Dolphins Player Auditions for 2012

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Tony Sparano says that he is talking to himself a lot lately.  You think?  Aren’t you?  Heck, I’m talking to myself a whole lot lately about my beloved Miami Dolphins.  After last Sunday’s loss to the Broncos in overtime, Sparano had to be asking himself if he would have a job this week.  I wonder if he would place himself in Mr. Ross’ shoes, whether he would fire himself.  Maybe, Sparano should do the honorable thing and fall on his own proverbial fist pump resigning for the good of the organization.  He has to be telling himself that he will not have a job with the Dolphins next year.

Sparano may or may not have lost the locker room, but he sure has lost the playing field and some of the fan base.  Last Sunday, the players seemed to have lost motivation to hang on to the first, and maybe the only, victory of the year.  In my last article, I thought for sure that Mr. Ross would fire Sparano and hire someone like Jeff Fisher, especially if there was a Dolphins loss to the Broncos — although, I never thought they would lose in such a horrible way.  I hypothesized that a coaching change now would allow time to assess the current roster and plan for the offseason.  Well, now it seems the only way the Sparano will be replaced this year is if he resigns.

Tony Sparano may not be the only one talking to himself on the Dolphins.  Many players, who are in the last last year of their contract, must also be talking to themselves about their future — especially considering how poorly almost everyone is playing.  Consider this list, which I compiled using These guys are playing for contracts = big $$$$.

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