Dolphins 2011 Season Stats — Team Offense

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Now that the regular season has been completed, I thought I would start the off-season by examining the Dolphins 2011 Season Stats. The intent is to point out the areas of strengths and weaknesses to indicate where the Dolphins should focus in the draft and free agency.

In my article last week, I took a look at the Dolphins’ Team Defense Statistics.  In this article, I will look at Team Offense Statistics.

It should be noted that I will focus on team rank statistics, rather than raw statistics. This allows the Dolphins to be compared relatively with other NFL teams.

Team Offense

Points Per Game — 20th
Total Yards — 22nd
Penalties — 4th least
Fumbles Lost — 1st (tie)

Rushing Yards — 11th
Rushing Attempts — 6th
Yards per Rushing Attempt — 15th

Passing Yards — 23rd
Passing Attempts — 28th (tie)
Passing Completion Percentage — 18th
Yards per Passing Attempt — 14th
Sacks Given Up — 3rd
Interceptions Thrown — 22nd (tie)

Total First Downs — 19th
Passing First Downs — 23rd
Rushing First Downs — 20th (tie)
First Downs by Penalty — 7th (tie)
Third Down Percentage — 26th
Fourth Down Percentage — 19th (tie)

The Miami Dolphins Defense gave up the 6th least amount of points.  Yet, the offense scored only the 20th amount of points and the 22nd most yards.  Overall, the offense is generally ranked in the bottom third of the NFL.  This weakness is reason why the Dolphins are picking 8th/9th in the 2012 NFL Draft.

Note:  It is beyond me why some mock drafts have the Dolphins picking a defensive player in the first round.  They need to pick on offensive player to bolster its weak offense.  Similarly, it is beyond me why the Dolphins are focusing on a defensive minded coach, Jeff Fisher, when it is the offense that needs the most help.  The defense does not need any help — the Dolphins should keep Mike Nolan, whoever is selected as head coach.

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