Chad Henne Experiment Coming To A Close

Believe it or not, there are many Dolfans that still believe in and support “current” Miami Dolphins QB, Chad Henne.  Even up until the last game of the year against the Jets at home, some folks were still sporting their #7 jerseys to the game.  If I had a Henne jersey, it would be on Ebay with a “buy now” tag of $5 with free shipping and handling.  I could use that profit to at least purchase a $5 foot long at Subway before it becomes completely worthless in the upcoming months.

In case you couldn’t tell by the tone of my opening paragraph, the “Chad Henne experiment” is coming to a close.  I hate to be the bearer of bad news to all of you Henne supporters, but it’s time to face the music.  Like a dud firecracker, he was never able to sparkle or shine.  He was a failure here at Miami and he will not be retained next year.  To most of you, this should not come as a surprise.

Drafted in the second round in 2008 out of Michigan, Henne was suppose to be the answer to the Dolphins’ long search for a franchise quarterback since the Great One, Dan Marino.  Additionally, he was “groomed” his rookie season from playing behind one of the most accurate passers in NFL history, Chad Pennington.  Henne had one of the league’s best left tackles in Jake Long blocking his blind side and the Dolphins made a huge free agency splash by providing him one of the league’s most explosive receivers, Brandon Marshall.  The wheels were in motion and the Dolphins were trying to lead Henne down a successful path that never was.

The last time Henne suited up to start a game for the Dolphins was against the Chargers in week four of the 2011 season.  At the time, Miami was 0-3.  Early in the first quarter he separated his left (non-throwing) shoulder and had to be placed on injured reserve.  In came journeyman, backup QB Matt Moore, who was signed right before the kickoff of preseason.

Moore didn’t even take snaps with the first team receivers in practice until AFTER that San Diego game.  He was forced to quickly learn the playbook and get on the same page with his receivers overnight.  After getting off to a slow start, he won six of the final nine games and threw fifteen touchdowns to just five interceptions, while posting a 98.9 passer rating during that stretch.  By the end of the season it became evident that Henne was the issue, not the system. 

As a Dolphins’ starter, Henne was 13-18.  He threw a total of 31 touchdowns and 37 interceptions with an overall passer rating of just 75.7.  In a league where doors to a Super Bowl are only open for elite quarterbacks, Henne didn’t stand a chance with his mediocre production.  His lack of mobility, sense of urgency, leadership, red zone execution, and fourth quarter comebacks will be the driving forces behind his release in the very near future.     

The number one priority for both Jeff Ireland and Stephen Ross is to go out and find that franchise quarterback this year.  They both made that very clear with their statements in recent interviews at the Senior Bowl practices this week in Mobile, Alabama.  Ireland said “We need a quarterback that can get us over the hump.”  Ross would contribute as well saying “I’m looking for a franchise quarterback” and “that’s the highest thing on our agenda.”

Today, there are more questions surrounding this team’s quarterback position than in any point in franchise history.  There is a lot of uncertainty about who Ross and Ireland will target for our QB this year.  There are rumors about the likelihood of Peyton Manning bringing his talents to South Beach.  Most fans and local media who cover the Dolphins believe Matt Flynn will reunite with his old offensive coordinator and now Dolphins’ head coach, Joe Philbin.  Others still think Miami will trade away multiple first and second round picks to move up and draft Baylor’s Robert Griffin III.  Right now, no one really knows the answer.  The only thing that is certain is that Chad Henne won’t be a Dolphin in 2012.

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  • ranadicus

    Why do people write hate articles? Do you beat girls up too? Kick kittens maybe?

  • hartg

    Moore was good. He benefited from an offense that started to fully learn the new system put in place. The playbook expanded as a result and there were less wasted downs. Moore didnt discover the H back that was open all along, Clay just started getting used in the second half of the season. Henne didnt have the running game that evolved in the second half of the season. Moore’s career qb rating is 80, Henne 75; not that much different. In fact Moore put up a rating of 61 in the last game of the season. Had Henne remained healthy he probably would have put up similar numbers in the second half of the season, just as the rest of the offense got better.

  • strawberry5421

    @dolphinsbuzztap , good

  • Dolphin geek

    @hartg Come on man!!!! Henne had no touch on the football!! He has a cannon arm and cannot make all the throws like Moore can. Moore connects twice as much down field as Henne could ever do. Henne is also a moron. He checks down way too much and that’s why his rating is so high. That dude will be a career bench warmer. Oh and by the way, the running game began to work because Moor was so much better and pushing the ball up field.

  • RandyCarlson

    I’m not getting on the hate Henne bus with you or anyone else.remember he had to learn a new system in a very short time due to the lockout.if you want to go down that road hate the defenders too they went from a top six defence and upgraded and started out like crap.

    I say keep Henne and let him compete for the starting job

  • Mattpatrick5

    @ranadicus Nope, I’m a pacifist. I’m sorry to disappoint you, but this is the reality of the situation. He’s not coming back next year. Sounds like you are angry because you will no longer be able to wear your Henne jersey…

  • ranadicus

    @Mattpatrick5 You can call yourself whatever you want, I know a hit piece when I see one. Your article has neither informative value nor redeeming qualities of any kind. It exists for the sole purpose of causing insult/grief.

    That having been said, this is all moot anyway. Henne isn’t a West Coast QB and won’t be retained simply because he won’t fit the system.

  • hartg

    It seemed that sporano didnt let him throw that the ball that much the first 2 years, 2 reads and throw it away. this year was a brand new system for everybody and a short time to learn it.

  • johnnyd77

    @ranadicus @Mattpatrick5 It’s about time someone called out Henne. He’s nothing more than a “back-up” QB. The reason he won’t be retained has nothing to do with him not being a West Coast QB. It’s because he has only won 40% of his games and he chokes in the 4th quarter when we need a big drive.

  • OrangeandTeal4Real

    @RandyCarlson So did Moore. And look at Moore’s production and execution over Henne. When Tony was fired, Henne was as well. I don’t know why your heart is getting in the way of creating a better team in the future. Some Miami fans are just content on being average…that mind frame as well as our past QB needs to be dropped.

  • OrangeandTeal4Real

    @RandyCarlson And no one is hating on Henne. Matt is strictly laying down the facts..

  • OrangeandTeal4Real

    @ranadicus@Mattpatrick5 Philbin system is west he’ll have to decide just how much when get gets an understanding of his players. An informative article is creating when stats and or facts or given..thus, this article is informative. The article may cause grief but only because the truth does hurt sometimes.

  • RandyCarlson


    First and foremost I am a Dolphin fan have been for 40 years and want nothing more than a better team,Henne deserves a shot at starting if he can perform better than any qb on the team.


    A friend of mine (future hall of famer) was cut by the Dolphins, I was not mad at the team, because they replaced him with a better performing player.

    my loyalty is to the Miami Dolphins not to any single player

  • OrangeandTeal4Real

    @RandyCarlson Don’t drop the I’ve been a Phin fan for 40 years BS. No one was questioning your fandom…but I was saying that you need to separate the ” give him a chance” because he had his chance…and the majority of fans,teammates and most importantly the front office feel the exact same way. Time to move on.. NFL also stands for not for long…also Not F’in loyal. Moore is the better QB and Jeff will bring in another QB via FA or Draft. Henne train moves on..

  • RandyCarlson


    If Moore was a better qb he would have started over Henne

  • OrangeandTeal4Real

    @RandyCarlson You and I both know if Tony’s wagon wasn’t hitched to Henne’s and the NFL wasn’t coming out of a Lockout Moore v. Henne would’ve been open competition.