The Worst NFL Commissioner Ever?

Player Penalized for Military Salute on Veterans Weekend (Poll)

The NFL (No Fun Flag League) has reached a new low, if that is possible. In light of the poor officiating and numerous unwarranted penalties, I am officially saying in my opinion Roger Goodell may very well be the worst commissioner the NFL has ever had.

Changing the rules to benefit the offense and handcuff the defense was bad. Penalizing players for incidental helmet hits and nonexistent pass interference penalties was worse. However, the penalty given to a Denver Bronco wide receiver for saluting after scoring a touchdown in honor of our veterans ON VETERANS WEEKEND is the straw that broke the camels back for me.

Not only is giving a penalty to a player for so-called “excessive celebration” for showing respect to our veterans a terribly classless act, it is in my opinion anti-American. I suppose the ref had his instructions, just like the other refs that call nonexistent penalties that sometimes even decide winners and losers. One has to believe those instructions came from Roger Goodell. Click here for the entire story.

Some of you may recall I wrote an  article asking the question in a poll if Mr. Goodell was good, bad or indifferent for the NFL.  Click here to read. As you can see from the poll results, the overwhelming majority of you believe Roger Goodell to be “bad” for the league. I wholeheartedly agree. I also wrote an article criticizing the poor officiating, and since Mr. Goodell is primarily responsible for the competency of officiating, I have included that article here.

Aside from being “somewhat” instrumental in obtaining a collective bargaining agreement and having mixed results in trying to give the league a cleaner image, everything else that I have seen that he has done has hurt the game. Possibly worse, the officiating has never been more pedestrian and Roger Goodell has said or done NOTHING. How can he, as the commissioner, sit, watch and do nothing???  Roger Goodell inherited a gold mine and is being privileged to lead the most popular sport in the United States. However, given his past actions and decisions regarding the game, he seems inadvertently determined to make it a worthless shaft through his inconsistent actions, stricter rules, fines, and allowing incompetence officiating. Thoughts?



Is Roger Goodell The Worst Commissioner The NFL Has Ever Had?

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  • RandyCarlson

    Salute the vets and get a penalty “WTF” that is a respectable show of love to our troops any celebration that is spontaneous should never draw a flag,that being said if you want to dance around like a fool go to a night club 15 yards and fifty grand will fix that problem (IMHO)

    yes Fins4ever i”m old school !

  • DonDaleRebholz

    Did the Bills receiver who scored and then ran 100 yards to give the ball to his Cowboys Girlfriend get fined? No. His move was premeditated as the cameras followed him the whole time. As a retired Vet I appreciate what the Broncos player did. Be consistent w/ the fines Roger “the question Didger”

  • fins4ever

    I thought it was odd that I found that article in a little Denver paper, but no mention of it anywhere else. ESPN is a media whore who exploits everything. Still no mention of this. The ref that threw that flag should have been hung from the rafters by his balls.

  • fins4ever

    Interesting tally on the poll. Just think if Goodell would have inherited a “losing sport” and was faced with rebuilding it.

    Goodell reminds me of a guy I knew that “somehow” convinced people to loan him money to buy a rest. franchise called Beef O Brady’s (family style sports bar). The guy had failed at 2 biz’s before and declared bankruptcy so the bank would not touch him.

    He did EVERYTHING WRONG. Treated his employees like crap, ignored customers and even treated his regulars like turds. Still, he made money hand over fist. He succeeded DESPITE himself, much like Goodell.