Dolphins’ Ross Courting Cowher?

The title you have probably seen already, you could have seen it last year after the Miami Dolphins finished 7-9 or you could have read it yesterday when reported that Stephen Ross, through an intermediary has contacted people associated with Bill Cowher.

And here we go again.

The media will cling to anything and everything and it only further stands to destroy the fraying thread that is still holding this team together in some way, shape, or form.  Tony Sparano knows his days are numbered and all he seeks now is to leave Miami with what dignity he can take with him and hopefully a couple of wins at seasons end.  If he makes it that long.

This new report however will undermine an already fragile relationship that Sparano has with the Dolphins front office and it’s un-popular owner.  The worst part?  The rumors are likely not even close to being true.

Reality is sometimes so different than what is reported and if you notice in any of these reports, no one will specifically name a name and their so called source is someone “close to the situation”.  Janitors are close and so are temp secretaries.  I’m not buying it.  Not yet.

The common speculation is that when the season is over Stephen Ross will in fact formally contact Bill Cowher and will likely throw a boatload of money at him to bring him to Miami.  But he isn’t doing that in week 6.  Ross may be naive when it comes to the coming and going of NFL business but he isn’t going to make the same mistake he made last year with his courtship of Jim Harbaugh.  Sorry, he simply isn’t that stupid.

Until someone shows me proof or can name an actual source instead of a “I heard from a friend, who’s friend said that they heard from their cousin who was at a coffee shop and talked to this guy…that Ferris could be dying”, or something like that.  I’m not believing it.

Earlier this morning I took a read of Omar Kelly’s latest blog in which he blames the undercutting of the team by Stephen Ross on the problems on the field.  To Omar’s credit, and the reason I read him first before any and all other Dolphins’ beat writers is he let’s you know it’s his opinion and not something based on fact…he tells you that too when it is.

Kelly did however say in that article that “coaches” tried to leave the team this past off-season but were refused to be let out of their contracts.  One can only presume who those coaches may or may not have been.  If true on any level it does go to explain the lack of communication between the HC and the staff as well as the focus on game planning.  Not to say that an NFL coach will deliberately sabotage a team but to some degree will any coach feel an overwhelming obligation to give more than 100 percent?  Not likely.

This goes back to Stephen Ross and the one issue that I blame him for, his courting of Harbaugh and then leaving Sparano in place as a lame-duck coach for this year.  Contrary to beliefs I do not think he undermined the team by being a little more frugal in his spending.

Kelly also writes a very interesting article about the gossip that is making it’s way around the NFL circuit and how some sites simply have no integrity when it comes to journalism…I can think of a couple of writers who would fit that category for sure.  You can read this very good article here.

He also in that same article reacts in the same way I have regarding the rumors of contact with Bill Cowher (I actually wrote this before reading his and stumbled upon it when getting the link for the other Kelly article).   The reality is that Ross needs to clean up his image and courting yet another coach with Sparano still here is not going to happen again.

Besides, he isn’t going to hire him until after the season anyways so why contact anyone now?

So much is going on in Miami these days that the only real surprise is that Sparano hasn’t actually been terminated yet.  To be honest, it may be the best thing for Sparano if he is.  This catty media garbage isn’t fair to him.  I give Sparano credit though, for a guy who knows he will be fired very soon, he isn’t laying down and taking it.  He is a fighter and while he may no longer have many within the organization he can trust or lean on, he won’t simply roll over and play dead.

Why else would he scream at a ref to review a score while saying if they don’t he will get fired?  Because he wants to at least go out with his pride.

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  • josephberthiaum

    @dolphinsbuzztap now we r talking just go 0-16 so we can get luck nut need more talent

  • Onole1

    I have to say where there is smoke there is fire. We all know Peterson is a close freind and advisor to Ross. Peterson is also a freind and former boss of Cowher. I have no doubt in my mind that he has talked to Cowher. LaCanfora on the Sedano show this morning said from what he is hear Cowher is already reaching out to potential assistants and that it’s very likely Miami will be his choice to fall back into coaching.

