Robert Griffin III is back o the market.

First Round Draft Pick Of A Quarterback

As we steadily approach the 29th Anniversary of the last time the Dolphins drafted a Quarterback in the first round of the NFL draft, we have to wonder when we are going to find (via the draft) another franchise quarterback.  Our last first round draft pick of a Quarterback turned out to be pretty amazing, being the 27th overall selection Dan Marino.  He only turned out to the best quarterback in franchise history, a Hall-of-Famer and all around class act for all of his 17 seasons with the Fins.  Also, at the time of his retirement was the league record holder for all major NFL passing records in a season and career.

We have tried several times to use lower round draft picks to get our franchise quarterback and have failed every single time.  It is time Dolphins management realizes finding a Tom Brady in the sixth round is not a high probability and they are more likely to find an Aaron Rodgers, Eli Manning or Ben Roethlisberger in the first round.

There are at least two potential franchise quarterbacks, according to NFL scouts, that are projected to go before our selection of either ninth or tenth overall.  We must at least try to make a move in order to move up to a higher spot in this years draft to get our guy.  If we cannot draft Andrew Luck first overall, because Indianapolis clearly wants to draft him and make him their next Peyton Manning.  So our logical move is to trade up for Robert Griffin III.

RG3 has flown under the radar most of his career.  After originally committing to play for the University of Houston, RG3 went on to start for three prolific years at Baylor University. He was always a star but wasn’t fully appreciated nationally until the end of his junior season when he quickly burst to the top of everybody’s radar.  There he went on to win the 2011 Heisman Trophy along with countless other awards and Baylor rushing records. His 2009 ACL tear has clearly been healed and not changed his style.  Not only is he one of the most well-mannered individuals I have heard from coming out of college in the past decade but he also has impeccable style.

Whomever the Dolphins get to be their next starting quarterback, hoping to make him a franchises guy, they need to think hard and make the best move possible.  Often times General Mangers make moves that the average fan cannot fathom but end up smart has absolutely not been the case with this regime having all of their questionable moves backfire and made too look almost unintelligent.  As fans there is not much say we have in the moves made from the head office, all we can do is hope they do the right thing and draft a quarterback in the first round.

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  • RoeBlount

    I say put Hartline in as a trade piece. With all that RG3 has done in college with not very much and his intelligence, up bringing, his humble team first attitude and his skills the team would be foolish not to go all in for RG3. He and Luck are the best options out there in the draft and let’s face it the Colts aren’t giving up Luck. The team shouldn’t waste time on any more 2nd tier or 3rd tier project players or another teams hand me downs. Let’s start fresh with the best! With what talent we already have if RG3 plays like he did at Baylor he will be successful and when he improves only better for us.

  • RoeBlount

    If we were to give up two first round stay picks and one second and a third that would be like trading Odrick, V. Carey, D. Thomas, and J. Jerry. I think a franchise QB is worth that. Also with work RG3 will get better, infinitely better.

  • RoeBlount

    And for you Matt Moore, Tannehill and Weeden fans, chew on this. Tannehill is to raw and Moore isn’t good enough. Moore is a middle of the road QB at best. We have to much talent not be a play of team. Furthermore if Tannehill was such a good QB why was he playing wideouts instead of supplanting someone and taking a spot. Also if he was so good why did he share game time and snaps at the beginning of season? If your that good you don’t share nothing! Similar to Moore, Weeden is a rhythm passer with good touch on his throws and composure in the pocket. He has looked natural taking the snap from under center and in his drops, but he often throws to his initial read and doesn’t actively go through his progressions. While Weeden was arguably the top signal caller in the senior bowl, scouts are still skeptical about his ability to work through his reads and survey the defense while dropping back.

  • sffrank1562

    If we are willing to trade so many assets to move up and draft RG3, we should consider making an offer to the Colts that they cannot refuse for the first pick and draft Luck. And yes he is that good.

  • RoeBlount

    @sffrank1562 yes Luck is but so is RG3

    • Brian Miller

      Luck is worth the farm. RGIII has too many ?’s to give up a lot for. He is not as gifted as Cam Newton and could easily end more like Vince Young without the attitude. Just does enough but never more than that.

      I would bet RGIII will never make the Pro-Bowl or lead a team to the Super Bowl.

  • Lespaul

    @RoeBlount yes, thank you….Moore is half of the reason why Carolina picked first in last years draft. He is highly erratic and seems to fit the mold of career backup. I say go for RGlll if the ransom isn’t too high. This kid is a winner through and through…I watched him play almost every weekend of his college career. The naysayers will point to him being an ‘option’ QB or a pure running QB…that’s all nonsense and there is plenty of youtube footage to prove it. I think Luck and RGlll are so far above the rest of the QB class coming out in the draft that anyone else would bench warm for a few years. Tannehill…Nope, Weeden…maybe, but trips over his own two feet, Cousins…seems smart, but questionable arm strength. There are lots of QB’s coming out with good stats, but I haven’t seen enough of them to make a reasonable conclusion.

  • ReddickHarris

    yes, RGIII…possibly even more athletic than Luck.

    It’s way past time for a new log design. When was the last time you saw a Dolphin wearing a football helmet? As a matter of fact the logo at the top of the page would be a good one, more streamlined and aggressive, as Dolphins actually are in the wild…just saying.

    Any thoughts about Kirk Cousins as a Plan B?

  • ReddickHarris

    That should be logo design…typing too fast.

  • GlennFoster

    Iwaatched an interview of RG# my god all he said was ME ME ME ME, he would b a BIG mistake in Miami not a team player

  • GlennFoster

    @RoeBlount you must of missed his interview on the NFL network ,HUMBLE no way all he said was ME ME ME ME and MORE me nothing about team, all it would do is give the complainers something to talk about

  • GlennFoster

    @RoeBlount you must of been one of those suck for luck fans and I use the term fan very loosely

  • Lespaul

    @GlennFoster @RoeBlount I don’t buy the character issues you described about RGlll. I have seen dozens more interviews than you possibly could have living here in Texas. The kid is very gracious and more of a team player than most will ever be. I haven’t seen the interview you are referring to so I cannot comment about it, but given past interviews this kid is very smart and has his head screwed on straight.