The Dolphins are winning the crowd, Mr. Ross

In the big screen classic, “Field of Dreams”, an Iowa farmer finds his place in baseball lore when he builds something most others believed was a random schizophrenic episode. In the end the crazy farmer who saw images of grandeur became the porthole provider to a world far beyond our imagination. Enter the The Miami Dolphins, who are giving their fans a glimpse of “What used to be and can be again”, as James Earl Jones so eloquently said in the aforementioned movie.

In fact, The Miami Dolphins have nearly done the impossible. The team has re-energized their fan base with a “Foot on your throat” attitude and are “winning the crowd” as Coach Tony Sparano spoke of before the season began. Winning the crowd isn’t necessarily the byproduct of four wins, but rather the style of football being played, one that models confidence and spirit. The Dolphins have been mostly a confused and impudent offensive football team for over a decade. Except for brief moments of serviceable play from guys like Jay Fiedler and Chad Pennington, quarterback play has been thrust above all else as the criptonite of the franchises attempt at relevance. I’ll say it now, The Miami Dolphins have found their quarterback of the future in Matt Moore and he’s still only 26 years old.

In Matt Moore, the Dolphins now have a quarterback with a Marinoesque like competitive spirit and have found a coach that has been able to rally the troops.  Not since # 13 dawned the Aqua n’ Orange in South Beach have the Dolphins had a quarterback that has both long term upside of greatness along with the ability to win now. In fact, taking it a step further I believe the Dolphins may have one of the better long term quarterback situations in the league because I’m one to believe that rookie quarterback Pat Devlin is a future NFL starting caliber quarterback.

The Dolphins 2011 Draft was exceptional. The front office stayed the course and drafted the best available players, while letting the big board determine their focus. Jeff Ireland found impact blue chip players in Mike Pouncey, Daniel Thomas, Clyde Gates, and Charles “Big Play” Clay. To Miami Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross, I would urge you to follow the advice of Eleanor Roosevelt when she proclaimed, “Every time you meet a situation you think at the time it is an impossibility and you go through the tortures of the damned, once you have met it and lived through it, you find that forever after you are freer than you were before.”

Mr. Ross,  keep Tony Sparano! He is coaching with freedom and has risen from the depths and learned from these challenges. Lets reap the rewards of this learning curve and not hire another “past his prime” media darling coach that will halt our focus and momentum going into the 2012 season. It’s my guarantee that status quo will lead the Miami Dolphins relevance again and the fans will walk back to the orange carpet. The crowd has been won!

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  • psurob26

    This is the first article on the Dolphins that I truly agree with. Part of the ongoing problem over the last decade has been the turnstyle at coach and quarterback. I’m not saying that Matt Moore can have Dan the Mans success but he is serviceable, has an upside with potential growth, and at worst provides a quality gap insurance while a younger qb is given time to mature. Everyone forgets that Tom Brady sat on a bench behind Drew Bledsoe before becoming a starting qb. I also agree that Devlin has the potential to become a nfl starter. I will go even further and say with good coaching he could become an elite qb but that is several years of work away.

    The biggest thing I can say about the coaches is that they are learning and haven’t lost the players on their roster! If you bring in a new head coach after the season you can expect a new Offensive and Defensive Coordinators which will just set both sides of the ball back again. If there is a sure bet coach available then you think about it but I don’t know of a single one out there thats available. There are reasons why ex nfl coaches are ex nfl coaches. They either were fired for a reason or retired for a reason.

  • jtaillie

    I still think Sparano needs to go. Dolphins cannot win with the pressure on, only when there is nothing to play for. Comparing Matt Moore to Dan Marino is absolute lunacy! Matt Moore played one great half season with Carolina, remember? What happened next season? He was the worst QB in NFL with the same roster and got benched for Jimmy Clausen. Give Matt Moore time to be horrible. They still need to draft a QB, because there is greater than a 50% chance that Matt Moore reverts back to the pick machine he was at Carolina. Playing well for a few weeks with nothing on the line doesn’t mean anything to me. I want to see Sparano coach and Matt Moore play at the beginning of the season when there is pressure on to make the playoffs. When the pressure is on, Dolphins kick FGs. Watching Sparano clap like a fat bobble head doll to Carpenters 30 yd FGs is too much for me to bear anymore. I do agree with you though that the Dolphins had an excellent draft, and Nolan has got those guys balling on D. Better keep him around.

  • Andrew Watson

    @jtaillie I get it, the Dolphins have been a great source of frustration to their fans for many years, and yes, that does include the Marino era. I certainly understand your position and its hard to tap in to the Dolphins bank of trust when so much has gone wrong with the franchise for the past decade. But, I beg to ask, when was the last time that you can remember that the Dolphins for a 4-5 week period played this style of football on Offense? In my 36 years as a fan and skeptic, I can only remember one season (1984) when the Dolphins blew out their opponents for a stretch of games (Dallas game exception). In fact, typically when the Dolphins have won it has been with the field goal frenzy. I am saying that it seems that maybe Coach Sparano has changed his coaching style and this growth is producing wins. Maybe I’m being too optimistic but perhaps not.

  • Andrew Watson

    @psurob26 I think we are on the same page. I must be clear about one thing though. I did not share this opinion even a month ago and had jumped ship. I have been very cynical and pessimistic about the Dolphins direction. In the last few weeks I have realized two things. 1. Tony Sparano has more class and character on one finger than I do in my entire body. 2. Talent isn’t always the main factor in winning as I truly believe this team has discovered a real sense of team for the first time in many years. At the end of these games the last month or so I find myself not really caring about the final score, rather I’ve been inspired by the fever these guys are playing with. Its fun to watch the Dolphins again. I only hope this isn’t an aberration.

  • cdwhnj

    I doubt anyone with influence over what the Dolphins front office does will read this but I for one would love to see the last 3 games of the season be a mini-audition for Pat Devlin. I do not think it will take years of development to make him an NFL caliber QB. He SHOULD HAVE BEEN the Penn State starting QB and WAS Delaware’s starting QB that took the Blue Hens to the championship game and almost won it. That’s the same system that produced Flacco and I truly believe the Dolphins are stupid if they do not find out what they have in Devlin before they mortgage the franchise to get a top-prospect that as we’ve learned time and time again is just as likely to flame out. Come on Dolphins, give the kids a bona-fide chance to prove he’s worth developing and save the millions for a stud offensive lineman for the right side.