How Do You Root For The Dolphins?

Are you still a fan if you root for this?

Karlos Dansby told a Sun-Sentinel reporter that if you root for the team to lose or “suck for Luck” you are not a Miami Dolphins fan.  Of course being a vastly over payed under performing can’t tackle linebacker who has been in Miami all of what?  Two years?  Gives him that right to say such a thing.  What about the Miami Dolphins fan base who have been following the team for 10 years?  20 years?  30 years?  Since the day the team was born?  Do they not have a right to determine how they choose to root for the team?

I speak with a lot of fans, from my close friends who run other Miami Dolphins websites to answering Emails to guys standing outside an ATT store at 5 in the morning camping out for an iPhone 4s.  What I can say is that every fan has passion and every fan has an opinion and every fan is exactly that….a fan.

The fact that we endure the ridicule from our non-Miami counterparts is enough.  Take George up in Maine who is reminded daily that his Dolphins absolutely suck and that the Patriots are so far and above them that he should convert.  The truth is we all endure, just like the fans of the Detroit Lions and the Cleveland Browns.  We have become accustomed to losing and that no longer is sitting well with the fan base.

In other words, it’s not o.k. anymore.  We no longer want to watch a rebuild.  We’re done.  And you know what Dansby?  We have that right.  Why?  Because we were here long before you arrived and will be here win or lose long after you leave.  So don’t talk to fans about being fans, worry more about earning your paycheck.

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But is it alright to root against your team?  The payoff could be huge, Andrew Luck?  Only the best rated QB coming out of the college ranks since Peyton Manning.  That is of course if he decides to forgo his final year of eligibility and enter the draft.  While he still has one year left to play if he chooses, he is scheduled to graduate this summer.  Or perhaps he pulls an Eli Manning and simply says, “I will not play for the Miami Dolphins“.  While it’s rare that a player forces his hand to that degree, it’s happened before with the aforementioned Manning and Hall of Fame QB John Elway who was drafted by Indianapolis.

Where do you draw the line in the proverbial sand?  Do you root for the Dolphins to win, lose, or are you indifferent to the whole process?

Some believe that this season is a complete waste already so why does it matter if they win one or two when the future of the franchise could be fixed by one horrendous season of losing out.  That same group of people may cite the reality that two wins could be the difference between picking number 1 overall and number 5.  Another win could put the team outside the top 5 and in turn would do nothing for the future of the franchise.

Others believe that they simply can not root against the team to win.  It’s a plain and simple, root for other teams to win instead.  As my friend James Lancaster from will tell you, he is a fan of the Rams and Colts and will not root for the Dolphins to lose.

I have a different approach and some will label me a non-fan for it.  I don’t advocate the “Suck for Luck” campaign.  We have seen too many times the top pick bites you in the rear end and we all know the saying, “Be careful what you wish for”.  I don’t root for the Dolphins to lose.  I root for them to play with conviction.  I root for them to want to win and play to win.  Let me explain.

Last Monday night I wanted them to kill the Jets but when it became obvious that the team didn’t share my enthusiasm I realized that if we won, we won because we sucked and they sucked more.  I don’t want to lose a top draft prospect because the team squeaks by a bad team after playing bad.  Imagine getting two wins this season and missing out on Luck because your horrible game comes down to a fumbled snap on the opposing teams one yard line with 10 seconds to go and you kick a field goal to win 3-0.  Where is that exciting and fun?

The reality is the fans of the Dolphins don’t “deserve” to see a winner, they city of Miami doesn’t “deserve” to have a winner any more than any other city who has a pro sports team.  What they do “deserve” to have is a team that competes and actually acts like it matters.  Not have their number 1 WR smiling at the end of a game on the sideline after he dropped a TD pass again and ran out of bounds on another.  What these fans need is a team that actually plays like they want to win and not go through the motions for 60 minutes.

I won’t root for that.  It became evident that after two weeks off the Dolphins were no more prepared to beat the Jets mentally or physically as they were to beat them with a sound game plan.  It was very difficult to root for that team that played on Monday night.  They showed not attitude to win, no drive to be anything more than mediocre.  It was embarrassing to say the very least.  Why root and scream and yell for that?  Not when a loss puts you closer to a possible dream QB candidate.

