What The Heck Was Going on in the Pats Game?

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The Dolphins loss to the Patriots 27-24 summed up emotions for this season all in one game — frustration!  The Dolphins went up 17-0 at halftime.  They dominated, I mean really dominated the Patriots in the first half.  Dominated them to the point where the New England fans booed Mr. Wonderful, Tom Brady, off the field at halftime — by the way, a classless act.

At one point in the first half, Brady only completed 3 out of 12 passes and had been sacked 3 times.  I was pumped seeing Brady sacked, shaken, and stirred.  Wes Welker was even dropping passes.  And, New England could not run the ball worth a damn.  On offense, the Dolphins moved the ball well with Reggie Bush and Matt Moore looking like world beaters.

However, in the second half, a different New England team showed up … and … a different Dolphins team showed up.  I wound up screaming at the TV wondering “what the heck was going on?”

Here are some thoughts that really drove me nuts in that game:

1).  Where in the heck was Paul Soliai when Tom Brady QB was sneaking for two TDs and three first downs?  The Dolphins are paying this guy $12.38 million this year to play NT and stop plays like this.  Was he taking a break to eat a six pack of tacos — on or off the field?  Believe it or not, Drew Brees only received $7.4 million this year.  Soliai isn’t even worth $1.2 million in my book!

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