Would You Trade For Peyton?

Would you trade for Peyton?


Now that we got our first W of the season there is a lot of talk in our forum what are final record will be….can we make a run and finish strong at 9-7, Karlos Dansby seems to think so:

“We can finish 9-7,” he said.

He was not kidding.

“That’s the goal,” he said. “We took the first step today. It’s about faith. You got to have faith. I did it at 9-7. I went to the Super Bowl [with Arizona] at 9-7. It’s possible. It’s definitely possible


Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2011/11/07/2490330/winning-lifts-fog-of-defeat-over.html#ixzz1d7omorI6

Looking at our schedule this is a slight glimmer that this might come to reality.  If you have ever played on a sports team you would know what a victory means to you and the team.  There is a new sense of joy in the locker room.  Players are lose and want to come in and watch the game tape.  I remember when I played watching tape after a tough loss, the room was uninspired.  No one wants to watch themselves fail, however they will watch themselves fail if they still got the W. 

That’s what winning does; it inspires players to learn from their mistakes.

Back to reality for a second…let’s say we don’t finish with  4 or 5 more wins, a 5-11 or 6-10 season, would that drop us out of a top ten selection? The Cowboys finished last season at 6-10 and finished with a 9th overall pick, so let’s assume we finish 6-10 and have the 9th selection in the 2012 draft.

Teams that might finish with a worse record than us are listed below (in no particular order):

-          Indy

-          Arizona

-          Rams

-          Seattle

-          Washington

-          Cleveland

-          Jacksonville

-          Denver

Of those 8 teams 4 of them would most likely draft a QB (Indy, Seattle, Washington, and Denver).  That would mean before we even select in the first round one of our QBs that have the ‘next level’ hype associated to them wouldn’t be on the board….

Therefore, here is the question…would you trade for Peyton Manning?

 We have seen the demise of the Colts this year, suffering one of the worst setbacks of all time.  Where is Reggie Wayne, and Dallas Clark…they are missing from highlight wheels everywhere and should be placed on the next carton of milk.

There is saying out there, you don’t know what you have until you lose it.  Well the Colts are missing a franchise QB and bottom line…they suck.

Drafting Luck first overall is a given, and keeping Manning might be in their future, but Manning holds an 18 million cap hit and the first overall will demand at least 5 to 6 million of that cap.  Can you have ¼ of a team’s cap on one position?

 No GM would be wise to have that on their books.  Manning might have 2 or 3 more years left in his game. What you would be getting is a MVP Superbowl winning QB leading a team to the promise land.

As we saw in our victory last Sunday what a strong QB play can mean to our team…now close your eyes for a second and just think about the opportunity of having 18 in an aqua teal uniform calling out plays to Marshall, Bess and Gates.

Peyton made Wayne, Garcon and Clark look like pro ballers…image what he could do for our team. Imagine the match ups…Peyton vs. Brady twice a year!

Now the Carson Palmer trade was a stupid trade in my eyes.  The Bengals won that trade hands down, with what might lead to two first round draft picks.  Obtaining a player like Manning won’t come cheap and I am not saying trade our first overall pick, but a package of 2nd rounder this year and potential 2nd or 3rd round next year (if we make a the Super Bowl) would make sense.

What do you think?


If you were our GM, would you make a trade for Peyton Manning?

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  • mmandia

    I voted yes, but obviously it would depend on the terms. I’d offer a conditional pick like the Raiders did. I would NOT give up this year’s 1st rounder unless I was trading up for Luck. I’d probably say this year’s 2nd rounder and next year’s 2nd with the possibility of it turning to a 1st if we win a playoff game. I’d still draft a QB with our 1st rounder this year IF I could not trade back.

  • Bahamas

    @mmandia Like yourself i voted yes as well. He would bring our team what we had once upon a time with Marino and more recently with Chad P.
    The offer has to be smart…we can’t forget that Peyton is 37….

  • mmandia

    @Bahamas Yeah, just like the Colts, we would be instant SB contenders with him under center. Unfortunately it’d only be for the next 2 or 3 years most likely. I’d have NO problems developing ANY of the other 3 top QB’s under Peyton for 2-3 years. All of the sudden RG3, Barkely, or Jones look like can’t miss prospects if they apprentice under Manning. Of course the ONLY way I make this trade is if I’m keeping my 1st this year. I’d actually give up more picks, but that’s where I would start the bidding. Much like the C. Palmer deal.

  • drumzan

    Peyton is 35, turning 36 in March.

