasted at the poor performance. You had two weeks to prepare for this game and this the result?? Going into the half by running out the clock?? Absolutely horrible…

  • KeithRy

    matt moore helped carolina get the number 1 pick last years draft and he will help us get it this years he suck the team sucks fire sparano fire ireland

  • fins4ever

    @KeithRy LOL And the Fins were “lucky” to get him. Did Devlin get brought up from the PS?

  • mcordova933

    lol marshall was winning the battles its just he kept dropping passes

  • rogeradodger

    Coach Saprano to coach Daboll ” its night. I’m wearing sunglasses it’s 1:10 before half what do we do?” Coach Daboll ” run it! “. Idiot’s.

  • mscout99

    I’ve supported Sparano, but a change has to be made. It’s nowhere near all of his fault, but the team isn’t responding. The bad part about it is that I think they would have a hard time responding to Mike Nolan or whoever else they throw the interim tag on.

  • mscout99

    Regarding your issue #4, I see a lot of things Nolan has done differently with this defense. Cameron Wake is dropping back on coverage, and it seemed like he was “spying” on the QB for a good portion of the game. Why, I don’t know, but it’s hard for Wake to be effective when the three linemen are non-existent.

    I also think having the corners give the WR’s a 10 yard cushion is a bad idea. Yes, on 3rd and ten I get it, but letting Vontae give all of that space to Holmes was just plain dumb. I honestly think part of the issue with the pass rush is that the secondary can’t cover to save their lives. The timing routes killed us last night!

  • JerimieNordlum-Rothwell

    I actually miss Chad Henne, he spread out the ball and ACTUALLY called audibles that could cause a big play. Matt Moore just chucked the ball at Marshall even when he was totally covered(100yd INT td). Why are we passing the ball twice as much as running in the Red Zone??? We have Daniel Thomas and Reggie Bush how about a toss to Bush or a draw to Thomas????? Sean Smith needs to go buy some new hands he should have had an easy pick in the 3rd qtr. Our defense doesn’t blitz nearly as much or as well as it did last year. Tony has lost the team, I vote for Les Miles or Bill Cowher. We NEED to resign Chad Henne and keep Dabol. Draft Luck with the 1st pick(everyone pray Peyton Manning returns) and hope for a better season next year!

  • JimSzeplaki

    Running out the clock at the end of the first half was only one dumb coaching decision last night. A deep ball in the first minute of the game on a 3rd and inches is plain stupid. Not going for it on 4th and inches while it is at midfield is also dumb. The the dumbest coaching decision last night was calling the timeouts in the final minutes of the game, and running offensive plays. WTF? risk more injuries. Moore almost got taken out there with one. Take a knee, run out the clock and get the heck out of town. THAT was the worst coaching decision I have ever seen

  • notquiterosey

    @mcordova933 He was winning some of the battles. But it doesn’t matter whether the coverage is perfect or he is dropping balls, it wasn’t working. It was time for Moore to look elsewhere, but he refused.

  • notquiterosey

    @mscout99 Absolutely not 100% Sparano’s fault, but you can tell the team has given up playing bad for him. I’d rather them as least take a change on an interim coach than continue playing like this for the rest of the season.

  • notquiterosey

    @mscout99 Have no idea why Nolan would think it’s a good idea for Wake to play spy. Isn’t that why we brought Burnett in in the first place? Wake needs to be a bull rusher.

    Thank you, I meant to make that point about cushions but I forgot. The amount of room Davis was giving Holmes was unbelievable! Any good QB in the league will take five yard pass, five yard pass, time after time. The Dolphins had no chance of stopping those plays with that cushion. We need more physical corners.

  • notquiterosey

    @JerimieNordlum-Rothwell I’m not sure Henne will resign if we bring in Luck. I think Henne still wants the opportunity to start. I’m all for Luck at this point. We need a bonafide franchise QB, and it has been painfully obvious that Henne is nothing more than stopgap in Miami. He needs a change of scenery, I hope he gets it.

  • notquiterosey

    @fins4ever@KeithRy I wouldn’t mind seeing what Devlin has for a few games. He didn’t get much of a chance in preseason, then got cut. I loved Devlin coming out of college, give him a shot. Again, what do we have to lose at this point?

  • notquiterosey

    @Lespaul No excuses for that performance…We play the Jets twice a year and they haven’t changed much in the past two years.

  • notquiterosey

    @fins4ever It’s like they are perfect strangers.

  • Lespaul

    We moved to Miami in 1971 and the buzz was amazing. The Miami Dolphins went from bottom feeder to super bowl runner up with a bright future under Don Shula. I remember reading those words when I was just 10 years old. This franchise was ALWAYS competitive in the Shula years. He cared about the team, the owner, the fans and the image of the Miami Dolphins. Hell, he put this team on the map!! This is a miserable place to be for proud fans of a once well respective franchise. You could never count this team out, you could always find something to cheer about…wasn’t Marino’s fault he didn’t have a Terrel Davis or a ‘Ray Lewis’ lead defense…Man, what if he did?? We have all commented on the issues…and there are many!! So, when do the fans get to see a winning team…next year, two years, three? The Lions went 0-16 and three years later are a front runner for the NFC championship. One player (Luck) won’t turn this team into champions, so the owner, ‘new’ coaches and management should look to the future AND into the past to make careful yet aggressive moves to acquire ‘young’ studs to lead this team. this team still needs ‘legit’ playmakers. Home run hitters on offense and head hunters on defense…Hell, I would keep the punter and the kicker, but everyone else should be negotiable for trade. Ok, maybe you keep Bess, too. sorry for the rant, but the coffee was kicking in….

  • Phinsup1978

    AMEN – BROTHER!!! I love my Fins and will always wear the gear. But this team is beyond sad. Please stop the horror movie and kick the GM and Tony out the door!!!

  • notquiterosey

    @Lespaul Luck certainly won’t turn the franchise around by himself, but he will generate buzz and maybe get some of the nostalgic 1971 feeling back for you. The fans has not had a quarterback to be excited about since Marino.

    And hell, I agree with basically everything you said. Gut the team, start from scratch. If I had to pick five players to hold on to from this team, it would be Long, Thomas, Wilson, Bess and Fields.

  • JerimieNordlum-Rothwell

    Very true statement about Henne and I hope he does find a starting job somewhere where the coaching staff doesnt put handcuffs on him, but he would be a nice 1-2 year stop gap for Andrew Luck as he matures and learns the offense, but we could also throw Luck in the ocean and tell him to swim like Peyton Manning, if we do that I wouldn’t mind a 3-13 season if he is the next Peyton Manning.

  • mcraft

    sounds like the owner wants to move miami to los angeles, lousy stadium, bad management, it would be closer to lucks house too,