Long And Marshall Going To Pro Bowl

It has been announced that two Dolphins will make it to the Pro Bowl this year, this of course is before the injured and the Superbowl players back out.

Jake Long: I love to see Long on the ballot. I will admit, I’m a little biased due to my wife going to high school with him, in turn making her a Dolphins fan, but sadly, I also have to admit, I don’t think he deserved it. This has been noticeably the worst season he has ever had. He fought injury after injury to the point that Dolphins fans are looking to trade him, and it showed in his play.

Brandon Marshall: Not his best season either, but not his worst. He is a 1,000 yard receiver this year, and going only off his numbers he has been a great wide receiver this year. When you fracture in the dropped passes in the endzones and in key critical moments in the games, I don’t think this should have been his year. We didn’t see the drive in him that we saw last year. No hard blocks, no reliability, and noticeably no emotion.

This has shown me that leaving the voting to the people doesn’t always get the players that deserve it, but the players that people know by reputation. The old system use to work and the players that earned it got it. Stating how many times someone made it to the Pro Bowl was a badge of honor, now it has became the next American Idol.

Let me know who you think should have made it or if these two really deserve it.

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  • Lespaul

    Hard to play hurt…especially as a lineman. LT is the most important position on the line next the center. They should think twice about trading long until they have a solid backup.

  • Southbeach

    The only Phin I have on the team is Cam Wake, who is having a great year. He is rated the #! OLB in the NFL by NFL and PFF but does not have the sexy stat numbers.

    I had Vincent Jackson in and Marshall out. A Pro Bowl WR does NOT drop 7 TD’s.

    No way does Long belong on this year’s team.

  • http://Solphins.com Solphins

    @Lespaul I never said I would want to trade him. I’m one of those guys who say he is too much of a leader to give up. That would be like trading Ray Lewis in his third year.

  • Lespaul

    @Solphins yup, I agree….this really is the first year he has had such a weak performance and that could be attributed to playing hurt.