Calling Jeff Fisher

Earlier, I heard an interesting interview recently with Jimmy Johnson, who I still claim taught me more about professional football and management than anyone in my life. In the interview, Jimmy declared that, although Jeff Fisher is a friend, he was somewhat dubious of his coaching record. For instance, Johnson pointed out, Fisher only had 6 winning seasons out of 17 coaching the Oilers/Titans.

That fact is true, however, look at those winning records. Fisher has recorded win totals of 13, 13, 11, 12, 10, and 13. Impressive. Furthermore, he has recorded .500 seasons 5 times, and 7 and 9 seasons twice. So, 13 out of 17 seasons Fisher did as well or better than Tony Sparano, save the flukey 11-5 season in 2008.

There are additional reasons to consider “calling” Jeff Fisher, which i will explore in subsequent posts, but as I listen to more and more team observers call for the next “hot” coordinator, I wonder if this franchise can take that risk at this time in its history. Perhaps it is better to go with a coach who has a track record, (an impressive one in my opinion), has run an organization that went through trying times, (the move from Houston to Nashville) and has been the head and voice of a franchise.

Food for thought.

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  • bill.stowers

    Jeff fisher has always been my favorite coaching candidate for the dolphins. However untill now noone has even mentioned him. I would like cowher or someone completely new. But I would love to have sporano back if it means no greuden. If sporano keeps winning and keeps this team playing like they are I would be ok with him finishing out his contract as our coach next year. Maybe a couple more years to.

  • Lespaul

    You get what you get with Fisher. He is 142-120 and 5-6 in the post season. One lost superbowl. He is very average and not very creative in this days offense minded NFL. Greuden is a self serving prick, but he is a winner and that sometimes has it’s drawbacks. We have been a part of the Sporano experiment for far too long. I really do like the guy though and he deserves much better than a 4-8 season so far. However, if he says and we start out 0-4 next season….then what???

  • drumzan

    Keep Sparano!

    I like Jeff Fisher, but not for the Dolphins. He’s too soft. Look what happened with the whole VY fiasco. Would that have happened with any of the other 31 coaches in the NFL at the time?

  • bill.stowers

    Lespaul I completely agree with your comment about sporano and I worry about that very very much. However I think he has finally got it. And call me crazy but maybe he is a late bloomer who just needed one more year then most to have his system pay off. I think what we have going now is working for a reason. Not just luck. And you do get what you get with fisher. Which is a lot more then what teams get with most coaches. He is no doubt one of the best coaches of the era and I think he would work beutifully with the dolphins.

  • RandyCarlson

    No Fisher he was an ok coach in a weak division, minus (Colts) has problem’s controlling players Coward or bust I could live with Chucky if Coward does not take offer from the Dolphins