Should The Dolphins Trade Brandon Marshall?

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Jan 29, 2012; Honolulu, HI, USA; AFC wide receiver Brandon Marshall of the Miami Dolphins (19) holds the most valuable player trophy against the NFC in the 2012 Pro Bowl at Aloha Stadium. The AFC defeated the NFC 59-41. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-US PRESSWIRE

Brandon Marshall … You just had 176 receiving yards and a record four TDs in the NFL Pro Bowl.  You won the MVP Award.  What do you plan do to next? … Well, I think I’ll open my mouth and stick my foot in it!  Again!

Yes, Brandon Marshall has done it again.  He’s become the center of another controversy for comments which have put the Dolphins Organization in a bad light.  Should this be the last straw for the Dolphins controversial superstar receiver?  Should the Dolphins Trade Brandon Marshall?

Just in case you may have missed the game, Marshall said about his Pro Bowl MVP performance: “It says a lot when you’re playing with those type of [Pro Bowl] quarterbacks.  They just put it in the right place.  You have these elite quarterbacks, and they put it in the right spot to make it easy for me.  It’s all [about] the quarterbacks.

I guess Marshall does not think very much of Miami QB Matt Moore.  I guess he does not think very much of the Dolphins Organization for not acquiring an “elite” NFL QB.

I think Brandon Marshall just does not seem to get it.  His comments were a public stab in the back of all the Dolphins’ QBs during his tenure who, in his mind, were incapable of adequately getting him the ball to allow him to perform at his peak.  His comments were a very public slap in the face of the Dolphins’ Organization who, in his mind, were inept at acquiring a QB to allow him to pad his statistics.  What in the heck was he thinking when he opened his mouth?  Was he so stupid to think that by making these statements on national TV, the Dolphins Management would get off their lazy butts and get him an “elite” QB who would make catching passes easy for him?

However, here’s where the interesting part comes into play.  Are Marshall’s statements even true?

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  • Cornerss

    horrible story. You forgot to mention hes also the most targeted wr in the nfl. Hes only saying what were all saying. Who cares about qb rating? Moore was 6-6 and fumbled 14 times and in games look like a deer in headlights sometimes.

    Only a fool would trade marshal,best way to not have a qb come here. Marshals tame compared to most diva wr’s

  • Cornerss

    and if you want to get ripped off do you trade marshal, our 1st and 2nd for an unproven qb.

  • ryan828

    You are such a freaking idiot. How could you possibly say he did something wrong?? HE HAS MATT MOORE THROWING TO HIM, ARE YOU SERIOUSLY GONNA SAY THAT MATT MOORE CAN EVEN BE USED IN THE SAME SENTENCE AS ANY OF THE TRUE PRO BOWL QBS?????? Come on man. All Brandon was saying is that a great QB can make any receiver good. He didn’t talk about how amazing he was and how Matt Moore was slowing him down, just how the QBs enabled him at the pro bowl. If we lose Marshall we lose all hope at ever having a decent offense. So stupid

  • finfanfrombirth

    TRADE MARSHALL? ARE YOU NUTS? That would be the worst move in history. I agree with Brandon. We are in desperate need of an elite QB. Having an elite QB could turn this whole organization around. We certainly don’t need RG3! We need a pass rusher in the 1st rd. Then draft Tannehill in the 2nd. And maybe a RT in the 3rd. Anyways, trading Marshall would be stupid.

  • PhinPhanInKentucky

    Put his foot in his mouth? I think not. Ocho, TO, et al … those idiots put their foot in their mouths, and it shows on the field. He’s 100%, elite QBs make any receiver look good. Imagine what would happen if the Phins had Peyton on the field, how much production you would get from Marshall, Bess, Hartline, and company. Not to mention how much more productive the RBs would be. If anyone doesn’t get what Brandon is saying, it’s the author of this article. What a waste of time reading this. Hope Phins management and Phins players have you on their ignore list.

  • Jaydin Williams

    Yah please never right an article again, its clear that you dont like marshall and are trying to get dolphin fans against him which is a joke! Marshall is a true stud reciever and is the best move the dolphins have made in a while. The guy has had what four or five starting QBs in two years throwing to him. I can see where his frustration comes from. He doesnt need someone making it easier for him to catch the ball because as you saw in the “Pro-Bowl” he can catch anything. He just needs someone who doesnt turn the ball over and will take some shots at him. Moore in my opinion did this the best out of all the QBs we had, I sure hope we keep him around as a back up.

  • Lespaul

    @finfanfrombirth Tannehill…i don’t think so. Watched him play his whole 20 game career. Big arm, but makes huge mistakes…and his mechanics are horrible. Better than Tebow, but very raw. I think he could develop into a good QB, but might have to warm the bench for a few years. I am on the fence about trading Marshall. I too, think it’s bad to give up a weapon unless you can replace it with a better one. If Blackman is available then maybe a Marshall trade could be worthwhile. I would, however, trade Hartline before I would even consider trading Marshall.

