Dolphins Could Target Robert Griffin III.

I am not a fan of running quarterbacks. I would rather have someone consistent in the pocket; improve over the years; and not just get slower. On the other hand, pairing Robert Griffin III with someone like Reggie Bush is too intriguing to pass up.

The Dolphins will have to trade up to get Griffin, so what do the Dolphins have? The Dolphins can trade some draft picks, but I don’t think they need to lose too many picks. The Dolphins have a 3 of a kind at wide receiver and I think it is time to trade one of them. My pick would be Devon Bess. How much does Bess get you? Only the Rams could really use him, and they hold the 2nd overall pick in the draft. Getting the 2nd pick in the draft would be great and assure that the Dolphins get Griffin. The Dolphins 9th pick and Bess would not be enough, but adding a 3rd round pick might change their minds. That would leave the Dolphins with their second pick to pick up a safety or a right tackle and fill some more gaps in the later rounds.

The number of free agents has never been as high as the group leading into the 2012 season, so replacing Bess with a field stretching wide-out won’t be hard to find. Also, adding another pick won’t be too detrimental if the Rams don’t like the offer. This would also open up money for some proven free agents.

If the Dolphins get Griffin, then the prospect of getting a coach that has used players with his abilities becomes a must. This is where Les Miles from LSU would be a great addition to the team. Miles has taken a team with a great defense and led it with the same style quarterback, with half the talent of Griffin, to be the best team in the BCS. If Les Miles doesn’t come to Miami then getting the Offensive coordinator of the Carolina Panthers, Rob Chudzinski, would be my second pick. Chudzinski has proven to be able to take this style to the next level, by making Cam Newton a superstar.

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  • RandyCarlson

    Not only no,but hell no

    tall skinny running back with a qb number does not work (take a look at Vick)you may get a couple of good games out of his legs until all the hits catch up then he will become a pick six machine.Dolphins need a pocket qb that can read defenses and get rid of the ball in a three second window.

  • DavidHargress

    @dolphinsbuzztap As a long time Dolphins Fan…Please get RG3 !

  • redteg02

    I’ve got to go no on the idea to trade Bess. Why would you trade a slot man in hopes of getting a field stretching WR to replace him? This isn’t Madden. Bess would help any young QB coming in with his great hands and underneath route running. Not to mention, I just got my Bess jersey this year.

    Why stop at the #2 spot? If we are going to move up go for broke and get that #1 slot. RGBIII looks good, but he does worry me. Newton is able to do a lot running and is less of an injury risk because of his huge frame (3 inches and almost 30 pounds heavier). The next problem is that you not only need Griffin, but a second QB with similar skill set. What would Denver do if Tebow went down injured, try and run a traditional offense that they don’t practice or ask a non mobile QB to run the option? Not that Griffin would be as bad as Tebow, but even the Eagles struggle when Vick is down becuase his backup plays a completely different style. I’m sorry to say, but it is looking like Miami will have to wait another year to get that 1st round QB. This draft class just didn’t shake out the way many had hopped.

  • Phinphanatic

    Count me in the “No To RGIII” group as well. I want a traditional pocket passer who can move around if need be, not another pull the ball down and run. To me, RGIII is much better version of Pat White than a shorter version of Cam Newton. No thanks. Don’t move up for him PLEASE!

  • redteg02

    @irelandjeff Either this is great satire from someone whom doesn’t like Ireland or a Jets fan. Blasting the team and then the fans? Really? I don’t think any of us would mind having a franchise QB, but get real. Orton, Kolb and Hasselback? Orton was cut by the Bronco’s. CUT. Last I checked franchise guys don’t get cut midway through the season. (just as a side note, I don’t hate Orton, but I’m glad we didn’t give up any picks for him). Kolb has been out played by a guy named Skelton (who?). And Hasselback started off strong before remembering that he has a host of injury problems and is only a year or so away from retirement.

    The problem with this franchise is that it lacks stability right now. The best thing a big name coach would bring is the illusion of stability (possibly real stability, but that isn’t guaranteed). The best thing about a 1st round QB is that it shows a move toward stability. That said, I don’t want this franchise to draft a QB in the 1st round just for the hell of it. Want to set a franchise back years, miss on a 1st round QB. If they find someone who is worth it or could trade up for Luck (not a guarantee and there are at least 3 other teams who would also die to have Luck) then go for it. If not don’t waste the pick and draft the most talented player on the board. I’m as tired as the next guy waiting for next year (always waiting for next year), but the Fins do seem headed in the right direction. The talent is starting to get there (aside from a QB, FS and some linemen the roster is strong).

  • mcordova933

    we already made that mistake with wes welker

  • RoeBlount

    RG3 is a pocket QB idiots, Have any of watched him play? Do any of you watch football? This man won at Baylor with almost no help we need him. Leave it to you clowns and the franchise will never get better. RG3 would take us to the playoffs and beyond, 6’2 220… The same size as Aaron Rodgers and Steve Young. He’s accurate, intelligent, plus he has the speed to run (olympic) speed if he wants to run. You all know nothing about what’s good for the team because if you did you’d know RG3 is what we need.

