Who Do You Want To Be Next HC? Poll

In the wake of news from Adam Schefter that only three candidates will interview a second time in Miami and the Miami Herald reporting that Mike Zimmer is out and that one of these three will likely be named HC, I thought it would be a good idea to revisit the polls.

Who do you think should be the next head coach if that person has to come from one of these three?  (note: putting a bullet in your head is not an option)

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  • talibancezo

    @dolphinsbuzztap eric mangini

  • http://www.solphins.com/ Solphins

    I vote for none of the above.

  • ronski_doodle

    Mike Nolan is the closest thing to a young Don Shula

  • ronski_doodle

    They should promote Mike Nolan,

    get aggressive in free agency, acquire upgrades to our starters with out giving up draft picks.

    Do whatever it takes to get Andrew Luck.- 3 firsts is what Jimmy Johnson thinks it will take.

    Name the last ten Dolphins first round picks, I would give 5 of them up for Luck.Jamar Fletcher,Vernon Carey,Ronnie Brown,Jason Allen,Ted Ginn, Jr.,Jake Long Vontae Davis,Jared Odrick,Mike Pouncey, I like Pouncey, Long, and Vontae. Vernon and Ronnie Brown.

    We should sign Carl Nicks, Jermichael Finley, Deshaun Jackson.

    I would let Solai walk and sign 2 DTs NT Sione Pouha and Abrayo Franklin.

    We should trade Koa Misi, and Merling get pics.

    The last thing I would recommend is give the players, their playbooks this year.

  • drumzan

    I like Philbin but I don’t like Flynn. So if bringing in Philbin doesn’t mean getting Flynn, I’m on board. If it does mean getting Flynn, then I vote for Bowles by default. (my original preference was for Zimmer, but that’s been shot down the tubes already)

  • http://SuperPhinFan MCTROY

    I would say through As much money as you have to get John Gruden then and only will you have a young DON SHULA and you will fill the stadium with excitement, he will bring it home!!!! We must, we must.

  • Mimi46

    I really don’t want any of them. What happened to Pete Carmiachel, Jr.?

  • Lespaul

    Love the Twitter comment…Eric Mangini. God, might as well tie an anchor to the team.

  • stevehoffart

    I like Joe Philbin and think that Todd Bowles would be a good choice to replace Mike Nolan. Not to mention that the rumor with Philbin comes Matt Flynn is a heck of a promising position to be in. With nothing for QBs past Luck and RG3 and a few other teams desperate, it’ll take a King’s Ransom to move up. I’d rather take our chances with Flynn and if it fails, look to next year’s draft class.