What Is Your Super Bowl Menu?

What is the best food to have during the Super Bowl?

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  • Phinphanatic

    I think I will take this poll and then take the top 3 voted and do another poll on Saturday and add anything I missed from the comments and see if it changes…

  • GlennFoster

    seafood, shrimp,crab and fish

  • GlennFoster

    Shrimp, Crab, and Fish,

  • Southbeach

    For me, the SB is special, and we try to go with a team’s theme. This year it’s New England clam chowder in individual hollowed out breads, and a New York strip steak. We’re also adding Boston scrod for fish taco’s or crustini, and a NE cranberry, mango, jalapeno pepper salsa, as well as a cranberry chutney with sour cream and horseradish to to with the steak.

  • Mattpatrick5

    @Southbeach Wow…that sounds amazing! Can I come join you?