By: Sol Ridgeway

Dolphins Fans Are Placing Trust in Tony Sparano?

Around the internet Miami Dolphins fans have been voting whether to give Tony Sparano another year as head coach of the Dolphins. In every poll I have seen the answer of “yes” is winning. On ESPN’s Coach Approval Rankings, Sparano had been on a steady incline since the winning streak happened in week 8. So did the entire Dolphins Nation forget the reasons we were going to throw him into the Atlantic? Let me be the buzz kill and remind you.

1. The fist pumping and celebrations after a field goal. A FIELD GOAL!!
2. Having an awful offensive line scheme, when that it his specialty.
3. Collecting Dallas Cowboys rejects.
4. Inability to win close games.
5. Can’t score Touchdowns.
6. Can’t seem to use his players effectively.

Some of these issues after 3 ½ seasons are now seeming to be fixed, but let me compare it to another coach that we all are familiar with, Jim Harbaugh. We are able to look at his coaching to show why Sparano must go.

1. Took a team with less talent than the Dolphins and made them a force to be reckoned with.
2. Found a way to make Teddy Ginn Jr. useful. Where Sparano couldn’t.
3. Turned Alex Smith, one of the worst QB’s in the league, into a superstar with a 94.9 QB Rating.
4. Did all this with less time, than Sparano has had with his team, this off-season.

The only thing I can compare to the two coaches is that neither can find the end zone in the red zone.

Tony Sparano is just another Miami Dolphins Coach that has flopped. The biggest issue I see with this situation is that we do not have a team on our schedule that we can really judge how good the Dolphins are. I think that we are on such a high from actually winning that we forgot that we had one of the easiest schedules in football and will have to win-out just to not have a losing season.

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  • ranadicus

    1. The talent level of any team is subjective and can be easily debated. That having been said, Frank Gore, Vernon Davis, Mike Lupati, Patrick Willis, Carlos Rogers, Navarro Bowman, Braylen Edwards, Michael Crabtree, Aldon Smith and Dante Whitner might disagree with you.

    2. Outside of one game with a couple of returns touchdowns when has Ginn been useful this season? He had 94 catches in two seasons under Sparano and has 16 catches in 12 games under Harbough. Yeah he has two return touchdowns this year but he got Sparano two as well. If anything Sparano wins this matchup easily given Ginn was actually semi-useful as a receiver with Sparano.

    3. The niners have the league’s 28th ranked passing offense, the Miami Dolphins have the league’s 23rd ranked passing offense. You could just as easily make that claim about Sparano and Moore (87.6 rating). Let’s not forget Alex Smith was a first-overall pick and has 62 starts while Moore was undrafted and has 15.

    4. How did Harbaugh have “less time” with his team this off-season? Nobody had any time with their team this off-season.

  • Solphins

    1. You could do that with any team in the league. You can name off more stars on the Dolphins that are better.
    2. What I was saying is that he uses him in the right situations, he isn’t used as often as the Dolphins used him, but when he is used, he’s a game changer. Some coaches know how to use their players and get the best out of what they can give. Sparano is not one of those coaches.
    3. My point on this will come a little later, and I agree with you completely, it’s not always the qb, like Payton Manning, it’s the coach, like Alex Smith.
    4. Harbough had a lot of contract signing and administrative things hat had to be done that could not get done until the agreement was met. Sparano still had to do some, but not as much since he wasn’t a first time head coach.

  • redteg02

    I’ve got to disagree as well. How is your number 1 reason the fist thrust? You lost me right there. It is either a joke or makes the argument seem petty. And I can’t be certain, but I don’t remember seeing the trust in weeks now. Moving on to real substance, the talk is that Sparano has made major changes in his philosophies that occurred right about when they started winning. The Raiders, a division leader, was a pretty good measuring stick and all the Dolphins did was dismantle them. I think the real measure will be against the Patriots and the Jets, especially if the Jets game is a win and in situation for them.

    To compare Sparano and Harbaugh is a bit misleading to me. First, if Miami played in the NFC west they would be leading the division. Look at the competition. The Rams are pathetic, the Cardinal are so-so at best and the Seahawks can only play at home. Second, Harbaugh has such a small sampling size you can’t declare him a great coach yet. In Sparano’s first year they won the division, a much tougher division, with less talent. And as far as Ted Ginn is concerned, While in Miami he had to live up to being the 9th overall pick to be successful. Sure it would have been nice to have him return kicks and catch a dozen balls a year, but fans were rabid for his blood if he couldn’t be a #1 WR. My best friend is a niners fan and he still complains about Ginn’s lack of hand and inability as a WR.

    Sparano has made some good strides this year. He coaching staff seems to be solid, especially Nolan, but Daboll is doing a darn good job on Offense as well. And I’m not sure if I want to bring in a new coach with new schemes and philosophies if Tony really has figured it out. I could site coaches like Belichick and Landry as reasons why giving Sparano a chance is a good idea, but the best reason is that this team is finally coming together and playing up to their potential. If it keeps up there is no reason to dismantle it now and start over. If the team goes back to its old ways once it runs into rival NE and NYJ, then by all means make arguments for his dismissal, but if this team can keep it up Sparano should stay.

  • Solphins

    You make some valid points, and I agree with you on all of it. The way I am looking at this is a prediction and the things that still bother me and the things that still shouldn’t be overlooked just because he is winning some games.

    The fist pumping was not a joke. We settled for field goals way too often and when we kicked one, Sparano was always celebrating like it was the forth of July.

    Again I said that some of the things are being fixed, but it is kind of a mute point at this time. When he can not win a close game, and he kills momentum when he gets in the red zone I can’t believe that these things are being overlooked.

    Even in the Dan Marino years we had to settle for a team that we would make the play-offs, but didn’t expect the Superbowl. I am sick of being that team when you make the play-offs teams want to play you. I want to be the team that people say “are you kidding me, we have to play the Dolphins? That sucks.” we are not going to get that with Sparano. If he blows out the Patriots and Jets, then I will retract my words, but those games will be close and he will blow it, and you will see that the play calls in the red zone and at the critical moments is what will lose it for us.

    Comparing Harbough and Sparano is because a lot of people have been saying that maybe it was the lock-out, but he had it too. And he has played the AFC north.

    We will see today.

  • redteg02

    @Solphins After today (games not over, but it certainly looks like it) Matt Moore showed that he is not the answer. He could be a decent stop gag or backup, but he is not the future. This team really need to find some talent, a difference maker, at the QB spot.

    The loss definitely hurts Sparano’s chance of coming back. I would love to have the Dolphins feared, but am getting real tired of next year this, or next coach that. If they do get rid of Sparano I hope Ireland stays. The talent turn around since the 1-15 season is the most noticeable thing on this Dolphins team.

  • kidflash112

    @Solphins@ranadicus Finally someone who has not been fooled by a 4 game win streak against beatup teams .look sparano is a 8-8 coach thats it right now he is fighting hard to not play conservative which is his nature,also ppl say team is playing hard to keep sparano i beg to differ Sparano was on hot seat from day 1 so explain why team lost first 7 ,I beleive we owe the win streak to reggie bush who did what a vet does and started showing heart then Moore stepped up then the team followed it had nothing to do with Sparano.

    we lost today and if we lose again everyone will call for his head again .so lets not fool ourselves Sparano is gone…