Reshad Jones…You’re An Idiot

Reshad Jones…you’re an Idiot

I re-watched last Sunday’s game and I couldn’t help but notice one player sticking out in the complete wrong way.  I try my best to usually provide some positive feedback, but I can’t hold my tongue any longer.  The majority of people that know me here on Phinphantic know that I love breaking down the secondary and play extra close attention to the Safety positions.  Based on this, it’s time for me to vent out a little frustration on one player; Rashad Jones.

Reviewing the game tape, Vontae Davis made a great interception on Rex Grossman early in the game and made some moves to try to return it for a pick 6.  Congrats to VD for getting his first INT in over a year.  So how is Rashad Jones affiliated to this INT, let me show you what I saw.

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The INT pick was caused by a Redskins WR (Hankerson) slipping on a route. First let’s start at the beginning


Davis is highlighted in yellow and Jones is red.

Davis is playing a soft man coverage on Hankerson and Jones is roaming the field as the Robber.  As the play develops, Hankerson slips on the field and Davis makes a great play.  Jones is behind Davis and start running to catch up:



Davis makes the pick and Jones is in the back.

As a former player, the first thing you do once you see a teammate making an INT is block for them.  Allow your teammate to get any extra yards they can…..

Seems like a simple lesson, but Jones…here is where you become an idiot:


Jones has the right idea…start running infront of Davis to become a lead blocker…but look at Jones he’s looking at Davis.  Most likely asking him to lateral the ball.  Well Jones, Davis can’t do that, because you are in front of him.

Secondly, why are you watching him, Get up front and start blocking!


Davis then breaks a tackle, and still look at Jones…he’s still admiring Davis…oh my. Jones start blocking someone…come on mon!

Now this is where I lost it.

Davis now puts it in second gear and tries to break away. What does Jones do…he gives up on the play and instead of blocking someone he lets up and allows Davis to run without a lead blocker:


What should have Jones done…just look at the picture. Davis has two Redskins in front of him, wouldn’t it have been great if he had a lead blocker, cough cough Jones taking out Helu or 62?
Nope, that can’t happen because Davis already out hustled him and is now stopped for a nice gain that could have been a lot more.

Any player that has every played this game knows that the best plays you can make for a teammate are the unselfish plays.  Jones is not making any plays that would benefit the team or his teammates.  Coaches around the league and players will re-watch this game and see the exact same thing in which I have provided for you.  What does this mean in the end of the things…well I have said it once and I’ll say it again ,we can’t continue like this.  We need to address our Safety position and we need to cut ties with all Safeties that we have on our team (with the exception of Bell).  If Clemons can’t overtake Jones that means he is regressing worse than I can imagine, but let’s first start with Jones.  In my eyes its time to cut him.

 Do you agree?


Is it time to cut ties with Rashad Jones

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  • mcordova933

    lol your mad cuz he didnt block for vontae? ur nit picking now just cause u hate him, he has allowed any big plays as of late so calm down. i thought u were gonna point out something that mattered.

  • Bahamas

    Name one play that Jones has made all year? One sack, or INT or key deflection?
    Nothing comes to mind…review the Chargers game and you can see him doing absolutely nothing. My patience with Jones has come to an end. If he cant make unselfish plays for his teammates than he is becoming more of liability than an asset. The proof is in the game tape….
    if you are seeing something i’m not…educate me

  • mcordova933

    its only his second year hes still developing, unselfish lol omg he missed a block end of the world. Last week he had a sack on rex but jared odricks off sides penalty negated that. Either way who gives a shit about ur patience lol he hasnt given up big plays as of late right? our whole defense was playing like shit early on in the season. you say all year then refer to the chargers game HAHAH. dont get ur panties in a bunch babe over a 2nd yr guy who isnt even started hes splitting with culver. educate u lol, all the writers here are amateurs. also ur little rant articles would be better if they included gifs instead of stills

  • Lespaul

    yeah, it matters….listen, this is a game of inches. this can be the difference between a field goal and a TD.

  • Bahamas

    you are a class act my friend

  • Bahamas

    Ya mon….couldnt agree more. Speaking with someone that understand, and has played the game…makes for an easier conversation

  • EdLacayo

    be patient he still in learnin g mode he can flat out hit he just needs this year wich is a waste of a year to make mistakes if he does this next year then we cut him .. if he goes to the pats n plays well what will you say then i blame it on the coaching

  • Lespaul

    @Bahamas thanx man, lost a close game against Georgia Tech because of a fumble recovery gone bad. One of our LB’s picked it up and ran down inside the twenty before a tackle from behind caused him to cough it up. Point is that tackle shouldn’t have been made if we had been diligent and blocked for him. We could have scored a TD or at least a FG.

  • Lespaul

    @mcordova933 a gif is a still jack hole. Do you mean video files, such wmv or mov??

  • Lespaul

    The only hits he has made have been on guys that have already been tackled. He tends to make cheap shots on receivers away from the ball or after the play. Not a great way to gain respect in the NFL.

  • mcordova933

    @Lespaul@mcordova933 u dont know wut a gif i huh dumbass

  • Lespaul

    @mcordova933 uh, yeah graphical interchange file…work with them everyday. It’s a bitmap dumbass. It’s a ‘still’ image file.