  • uberphins

    What a idiot. are you this hard up for material for an article. marshall is stellar. Don’t you remember when mat moore was just starting and marshal came out with I’m going to be a monster which moved all press coverage off mat and on to brandon. he’s at the pro bowl he’s just excited for getting all the touchdowns and is trying to give credit where credit is due. If you don’t have anything to write about don’t write.

  • mattrEgan20

    The packers have 2 stud receivers Greg Jennings and Jordy Nelson plus a dynamic tight end in Jermichael Finley. What are you talking about the dolphins absolutely need Marshall

  • DVILLE561

    DUDE!! seriously? how in the hell is that a stab towards the organization! never write again! all he was saying is what is completely true!!! he needs a good QB to make him better as seen in the pro bowl.. a stab towards the organization more like a helpfull glance at the possibility at things to come if he does get a good QB throwing to him.

    i for one respect the hell out of him because what that says there is that he cares for the organization by saying we need a QB and as a receiver on the team he knows this as well!!

    so please read all the the comments here ans never right an article again! i feel bad that this article can even be seen to the public eye and all the true fin fans out there

  • jake1


    How about the 14-15 drops he had and I think 5or 6 were TD passes that could have given Miami 2 to 3 more wins. The pro bowl Qb’s passes were not all on target either 2 of his TD’s were circuses catches. I think if you can get a 2nd and 4th round pick for Marshall let that weak ass baby go, him and his 6 personalities go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Solphins

    if you watched Matt Moore all season, he was fixated on Marshall, all he did was throw it to him. Marshall didn’t go to the pro bowl because he deserved it, he got there because of his name. I agree with him saying this. The Dolphins have three stars right now, Bush, Long, and Marshall. We can say what we want, but when they speak up people listen. I appreciate that Marshall put a real voice to what we have been saying for years.

  • finfanfrombirth

    @Lespaul I would draft Tannehill in the 2nd. I don’t think it would be a reach. He has lots of upside and could be a very good player. I would sign Matt Flynn or possibly Peyton Manning if released, since he’s just been cleared to play. Then keep Moore for a backup and have a guy like R. Tannehill to groom for a few years as the number 3 qb. Even if Blackman is available, I would draft Quinton Coples or Courtney Upshaw.

  • aceman2112

    @dolphinsbuzztap ya,just trade the whole team.


    Jake 1 plz shut up

  • ycdolphin

    So your telling me that if matt moore didnt have b marsh this year he would have been ranked 12th? If he is a true starter lets trade him and see what the other nfl teams think of him, we should be able to get some talent for a starting qb ya? Lol

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  • eaglescolombia

    @dolphinsbuzztap #Brandonmarshall butter fingers

  • TA

    Brandon Marshall and our 1st round pick to St. Louis Rams for their !st round pick ? That would be an interesting proposition.

  • thedamienblack

    Everyone here is saying it, Marshall is saying it, the analysts are saying it, but yet it can’t be true? We need a better quality QB to take full advantage of this talent. There isn’t really more to say about the topic…. It’s the organization’s/Ireland’s/Philbin’s job(s) to find that person.

    As far as trading 8/9 AND 18 AND the 2nd? I’d say that’s over payment. If we traded; you drop the 8/9 + 2nd and a pick from 2013. Make it a conditional 2 that could be a 1. Enough overpaying! That price chart is a little old now that there are rookie salary restraints.


  • thedamienblack

    QB is top priority. The rest is fodder at this point….

  • vadertime

    I think it’s time for Brandon Marshall to find another city to live in, maybe one that has the elite QB he is referring to. I’m not big on Matt Moore and I was definitely anti-Henne, but you don’t need to publicly chide your team, even though it’s the awful truth. At any rate, have a nice life wherever you wind up Brandon.

  • mjm111944

    @dolphinsbuzztap NO They should not! Yes his comments were dumb but who is going to play WR How is 3 picks for RG3 better than $ for Flynn?

  • chadsnider6


    One of the dumbest comments ever made. ARE YOU KIDDING ME! You have to be joking a 2nd and 4th for a pro bowl 1000+ yard reciever every year who is not even in his PRIME yet?!?!?! C’mon BROTHER!!! NEXT

  • Almostafan

    In the “Pro Bowl” they have a set of rules that give the offense a clear advantage. Like in the coverage and the pass rush. Anyone can hit a wide open receiver when they have all day and one on one coverage. Brandon Marshall just took advantage of these special rules. Super star – maybe not. a pro bowler – Yes.

  • Manalytics

    Seriously? Get rid of the biggest weapon Miami has on offense? What other receiver talent can we field? Davon Bess has dropped off the face of the earth this past year and Brian Hartline, well enough said.. I was in Indy during marshall’s 21 reception performance and unless he’s a locker room cancer the likes of which make Randy Moss look saintly then you can’t let talent like that go

  • dolphinbob

    I like Marshall and I really liked bringing him to Miami. But you really don’t know a player until he’s on your team and you see hm in both good times and bad times. Given his public dissing of players, coaches and team without looking at his own failures, I’d say its time to part ways. This article says a lot about the player as part of the “team over individual” mentality. Henne had his failures, but Moore came in without pre season and without the playbook and put together a pretty good season. Yeah, he got off to a slow start, but how many of us would be drop and run in a new job with a new company? Imagine if Moore had had a full pre season and a year under his belt? Marshall’s tendency is to diss what doesn’t agree with him or benefit him….in public. Coach Philbin should take the draft picks that we need to build our team. What you dont get in the draft you find in free agency or trade.