  • RoeBlount

    RG3 is a pocket QB idiots, Have any of watched him play? Do any of you watch football? This man won at Baylor with almost no help we need him. Leave it to you clowns and the franchise will never get better. RG3 would take us to the playoffs and beyond, 6’2 220… The same size as Aaron Rodgers and Steve Young. He’s accurate, intelligent, plus he has the speed to run (olympic speed) if he wants to run. You all know nothing about what’s good for the team because if you did you’d know RG3 is what we need.

  • bill.stowers

    I like the idea but not the player. If we trade one of are recievers I think it should be brian hartline. he is definately a solid guy but he seems to be the most expendible of the 3. I think it would be a huge mistake to let bess go. The rams have a horrible offensive line. Howabout we trade our first round pick , brian hartline, and vernon carrey? That way we can save that pick to draft a real offensive lineman.

  • stevehoffart

    Anyone wondering how realistic it would be for the Rams to think about trading Bradford if end up with the 1st overall pick? I’m putting myself in the Rams shoes and thinking that after two years of Bradford and still with the 1st overall pick, plus Luck is more heralded than Bradford was, that going forward with Luck as the franchise QB might be better. I would be happy to have Bradford if the Rams went that way.

  • redteg02

    @RoeBlount Pocket QB’s run the ball 150 or so times in a 12 game season? That is just less than how many times Bush carries the rock. A QB like that is either going to have to run less, learn (very quickly) how to avoid the punishment NFL defenders are going to want to put on him, or get used to playing a partial season. Griffin is probably best compared to Vick, both in size and ability (granted Griffin has 2 inches on Vick, but only 5 lbs). How many times has Vick finished a full season? Once. As noted earlier, for this reason you need a back up quarterback with similar ability to run 1 offense incase of injury. Is this kid really so good and such a sure thing that he is a)worth the picks and/or players it will cost to move up to get him and b)worth the investment to completely change the offense to suit his skills.

    If Griffin fell to us should we pick him? Probably. Should Miami trade up, which will probably cost quite a bit (there are other teams out there who will be interested), for him? In my opinion no. I do wonder though Roe, who are you GM for because you speak with such authority and are obviously so much smarter than the average fan?

  • RoeBlount

    @redteg02 Vick is 195 or200 lbs at best. Griffin stands in and faces the pressure to deliver the pass. Miami should trade up for him, he’s got the intelligence,the skills and the intangibles. He’s thrown for over 10,000 yards 77 TD’S and 17 int’s. He’s got the goods. And I’m not a gm but I played and I’ve coached and trained. I know football, I eat breath and sleep football.

  • RoeBlount

    @bill.stowers I totally agree

  • RoeBlount

    @stevehoffart they won’t do that he’s the last big money QB they won’t lose that investment.

  • redteg02

    @RoeBlount There is a list of players with similar or better stats that failed horribly in the NFL (see Matt Leinart). Heck Case Keenum has passed for over 18,000 yards and 150 TD’s. His INT’s are a bit higher (46). That’s just it though, they are only College stats. QB is the hardest position on the field to evaluate and to say, well look at him play in college, of course he will be a good pro. The risk vs. reward just doesn’t make sense to me unless he falls to us or the asking price for the pick is lower than 2 firsts. That doesn’t seem likely since it should cost 2 firsts and a second or so (according to the standard value of picks). To move up one more spot (assuming the team would be willing to make the trade) would cost about another 2nd. If Miami is going to move up I think it makes sense to pay another 2nd and get the QB that everyone (or at least most people) would say is the surest thing in over a decade.

  • redteg02

    @irelandjeff 1st round QB. Do you just glance at things and react or is there something other than childish putdowns going through that head of yours? A miss on a 1st round QB probably won’t be as bad as it once was, due to less of a financial investment, but they are still going to give the guy at least 3 years to see if they can actually do anything. The guy flops and you are right back where you were 3 years ago. To use something you’ve been harping on, Henne is actually a good example of that and wasn’t even first rounder, let alone high 1st.

    What I don’t understand is what you are contributing to any discussions about dolphin football with all of your stupid this, idiot that. Your comments are childish and make you seem like you are either mentally challenged or a back wood hick. Guess I can’t blame you though, one is genetic and the other is geographic. It must be tough going through life with diminished intellect.

  • stevehoffart

    @RoeBlount Another reason they may rather part with Bradford. If the Phins were willing to take on his big contract the price may be even less.

  • Lespaul

    I watched RG play most of his games at Baylor and he definitely can play at the nex level. The notion that he lacks intelligence is absurd….he is underrated and far better than most realize. I remember the same lame comments about Andy Dalton and Cam Newton. Someone will pick him up and get themselves a good QB.