Five Players to Start Over With

Lespaul brought this up on comment section of my last article. I am curious as to what the rest of you think. This is purely for fun and obviously has zero reflect on what the team can/would do, but if you could keep just five players off the current Dolphins roster and start the rest from scratch, who would you pick and why? 

Don’t worry about contracts, and how much money anybody would cost. Purely your opinion here, no right or wrong answer. Here are my five:

1. Daniel Thomas – I know, we already have injury issues with him, but I like the way he runs. He needs to learn how to hold onto the football better, but that will come with time. Despite missing time, he currently leads all rookies in yards so far (granted, it’s a weak rookie rushing class, but still), and I just like the way he plays. He is certainly somebody who could carry the load.

2. Davone Bess – I love Bess, regardless of what anybody says. If he was in the right situation, he could be Wes Welker, possibly even better. Unfortunately, the Dolphins seriously under-utilize him, probably because Brandon Marshall commands so much attention from whoever our quarterback happens to be. You will be hard-pressed to find somebody in the NFL with better hands than Bess. Pair him up a legitimate deep threat and watch him work underneath.

3. Jake Long – I don’t feel like I need to justify this pick. Even though he hasn’t quite been himself so far this year, Long is by far one of the best linemen in the league at arguably the most important position on the line. People bash the Dolphins for not drafting Matt Ryan in the 2008 draft, but without Long, Ryan would’ve had exactly 8 milliseconds to throw the ball. Keep him in Miami.

4. Jimmy Wilson – I may take some heat for this one, but I love the way this kid plays. Yes, he is a raw. Yes, he isn’t the best cover guy, but he has heart and a desire to learn. The man spent two years in jail for a crime in which he was acquitted, so you know he will never take his life or career in the NFL for granted. And really here, so far in five games, the Dolphins have two interceptions, and Wilson has accounted for half of them. He also has a forced fumble. I’m not saying Wilson is going to be great, but it’s good to have some heart on your team and Wilson could certainly be the heart of a defense.

5. Brandon Fields – How can you not? He’s our MVP so far this season (and I really wish I was joking when I said that). I mean, listen to these stats. He is averaging a yard shy of 50 yards per punt. Out of his 22 punts this season, 10 of them have landed inside the 20. His long for the season: 70 yards. And he has yet to have a touchback. Field position is the most underrated aspect of a football game in my opinion, and we overlook how often Fields pins his opponents deep in their own territory. If we had any sort of defense, that would seriously help keeping points off the board.

Those are my five. I considered Mike Pouncey, Vontae Davis and Dan Carpenter as well, but ultimately ended up with these guys.

What about you? Who would you take off the roster? Think my picks are nuts? Let me know!

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  • mmandia

    I like your list, and I don’t think your choices need justification. It’s tough to narrow it down to five. I’d literally trade this whole team and coaching staff for Tom Brady and Hoody (or Cowher or Gruden)

    I’d go: J. Long, M. Pouncey, V. Davis, D. Thomas, and Bess.

    I agree %110 with your reasoning for Jimmy Wilson, I can’t remember the last time I saw a dolphin make more than a half ass attempt to punch a ball out like that. I wanna see that every single snap. Even if you don’t cause a fumble, maybe you break a rib, or knock a guy’s wind out and give him something to think about next time he has the ball. We never play to force turnovers. It seems like we just wait for them to come to us. This all starts with our passive a coaching IMO.

  • redteg02

    This is a tough one. Miami has tons of decent guys and not many greats. Before I kept my 5 I would definitely show 1 the door. Brandon Marshall. No offense to Marshall. He has been working hard to better himself, but he commands far to much attention from the QB. I would much rather have a young #1 who a new QB could grow with (like Marshall did with Cutler already) than one who doesn’t warrant how far people go out of the way to get him the ball. That and I’m getting tired of him dropping passes. And what was that when he “fell” out of bounds against the Jets. The guy acts like he doesn’t want to score.

    #1 Jake Long-even in an off season, by far the best player on the fins.

    #2 Yeremiah Bell- He may be getting old, but there needs to be some veteran presence on this team. Much like your Wilson pick (whom I really like too), Bell is a heart player. He is in the box smacking RB’s in the mouth and cleaning up others mistakes. He is one of the few Dolphins I’ve seen this year (granted it is from a crappy TV skewed angle) that hasn’t given up in the games.

