Should Dolphins Give Sparano One More Year? Poll

Tomorrow night on we will be discussing the Ton Sparano situation.  I will use this poll as a jumping off point.  Simple question but not such a simple answer.  Vote now and then join us tomorrow night at 8:00 pm eastern as we discuss it.

Should Tony Sparano Retain His Job

  • Depends on the last four games (40%, 203 Votes)
  • Yes - We need to continue this roll (35%, 177 Votes)
  • No - had his shot, time to move on (25%, 126 Votes)

Total Voters: 506

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  • miamifan112

    Personally i feel like the LOCKOUT affected our club more than anything, along with other clubs that have young teams ,TB,CLE,ST.Louis. If your team doesnt have a top 5 or 6 QB . IT HURT !!!. Bottom line is not the coaches job to catch the ball. You cant coach talent , your born with it . Marshall has it , Bush has it .Moore has it….Henne is the biggest bust i ever saw , besides Pat White of course . At best Hennes going 8-8. My bet is Moore already has a better winning % than Henne as a starter. Just guessing though . Moore will take Miami to the playoffs next year (if we Protect him) . I want a RT in the 1st rd or the 2nd and another Fasano …Then more defensive secondary ….Odrick should be real nice next year top 10 end BABY!!!! Our coach knows defense and Rbs not Qbs that much . So i Put alot of the Blame on Ireland here not Sparano . Ive been more happy watching and listening to Sparano coach than anyone since Shula…as a matter of fact if we start over again with a new staff after replacing the OC, DC and and probably about 5 other coaches . Im Following Sparano . Period i love his passion and his fire out there….it has and always will be a QB league….and im out