What The Heck Was Going on in the Pats Game?

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2).  Did you see Brian Waters, Pats’ Offensive RG, blow Dolphins’ Tony McDaniel off the ball and pancake him on his keister in the endzone when Brady sneaked for his first TD?  What in the heck was Jeff Ireland thinking when he did not pick up Waters off the waiver wire earlier in the season?  If we had Waters at RG and Carey at RT, the whole season might have turned out differently with less sacks and more rushing yards.  If Ireland stays in 2012, he should not be allowed to pick up any former Cowboys (like Marc “please go ahead and sack my QB” Columbo).

3).  What in the heck was Kevin Burnett doing covering Wes Welker one-on-one 40 yards down the field?  That was easy pickings for Tom Brady.  Who screwed up on that one?  Whoever or whatever needs to be fixed.

4).  What the heck, has Brandon Marshall forgot how to catch a football?  He’s got more drops this year than any other player in the NFL.  Seems like he would even drop a baby if given to him.  Maybe, Brian Hartline should teach Marshall how to catch the ball again.  I don’t think Marshall has been worth the two second round draft picks the Dolphins paid for him.  I think Miami should quit depending on him and just trade him.  Hartline has really come on in the last couple of games.

5).  What in the heck is with all these offensive timeouts to prevent a delay of game penalty?  Does Brian Daboll not know that he is an Offensive COORDINATOR?  This means he is suppose to coordinate the offense and make sure the right guys are in the game for the play being called … and … get the damn play communicated to the QB in a timely manner.  I think Daboll should focus more on coordinating in 2012 (maybe from the press box) and bring in Chad Pennington to coach the QBs and call the plays.  Chad knows the importance of timely getting the play communicated to the QB.

6).  Where in the heck was Jason Taylor in the second half?  He was a beast in the first half and then seemed hardly even on the field in the second half.  Was he injured?  Tired?  Checking in with retirement home availability?  Or, was his absence purposeful?  I would have liked to see him get a couple more sacks on Brady!

7).  On the positive side, what in the heck has gotten into Devonne Bess?  Hasn’t he looked great lately returning punts?  I sure hope this keeps up in 2012!

Sorry for the rant!  But, heading into 2012, this game said a lot to the new Head Coach.  It identifies many things that must be fixed.  These seven things are the kind of stuff that drives Dolphans crazy and results in losses.

What do you think?


I hope all my readers had a Merry Christmas — except for the unnecessary loss to the Pats.  I want to wish you all a healthy, prosperous, and Phintastic New Year.


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