    #3 Mike Pouncey- the one thing this regime seems to know, but fails to get right; it all starts up front. With Long and Pouncey this line is in position not just to succeed for years to come, but to dominate.

    #4 Vontae Davis- I think that with another year of experience under his belt, and some proper conditioning in the offseason (has anyone else been frustrated with how many players are nursing a hammy or fighting cramping during games), Davis will be ready to actually take the next step in becoming a shutdown corner and not just talking about it.

    #5- Charles Clay-Not a popular choice I’m sure. Clay needs some time to develop, but he reminds me a bit of Clark, just without the great QB getting him the ball. Without Marshall as a security blanket Clay could be in line for a lot of work from our new QB.

    I would have loved to keep Bess (currently my favorite player on the team), Gates (can we please not do double fakes while this guy is blowing the DB’s away), Thomas (young RB’s are a dime a dozen, but he seems special), Wilson (feel the same way as you), Dansby (hasn’t quite lived up to his hype, but still solid) and both kickers (second best combo behind Oakland), but as you said 5 and 5 only.

  • mmandia

    Here’s what I’ve been pondering all morning……

    Some “What ifs” for the off season:

    What if we wind up with the #1 pick? Do you take Luck and never look back? What if a team offers you their entire 2012 draft and their 1st-4th in 2013, and their 1st in 2014. I have no idea what a team would have to give up for the Luck sweepstakes. I’d like to discuss what it would take for other Dolphins couch GM’s to give up the #1 this year.

    Conversely, what if we wind up picking 2nd- 6th? What would you give up to pick Luck or would you go with a Landry Jones or Barkley type, or trade way back and acquire more picks and go to battle with Henne next season?

    If this is a huge hijack of your article, I apologize. I will gladly delete if so. I wanted to start a new article, but I didn’t know how to go about it. I figure we’re all fans and adults here, and at this point, our offseason and Sparano’s hot seat are the most exciting things to discuss at this point.

  • notquiterosey

    @mmandia I think this is probably what many Dolphans have been thinking for the past few weeks. My personal opinion: if we end up with the #1 pick, I don’t think there is a way we can pass on Luck (if he declares, which everybody seems to forget that he does not have to come out after the season). Miami needs a face to this franchise and I haven’t seen a quarterback this hyped coming out of college since Peyton Manning. Even if Luck doesn’t turn out to be great, fans need something to get excited about.

    On that note, I don’t see a team giving up their entire draft for the next two years to move up to #1 and draft him. I could be wrong though. Even if, a quarterback like this does not come around often, so I still think they should be pick Luck.

    If they end up with a 2-6 type pick, I’m not too sure who they pick. Barkley scares me, only because USC quarterbacks don’t have a great track record in the NFL. I’m not familiar enough with Jones to have an educated opinion on him.

    Basically, my response is simple. #1: you draft Luck. Simple as that. You can’t pass on him.

    I may suggest moving this topic to the suggestion board. You can get a lively debate going on over there, and I’m sure you’ll get a wide range of opinions. You don’t have to delete it from here, I’ll talk any Dolphins topic you guys want.

  • notquiterosey

    @redteg02 Clay is an interesting pick. I haven’t seen enough of him this year to really have formed much of an opinion, but I can see the Clark comparison. The problem with that is look how Clark has performed without Manning this year. He looks more than human.

    I like your list though. Bell is a good pick. Definitely a presence on that defense and a leader.

  • notquiterosey

    @mmandia Discussion board*, not suggestion board (typo)

  • mmandia

    @notquiterosey Where is the discussion board? I’m sure it’s right in front of my face here. I tried to register on the “fansided” forum, but it says it’s disabled. Is this where you mean? Thanks.

  • notquiterosey

    @mmandia It is the forum. It’s disabled? That’s weird. I didn’t even realize you had to register for it. I’ll talk to Brian and see if there is something wrong with it.

  • drumzan

    I love your list, but I would replace Bess with Pouncey. Centre’s seem to be uber-important these days. Look what happens when Nick Mangold gets injured. Pouncey could be a top centre in the league soon.

  • JohnLentini

    Long, Pouncey, Thomas, Wake, Bell, and Fields, everyone else I don’t see the effort.