Dolphins 2011 Season Stats — Team Offense

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Looking at the running game, the Dolphins ranked in the top third of the NFL in overall yardage.  However, the Dolphins ran the ball more than 26 other NFL teams.  And, they were only average in rushing attempt plus poor on third and fourth down percentage.  So, despite the dynamic runs of Reggie Bush, the running game needs improvement.  I think this will improve with a healthy Daniel Thomas.  But, the the stats point toward the offensive line needing help.  Also, it seems the Dolphins missed Mr. Automatic, Lou Polite.

Looking at the passing game, only three teams passed the ball less than the Dolphins — two were playoff teams Denver and Houston (who ranked 6th and 8th in yards per rushing attempt).  The Dolphins were in the middle of the pack when it came to completion percentage, yards per attempt, and number of interceptions per attempt.  But, the Dolphins were ranked third in the number of sacks given up.  This again points toward the offensive line needing help.

It is worth noting that only three teams committed a lower number of penalties than the Dolphins.  That is the good news.  The bad news is the Dolphins’ offense was tied for the most number of fumbles lost — a total of 13 including two by QBs and three by receivers.

So, with all the talk last off-season about having a more dynamic offense, the Dolphins still focused more on running the ball.  What is inexcusable is we had a head coach, who was a former offensive line coach, that did not focus on having a good offensive line.  That would have been my reason for firing Tony Sparano.

Therefore, I think the draft clearly needs to focus on the offensive line — sorry Dolphans.  Picking up an offensive guard and offensive tackle in the first and third round of the 2012 NFL Draft (not necessarily respectively) would significantly improve this Miami Dolphins team(Picking up one in the draft and one in free agency would do the same.)  With all the fans and media clammering for a franchise QB, remember that Dan Marino succeeded because he had a good offensive line — he was given the time to succeed.  Don Shula knew the importance of a good offensive line.


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