Fisher Chooses Rams ... Dolphins Should Choose Offensive Mind

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One of the leading candidates is Mike Zimmer.  He is the current Defensive Coordinator of the Bengals.  Before that, he was a Defensive Coordinator of the Falcons.  And, before that, he was a Defensive Coordinator of the Cowboys with … you know … Bill Parcels.  He is another defensive minded coach.  Plus, he has that infamous Parcells/Ireland/Sparano connection with Dallas.  I say not only no, but hell no, to Mike Zimmer.

Along similar lines, there are rumors about the possibility of Wade Phillips being interviewed for the Head Coach of the Dolphins.  Phillips is currently the Defensive Coordinator of the Texans.  Before that, he was the Defensive Coordinator and Head Coach of the … wait for it … the Dallas Cowboys.  I say not only no, but hell no, to Wade Phillips.

What is going on here?  Why are the Dolphins bringing in Defensive Coordinators to interview for Head Coach?  Why are the Dolphins looking to the Dallas Cowboys for their Head Coach?

Mr. Ross, please tell Jeff Ireland to stop bringing in Defensive Coordinators for interviews.  The Dolphins already have a defensive mind on the payroll.  He is one of the best.  The players like him.  They are playing great for him and his 3-4 scheme.  The Dolphins need an offensive mind at Head Coach.  One to compliment and work with Mike Nolan.  That should be in the “Help Wanted” ad.

Furthermore Mr. Ross, please tell Jeff Ireland that under no terms will you hire a Head Coach who has ever played, coached, or even carried a water bucket for the Dallas Cowboys.  We have been there and done that!  Fans are tired of the Cowboy connection.  In fact, please tell Jeff Ireland that he needs to stop picking up acorns from Dallas (like Marc Columbo) or ones that have ever been picked up by a squirrel and carried out of Dallas to another city.  We have been there and also done that!  Fans are real tired of that Cowboy connection too.

Okay!  So, who else has interviewed for the job?

Another candidate is Dave Toub — by the way, he is actually a candidate for Head Coach.  Who is this guy?  Well, he was the Strength and Conditioning Coach at the University of Texas at El Paso from 1987 to 1988.  Then, he was the Strength and Conditioning Coach at the University of Missouri from 1989 to 1998 — ten years.  Then, he was promoted to the Defensive Line Coach at the same school from 1998 to 2000 — defense again!  Then, he jumped to the NFL to be the Quality Control Coach for the Eagles from 2001 to 2003.  (As a special note here, do you know who is the current Quality Control Coach for the Dolphins … believe it or not … it is Tony Sparano, Jr.)  Finally, Troub became the Special Teams Coach for the Bears from 2004 to the present.  Boy, what an impressive resume!  He will really fill the seats with excited fans.  I say not only no, but hell no, to Dave Toub.

What is really going on here?

Look, I understand that the Dolphins interviewed Joe Philbin.  He is currently the Offensive Coordinator with the Packers.  Okay, now this is heading in the right direction.  If I were interviewing Philbin, my first question would have been … what do you think of Mike Nolan?  My second question would have been … can you work with him?  My third question would have been … will you keep in on the staff?  If the answer to any of these question would have been NO, the interview would have been over and I would have moved to the next Offensive Coordinator.

Sorry for going off on a rant here, but I am starting to lose faith in Mr. Ross and Jeff Ireland … that they are able to actually choose a good candidate to coach the Miami Dolphins.  I hope the coming week will see many current Offensive Coordinators and/or former Head Coaches with offensive minds coming in for interviews.  The Dolphins desperately need to focus here on … well … need!

Personally, I am with those who have suggested Marty Schottenheimer.  I know … he seems older than beach sand at 68 years old.  But, can you believe this guy got fired from his last head coaching gig with the Chargers after a 14-2 season in 2006.  What have the Chargers done since?  Not much!  Boy, wouldn’t 14-2 look good in the AFC East?  Wouldn’t 14-2 fill the seats in Sun Life Stadium with excited fans?

I know Marty Schottenheimer would only be a short term solution because of his age.  But, hire him along with a good Offensive Coordinator with head coaching aspirations.  Also, hire a QB Coach with Offensive Coordinator aspirations and a DB Coach with Defensive Coordinator aspirations.  Let Marty Schottenheimer and Mike Nolan teach these underlings the NFL ropes for a long term successful organization with continuity by training and promoting from within.  Wouldn’t that be a novel idea in the NFL?  A different business model, eh Mr. Ross?

[UPDATE:  ESPN reported some interesting stats this morning about Marty Schottenheimer and stadium attendance.  During his coaching stint in Cleveland, home attendance went up from an average of 63,691 to 71,873.  During his stint in Kansas City, home attendance went up from an average of 46,412 to 73,467.  And, during his stint in San Diego, home attendance went up from an average of 57,720 to 63,010.  This is something for Stephen Ross to consider.]


What do you think?


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