Mike Mularkey Joins Jacksonville - Sparano To Jets?

The Miami Dolphins have one less head coach to hire and many Miami Dolphins fans are dancing. Mike Mularkey, the 2006 Dolphins OC has been hired to be the next HC of the Jacksonville Jaguars. Mularkey was not going to be a fan favorite in Miami.

The news means that they will have to continue interviewing replacements for the departed Tony Sparano. The Dolphins are one of four remaining teams looking for an HC after the Oakland Raiders fired HC Hugh Jackson this afternoon. Miami is still in the thick of the Jeff Fisher tournament and it’s becoming a toss up as to who he will work for moving forward. A decision is expected tomorrow.

Speaking of Tony Sparano, Brian Schottenheimer of the NY Jets has stepped down as OC and reports out of NY state that Sparano will replace him as the Jets offensive play caller. Sparano won all but one of his matches against the NYJ’s. He will join Rex Ryan and face his old team twice a year.

The Dolphins are continuing their interview process for a new HC but with Jeff Fisher holding his own court, the Dolphins as well as the Rams are in a holding pattern as they await word. For now, the Dolphins fan base can breath a sigh of relief that Mike Mularkey will not be one of those candidates.

In other news, the Dolphins will likely not be looking towards Green Bay OC Joe Philbin as a candidate for their HC job. Philbins’ son Mike was found dead after falling through ice is Oshkosh, WI. Our prayers go out to his family in this time of need. It’s likely that Philbin will no longer push forward on his attempt to coach as an HC this season although that is only my personal expectation, instead, he should likely finish out the season in GB and turn his attention to his family which he is doing now.

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  • seahawk1906

    @dolphinsbuzztap who do you see us drafting?

  • bill.stowers

    Wow. The raiders organization is a bunch of idiots. They have so much talent but they screw it up. I actually think al davis’es death was a blessing for the raiders. Now they need a few more to go. However how can u expect your team to do anything after a having a new coach every year. Tom cable brought the raiders to an 8-8 season his second year. That’s the best they have done in almost 10 years. They fire him. They bring in Hue jackson, after 1 year they fire him too. That’s rediculus. I’m not a raiders fan so I could be missing something but it sounds like they are just trying to lose. But yet noone calls em out on this.

  • RandyCarlson


    It’s called karma