  • AustinLopez72

    I voted no. I don’t think it’s in our best interest to trade for a guy who is 35 years old and has had three neck surgeries in the past 18 months. I’ve read articles where doctors question if a return from this is even likely and some recommending his retirement. It’s definitely a gamble and I don’t think anyone feels he’ll still be under center three years from now. And with a draft class with plenty of QB prospects this opportunity doesn’t come around often and we should definitely draft one. But that’s my opinion and with our front office I’ve seen stranger things

  • drumzan

    No. No. No. No! I’m sick of trading for vets. Yes, getting Chad P helped for one year. But we all know what happened after that. And we all know how many other veteran busts the Phins have signed. I’m probably one of the only PhinPhans that’s still on the Henne train, but I realize signing him next year is not likely. So if they’re not going to re-sign Henne, draft a QB 1st round and stop giving away draft picks. End of story. Losing two 2nd rounders over the last couple years has really hurt in my opinion.

  • Strongguard70

    If I had to speculate as to whether or not we would trade for manning I would say no. It is my opinion that we will likely end up with Jon gruden as our head coach and with that in mind, if none of these qbs that we’ve been fawning over are available then we will more than likely trade for someone like Matt Flynn who suits Grudens west coast style offense and who’s proven in Rodgers absence that he can run that offense and win. Then with our first pick I would take OK St WR Justin Blackmon arguably the best receiver available in a long time, whom many say is even better than is former teammate Dez Bryant. I would even speculate that if the top 3 qbs are not available at say pick 5 (where I guess well be) we could trade down to around 10 for a 2nd round pick and still get Blackmon. Flynn would most likely demand 2 2nd rounders so tradeing to acquire as many 2nd round picks is a good strategy. As far as Peyton, he’s to much of a risk at this point. However, that being said, if he even had a slight chance at playing ever again the colts owe him so much for there success that they would play manning untill he was no longer able to play. They would never allow him to where another jersey, much like Marino who stayed with the team after multiple surgeries when a lot of people thought he couldn’t play much anymore. It would baisicly ruin there image and the stadium that Peyton built would be a reminder of that.

  • Bahamas

    Did people say the samething about Bret Favre?

  • naq2323

    I can’t Believe there is even one dolfan on here saying that they wouldn’t take Peyton providing he was able to play espescially because he would only be able to play for a few more seasons. To that I say HAHAHAHAHAH. Either some of you out there have become so acustome to losing that your ok to keep on losing. We had a chance to get Drew Brees and look what that guy has done oh only won a Superbowl something Miami hasnt done since 1974. So lay off the suds people Peyton is a winner look at Indy without him. Give me a break. Oh and Andrew Luck has never played a snap in the NFL he could turn out to be a bust. Anyone remember a guy by the name of Ryan Leaf or Jamarcus Russell? Not saying Luck is like those guys but not every college star equates to a star in the pro’s people ! If Peyton can play and you have a shot at getting him you go get him then you can take a year or 2 find his understudy for later. Just look at Aaron Rodgers anyone who thinks he would have been as good as he is without waiting behind Favre is crazy. So if Peyton is a viable reasonable option you take em no doubt.

    check out my blog @ http://dolfanz.blogspot.com

  • Strongguard70

    @Bahamas Sure they did, but they are diffrent circumstances. Brett Favre had his team in the NFC championship. They baisicly blamed him for the loss and decided to go with a diffrent QB, effectively forcing him to retire. He didn’t want to retire so they were forced to trade him to a team they wouldn’t play for 4 years. They didn’t expect he’d end up in there division the following year. Manning is hurt and had a surgery that could hurt his playing ability. If Manning can play they will play him not trade him. There is no way anyone can say with a strait face that Luck is better than Peyton. He will never run an offense like Peyton has because there will never be another Peyton Manning. If they draft luck they are baisicly making the move to change the entire scheme of this team both offensively and defensively. That means no more Joseph Addai, as he’s not a conventional RB no more small mobile pass blocking offensive line, no more Dallas Clark, pass catching TE because luck will need a legitimate running game. Also, you’ll need an entirely new deffence that will have to actually stop other teams offenses from running the ball and not just help hold a lead. An Andrew luck offense is a conventional offense that is balanced in there play call and can effectivly run the ball. Luck is the best in a while but he truly is more like Elway than Manning, and we all no Eleay didn’t win a Super Bowl until a certain Terrell Davis arrived on the scene. The colts will more likely trade down for a but load of picks and take Landry jones, or kellen morre, Qbs that are much better passers than luck.

  • redteg02

    Nope. Look toward the future and don’t be short sighted. Sure Manning might come in and play decent for the next 2-3 years. Or he might not. Does Miami tailor their offensive system to fit Manning and then have to change again when he retires? Or do they ask Manning, who has essentially been in the same system since his rookie year, to learn a new one?

    Then there is the precedent to look at. Farve had 1 good, maybe great season, and the rest were pathetic. Montana was decent, but didn’t turn KC around. McNabb, who was darn good in Philly, has looked like a 3rd stringer recently. It’s hard to ask an old dog to learn a new trick. Let alone to do that new trick at elite levels.

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