The NFL owes us an Apology

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Just so everyone is clear let’s go through the reasons why they should apologize.  First the Players; I understand you got locked out of your plush work-out facilities.  You didn’t have access to your strength and conditioning trainers and that caused some of you to come in out of shape.  That’s the owners fault.  But wait a minuet.  I was just looking at the salaries for the Dolphins.  Guys like Jerod Mastrud, Marlon Moore and Roberto Wallace make $405,000 a season!  Don’t tell me you can’t afford a membership at the Y.M.C.A.!  You guys have been working out since high school and now you can’t figure out how to lift a weight without someone there to show you how it’s done.  And to the best defensive backs in the league, how about running a few laps instead of running your mouth about how great you are!  Maybe if you had run a few wind sprints you could have spent more time on the field and less time on the bench with cramps and pulled hamstrings.  To the rest of the fat bodies who showed up overweight, two words, “JENNY CRAIG!”  Did you really think you could eat anything you wanted and then magically “POP” back into shape once you got to training camp.  Lastly to all the players of the NFL, you gentlemen should be ashamed of yourselves!  Instead of taking care of your business in the off season, you chose to slack off.  Now coaches will be fired because of it and we the fans are stuck watching it.

To the Owners; the lockout was awful and it was all about money on both sides but what’s worse is you kept injured players away from trainers and rehabilitation staff.  The fact that we get to watch Payton Manning in street clothes every Sunday should tell you just how bad an idea that was.  An NFL player’s time in the league is very short and your actions may have ended the careers of more than a few of those players!  Players who might have made a difference if they had gotten the help they needed to make a full recovery.  To Roger Goodell, the 32 owners and even Mr. DeMaurice Smith, you’re not players.  You’re not who we come to see.  You have never had to walk into your office and worry about a career ending injury.  There should have been some concessions made about players and training staff being able to work together.  The NFL is a 12 month job.  You just took almost 5 months away from that, and now the product on the field is lacking because of it.  With the season coming to a close, Jack Del Rio is only the first of many coaches who will lose their jobs, as well they probably should, but I just can’t help but wonder what their season might have looked like without the lock out?

Finally to the Coaches, General Managers and Training staff; although I think you are the least at fault, your inability to prepare your team in a 6 week training camp wasn’t good enough.  You men are supposed to be the pinnacle of what football people should be.  You are the leaders of men.  If your players aren’t in shape, it’s your fault and if they don’t understand their playbook, it is your job to make sure they do!  If you failed you have no one to turn to but yourself.  If you are to lose your job you have no one to blame but yourselves.  Owners and fans will except only wins and nothing less.  Is it harsh?  Yes.  But you understood this when you took the job.

To the Fans; I know you won’t hear this from the NFL so I’ll say it for them. I’m sorry you had to sit through this season.  Even if your team is winning you know they could have been better without the lockout.  I’m sorry to the season ticket holders and to the people who bought the Directv Sunday Ticket.  I’m sorry you spent your hard earned money on an inferior product.

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