It’s not a support of “Suck for Luck” as much as a non-support for a team that shows no desire to be supported.  This team simply has given up and it’s starting to show.  In 2007 the Dolphins had the worst season of their entire history.  Cam Cameron was a joke but his team never quit, they didn’t quit in games and they never quit on the season.  They played, as disorganized as they were, as a team.  A fact that never wavered.  They got their one game but you never once felt a desire to not root for them.  They came so close too many times.  They only a field goal here and there to have a completely different season.   That is not the case with this team.

I will never root for the Dolphins to lose.  Ever.  This year it is increasingly difficult to root for them to win especially when their performance echoes the effort of a scrimmage game.

Where do you fall into this?

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  • MattHinson

    They have no chance of having a winning season this year and luck is the difference maker the team lacks. He could turn the team around for 10 years and why not suck for luck if you can have a chance of a championship which they won’t have with any quarterback they could get elsewhere

  • fins4ever

    I certainly don’t condone “rooting for the Fins to lose”, but the franchise / team needs major changes and upgrades. If 1 or 2 loses makes the difference of having a franchise QB or not, it is difficult to root against a 0-16 season.

    However, in reality, I believe the Colts will get Luck. I saw their game last week against Cincy and they have already quit. Besides, there are more than one good QB out there. I look for the Fins to have a top 5 and should get a great QB. The key will be having coaches who can develop him and an OC who knows how to use him.

  • MdPhinFan

    I’m a life long Phin fan who lives in Maryland…… One correction, it was the Baltimore Colts that drafted Elway….. Who knows if he would have played for the Colts and they would have been successful, the fans would have supported the team and they never would have left Baltimore and the Colts would still be there. There would not be any Baltimore Ravens…..,

  • Phinphanatic

    While I don’t know if the Colts would not have left Baltimore the landscape would sure be different if they hadn’t. No Ravens means the Browns didn’t move which means that these new Cleveland Browns would be someone else and Cleveland would have had a Super Bowl team instead of the Ravens…LOL.

  • willowbayz

    You are not a fan of the Dolphins if you ever root against them, period. There is no guarantee that they get a first overall pick and there is no guarantee that Luck doesn’t decide to return to Stanford for his Senior season. Also, there is no guarantee that Luck’s college production will translate to the NFL (JaMarcus Russell, Ryan Leaf, Akili Smith, Tim Couch, David Klingler, Andre Ware- just to name a few) As a fan, I know that there will be good times as well as bad times and this happens to be one of the worst times in franchise history. With that said, I will root for them to win any and all of their remaining eleven games. If that means missing out on Luck…so be it.

  • MattHinson

    @willowbayz don’t you want to see the dolphins be contenders in the future? I understand what you said but do u honestly think they can challenge for a title any time soon? Are you content with your team being mediocre forever? I mean if the players have given up on the season then why not the fans? All I’m saying is Andrew luck could give us a chance to be good for a while and not be an underperforming average team.

  • redteg02

    @MattHinson@willowbayz There are other good QB’s coming out in this draft. I mean in ’83 when Elway was a sure thing we did alright for ourselves and didn’t even draft until the 27 spot out of 28 teams. And what did Elway do for Baltimore? Cry and get traded.

    In ’01 Brees wasn’t drafted until the 2nd round. In 04 when Eli went 1st Rivers didn’t go until 4 and Big Ben until 11. I’d rather have either of those guys over Payton’s little brother. In 05 Alex Smith went #1 over all while a guy named Rodgers didn’t go until the 24th pick. You don’t need to pick #1 to get your QB. You DO need to spend a first round pick more often than not though.

    And just to clarify, if you were rooting against the Dolphins on Monday night that means that you were rooting for the Jets, right? I don’t see how anyone could do that.

  • MattHinson

    @redteg02 very true but no I want rooting for the jets. I wanted to win that game. I mean I don’t want them to go 0-16 but I don’t want them to win 5 or 6 games and get a pick that won’t be an instant impact guy

  • fins4life

    None of us want to see the dolphins lose. They should have beaten the jets! I mean Moore missed a wide open reciever in the end zone, threw to marshalls back side where revis was for the interception that should have been flagged for pass interferance. It’s not just Moore’s inexpierence it’s also Marshall falling out of bounds on a for sure td. I think if Henne wasn’t hurt we would have won that game.

