Should the Dolphins win this Sunday?

The Miami Dolphins are going for win number four this week against the Oakland Raiders.  While this might seem harsh coming from a fan talking about his team but wouldn’t it be better for the future if the Dolphins lost.  While I have no doubt that the Dolphins will win this Sunday the real question is should they win this Sunday?

From a players and coaches standpoint you have to win.  Could you even imagine telling Matt Moore who is finally having some success in the NFL  “hey Matt I know that if you do this your probably not going to have a job next year but we need you to lose this game today.”   Or a guy like Jason Taylor who has been a warrior for this team since the mid 90′s “sorry JT I know this might be your last year in the league but we are going to lose the next 4 so we can get a good draft pick.  You understand right?”   Then you have coaches, like Brian Daboll who I think has done a great job with the offense in a short off-season, who will be auditioning for a job with either the next head coach or another NFL team.   I know all the reasons they should win but lets look at why they shouldn’t.

What do we the Fan’s get if they win out?  We end up at .500, miss the playoffs, drop down to 15th or worse in the draft order, and Tony Sparano and Jeff Ireland might keep their jobs.  We can’t have that.   Sure we get that warm fuzzy feeling  when they win  but do you really want to watch them draft another offensive lineman in the first round?  Our Miami Dolphins have become irrelevant and have been for the better part of a decade!  And I for one am sick of it!

Players, coaches even owners come and go but if you’re a fan you’re a fan for life and if you’re a fan you’ll understand my point when I say we have to lose every game for the rest of the season except for the Jets game, and the only reason we win that one is because I HATE those guys!  If we do that we finish 4 and 12 get our pick of quarterback and get our team back to its once winning way’s.  Oh this is awful but I see no choice so guess I’ll say it GO RAIDERS!  I know it’ blasphemy I feel dirty for even having written it but what choice do we have?  O.K. I need to go wash my mouth out with soap!



  • RandyCarlson

    A true Dolphin fan never ever wants to lose against the scum sucking traiders ,I would not take a loss to the traiders for the second coming of MARINO/not ever

  • bill.stowers

    Wow. Not happy with what I just read. I would much rather see are team of underdogs led by matt moore and tony sporano win out and screw up next year then see us try to lose. That is just a descrace.

  • Lespaul

    Tough call, but I see the logic. I hate the raiders. I remember going to a game out in the old mosuleum wearing my new 13 jersey and left with beer, mustard and God knows what all over it. I was clearly in their world, but I would never treat an opposing fan that way. So, F#^%* those guys….I hope the Dolphins crush them. We can always make a deal or trade up for a QB.

  • Berty63

    To suggest the Dolphins should start throwing games is ridiculous. They should trade up for the QB of their choice if they’re midway or worse in the draft order. The Dolphins aren’t that far from being a decent team with gaps that can be addressed by the draft, free agency and trades.