    He did say that Gruden was 1a and Cowher 1b for Miami. My guess for that is Gruden would be ok with keeping Ireland where as LaCanfora says where Cowher goes Omar Kahn goes.

  • mmandia

    @Onole1 Was it LaCanfora who said Gruden was 1a?

  • Riverdog

    I have no doubt that Ross learned a lesson from last year. I don’t think however we can dismiss every rumour that is out there, because to many of them come true. That isn’t to say the latest rumour about Cowher is correct or not. It is what it is a rumour.

  • Strongguard70

    I’ve actually heard from a very reliable source that Ross will be offering the GM position to Dan Marino, which in my opinion is a very smart move not just for the football side of things but for PR reasons.

  • Lespaul

    Dan Marino as GM?? Why would he take that job? I mean he really doesn’t have any incentive to get into this mess. He makes boat loads of money working for the networks and TV commercials, etc. On the HC job, I am sure many emails have been exchanged between Ross, Gruden, Cower and God knows who else. I like Sparano and hope he does well for some other team, but he is in the middle of a perfect storm down in Miami. I still don’t think he has HC credentials and would have to go back to being an assistant or maybe down to college ranks.

  • Strongguard70

    @Lespaul In my opinion, it’s not about the money with Marino. He loves the team and he loves the fans. There’s truly no one in the organization more philanthropic than Marino. Come on the guy adopted special need children. Remember he wanted the job years ago, but huizenga screwed the whole thing up in less than a week. It was an insult to him and the fans, one that made me glad to see the team sold. Ross offering him the job is a way to make amends with the fan base, but it ultimately benefits the team. To add to the money question, I’m sure Elway makes plenty of money from his furniture business and all his other endeavors. Marino should have been with this team years ago, but it had to come after new ownership.

  • mcraft

    what about the lousy stadium? no sense of urgency to fix multitude of problems, no one in upper management is held accountable for all of the horrendous decisions they have made, thats right sporano is upper management, he got rid of welker, or didn.t want drew breeze, maybe this team is headed for LA and wants to get run of town via the owner not doing one thing to fix this mess, oh thats right waiting on dream coaches who,s ratings have to go down before they need a new gig. and the dolphins just keep on losing

  • mnasr85

    I was reading a thread on according to Pat Kirwan who is a close friend of cowher and was with him last weekend watching college football, he has not been contacted by anyone (as if he would admit it anyways.) he also mentioned that he (pat kirwan) doesn’t believe cowher wants to go back yet to coaching. So who know’s whats the real deal here. On another note i’ve read Sparano has his house for sale so that should say something as well….

  • Strongguard70

    @mnasr85 That’s probably the most telling piece of evidence right now. A house is something you can sell at really any time. Obviously the housing market in south Florida is among the worst, but if sparano was coaching out the season you gotta believe he’d hold out on the sale till then.

  • Strongguard70

    @mnasr85 Well I just researched it a little and supposedly he’s had it on the market since January so, who knows.

  • mnasr85

    @Strongguard70 I think Ross will keep him until the end of the season since I’m sure Sparano knows how the market is in south florida lol… probably to give him time to sell, because as you mentioned he’s had it up a few times but no go but also remember the Sparano had no idea what was going on with him during that time of year lol….. poor guy wasn’t sure if he was employed or not. What a mess…

  • Strongguard70

    @mnasr85 Yeah, definitely feel for the guy. He didn’t stand a chance this season. I honestly believe that under completely different circumstances, he could be a descent winning coach, but here he never had a chance.

  • Phinphanatic

    @mcraft dude, welker and Bree’s had nothing to do with sparano.

  • mcraft

    sporano isnt upper management being sarcastic for all of the mistakes he inherited from the band of gypsies that have come through dolphin organization