  • notquiterosey

    I’m not sure we are actually ROOTING for the Dolphins to lose every game. Any given week, I would happily sit down and enjoy a Dolphins victory. I think people kind of look at the games now and say “if the Dolphins don’t win, whatever.” That is my mentality. I’m not going into any game hoping the Dolphins will lose. I’m certainly not rooting for them to lose. But I also know they are not a good team by any stretch and they need SOMETHING. So my mindset is, “if they lose, they lose. If they continue to lose, maybe they’ll end up with #1 pick and draft a franchise QB.”

    If the Dolphins end up finishing 6-10 and get the #6 pick, so be it. I will be rooting for them to put together a solid draft, regardless of draft slot.

    I think this “suck for Luck” campaign is more a Dolphins fan cry for a franchise QB, then it is exclusively for Andrew Luck. If the Dolphins end up with Matt Barkley and he ends up being a franchise QB, I’ll be just as happy. And I’m sure the rest of the fanbase will be as well.

  • mscout99

    I respect anyone’s opinion and right to show passion for their team in whatever manner they want to. I will disagree with “suck for Luck.” All Andrew Luck has done is tear up PAC 10/PAC 12 teams, and that’s not very impressive, when you consider the lack of defense in that conference alone.

    Second, say we win one or two games and get Luck and he doesn’t work out? Then what do we have? A QB we’re paying mega millions for and we’re still at the bottom of the league.

    If a team was going to be a powerhouse based on QB play along, then Miami should have a ring for every season Marino played. But for a long time, Miami’s defense was terrible, then our best RB’s were guys like Parmalee, Abdul-Jabar, Johnson, and Lamar Thomas.

    It’s building a great TEAM and competent coaching is what gets subpar QB’s like Trent Dilfer, Steve Young, Joe Montana, little Manning, and Troy Aikman superbowl rings. If the QB play was all that mattered, ask yourself how many rings they would have won?

  • Phinphanatic

    @mscout99 For subpar QB’s you named two HOF’ers there. Now I know where you were going, their support staff really made them remarkable. However, in all of their cases their teams “built” around them. Miami has no one to build around. Not a home run threat WR on offense and not a Patrick Willis style LB on defense. Andrew Luck may not be as sure a thing as some believe but he will give the Dolphins a center piece to mold the team around and that is where the team is lacking the most. It may not even be Luck, it could be Barkley or Jones. The point is the position has been ignored so dreadfully over the past 12 years that the team is simply swimming in circles in a cesspool. Fans are tired of it and frankly it’s time to up the game and take a chance. After all these years of wasted picks and free agent mistakes and still no franchise QB. It’s time to find one. Whether it works out or not, is no longer a reason to pass on them.

  • finsclubhouse

    I don’t like the “Suck for Luck” campaign. Winning is a habit but so is losing. The Dolphins organization is dangerously close to becoming laughingstock losers. The “Suck for Luck” will only make that worse. Try to win as many games as possible and get a new coach, the right coach. Please, Mr. Ross, don’t mess up hiring (or not hiring) a new coach like you did this past offseason.

    I wrote more about this on my blog:

  • mscout99

    @Phinphanatic My point is that Aikman, Montana, and Young had teams stacked at virtually EVERY position. Those guys wouldn’t have any rings without the organizations.

    I’d love to see Henne stay with Miami and the Dolphins draft Justin Blackmon with their first pick. Holy cow, your receiving corps is already 100 times better because Brain Hartline would be on the sidelines.

    But that ain’t gonna happen; Miami will probably be stupid and draft Landry Jones (as I believe Indy will get the #1 pick and select Luck), and then we’ll be back at this point AGAIN. And even if we do get Luck, it’s still a huge shot in the dark.

    You only get someone like a Dan Marino, Peyton Manning, and Lord forbid Brett Favre once in a LONG while, where that QB nakes everyone better. You don’t need to hit a homerun at QB if you’re giving your current QB pieces around him.

    Don’t draft a QB for the sake of drafting a QB…’s the riskiest move in the draft, and the odds of getting a bust are much more than hitting a homerun.

  • Lespaul

    One man doesn’t make a team….so Luck cannot block, catch, tackle, run and pass defend all at the same time. This TEAM needs leadership in many phases and banking all your hopes into one player is a recipe for disappointment. I think Luck would be a great QB, but perhaps Landry Jones, Barkley or Robert griffin would also be great at the next level.