Dolphins Lose To Tebow Magic

The Miami Dolphins lost…AGAIN!  This time, it was to Tim Tebow.  The Dolphins simply had this game won.  Up by 15 the Dolphins gave up a drive to Tebow that ended in a touchdown and an extra point.

The Broncos kicked an on-sided kick, recovered and with 17 seconds left in the game, Tebow tossed the winning TD and then ran in the tying two point conversion to send the game into OT.

In OT they traded punts until Matt Moore was sacked and subsequently fumbled that gave the Broncos the ball in Miami territory.  They didn’t even bother trying to move the ball setting up instead a 52 yard field goal after 3 runs.  The kick was good and Miami stayed winless.

So right about now, who cares.  I mean this game was ugly and the Dolphins deserved to win after deciding to go to sleep late in the game.  There are a lot of fingers to point here and make no mistake I have a few pointed directly at CEO Mike Dee and owner Stephen Ross.

Dee for this entire joke of a Gator appreciation game and Ross for standing on the sideline smiling with Urban Meyer late in the game.  But the biggest finger should be pointed in the face of head coach Tony Sparano who should not have a job come tomorrow.

There will be plenty to say after this loss and you can bet this week will bring a lot of it out.

Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

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  • mmandia

    Another superbly coached game! Loved the way we took the knee to go into halftime AND overtime. Oh and lets not forget the masterfully timed aggression to go for 2 earlier. Sweet! After rewinding and re-watching 3 times, we called a timeout with 1 second on the play clock for the deciding kick. I honestly do not think Denver was gonna get that snap off.

  • mnasr85

    going for 2 when we have a 12-0 lead made NO sense to me…. that 1 point could have been game for us. Horrible Play calling…. it’s so hard to watch these miami doplhins games.

  • redteg02

    It was classic we have no balls, but want to look like it. We aren’t aggressive when we should be and when we are up 12-0 why not flex that muscle and go for 2? I’m absolutely disgusted with the game today. Sparano deserves to be let go and Miami will pick up whatever pieces are left over.

  • mmandia

    BTW how is that fan confidence thing still so high? :)

    I tried to turn the slider into the negative numbers but it wouldn’t let me.

  • mnasr85

    mmandia the reason why you can’t put a minus on it is because it’s broken. Over load on the Rate me now button so it jammed. lol

  • Phinsanity

    This loss stung more than the others for me. I mean, I think I came to the realization that this team is in deeper trouble than I realize. It’s easy to get rid of players and coaches, but we’re probably stuck with this owner for a long time.

    I hope we get a coach who can make winning the number 1 priority for the team, while management worries about other crap.

    I thought going for 2 was a mistake. It was too early in the game. Each team was still going to get multiple possessions and you never know how the scoring will go. Missing the 2-point conversion is the equivalent of giving your opponent a free point.