  • RalphLopez

    He said what every real Dolphins fan is thinking: you need an elite QB to WIN. are you serious with this ridiculous article??? We need a QB!! We’ve needed one since Marino! Please do yourself a favor and never write ANY kind of article ever again smh

  • BrandonOkman

    One of the worst articles I’ve ever read!! Someone should slap the writer, find his mom and slap her as well!! I can’t believe someone actually allows this guy to write about sports, he is clearly a moron

  • Phinphanatic

    Oddly enough, I have ZERO idea how any of you can call that a bad article and believe me I don’t simply go along in supporting the writers on my site. The article is actually pretty accurate aside from the authors opinion of Marshall’s mouth. His opinion is that Marshall should be a considered trade option…I think there is no one on this team that is off limits.

    Now, saying that I don’t think that Marshall intentionally meant to dis the organization or Matt Moore although we do know how he feels about Chad Henne. It was simply Brandon Marshall talking and that always leaves a lot of room for interpretation.

    Most of you need to realize that this articles isn’t simply a representation of one mans opinion. All three major news papers in Miami posted articles with similar complaints about Marshalls’ comments…they did so to stir up debate…something has occurred here as well….but relax a bit and come down off the ledge…calling the author names and calling his article absurdly stupid is far from what it actually is. An opinion piece that presents statistical fact to support his opinion regardless of whether you agree or not that Marshall should or shouldn’t be traded.

    I would love to see BM put up PB numbers every game in Miami and with a different QB maybe he will…maybe he would have more success with Moore for a full season instead of a partial one. Maybe if he quits ending up in the hospital during the off-season he can attend mini-camps and workouts instead of being in the news for off-field issues.

    The point is that Marshall does drop a lot of passes and the stats show what he can do when his head is in the game. Trade him? I wouldn’t discount it if the right opportunity reared itself.

  • Phinphanatic

    @ycdolphin No he is saying that If Brandon Marshall caught some of those drops and especially the ones that would have been TD’s, Moore would have had a higher ranking…without Marshall, it would likely have been worse…IMO. I think the real question here is what does Miami need? If you value a guy like RGIII so much that you have to move up to get him, Marshall is a piece you could throw out there to get it done, but outside of that, I don’t see the value in moving Marshall…I would consider it for sure, but it would depend on my return in the process…RGIII to me wouldn’t be worth it, but if somehow it could be for Andrew Luck…I would trade Marshall in a heartbeat.

  • Phinphanatic

    @jake1 Sorry Jake but even I think Marshall is worth more than that in fact, I think he worth more than the two 2nd’s that Miami gave him for him. I still would consider trading him but the value I don’t think is there in terms of what we could get for him.

    Now if I were able to somehow replace him with a guy like Justin Blackmon then ya I would get him out but that isn’t going to happen and trading up from the 8 or 9 spot to get a WR and using your top WR as part of the trade would be completely idiotic. That’s a Rick Spielman move.

  • TA

    I grew up in the 60′s fortunate to have season tickets to the Dolphins. I’ve seen the best of times and the worst of times. As a Dolphin fan my most memorable and prideful time was the Dan Marino era even though we never won the SB. Second on my list would have to be the No Name Defense. A group of men “no elitists” that came together as a team to win and make NFL history. Since then I have truly believed that “TEAM” is a necessary ingredient to any successful NFL franchise. Because of the personnel & player changes the last several years Miami hasn’t been able to come together as a team. Hopefully that has all changed with the hiring of Philbin. However Marshall is NOT a team player ! The man is tuned in to WIIfm (What’s in it for me). Marshall has his own agenda and is counter productive to developing a “TEAM” locker room. No question he has top shelf talent, that’s why I say trade the schmuck get what you can and bring in team players.

  • ycdolphin

    If we traded brandon marahall the only qb we could bring in and be successful would be pm


    All this talk about trading Brandon Marshall it wont happen so get over it we need a QB POINT BLANK this is a qb driven league

  • ycdolphin

    @TNS LIVE i hope not

  • spdensou

    @TA I agree THAT would be a fair trade. But the genius who wrote this article is suggesting something very different: Brandon Marshall/18th overall pick + 8/9th overall pick + 2nd round pick

    is fair.

    Whoever let this guy write this article needs to find another career. Yea let’s give away our best offensive weapon, plus our top 10 pick, plus our 2nd round pick for a rookie quarterback (although very good and lots of potential) – the Rams would definitely be coming away with the better end of that “deal” – if you can even call that a deal.

    Horrible – the writer of this article is probably a Jets fan. Just plain horrible.

  • spdensou

    Let me bring some reason to this incredibly outrageous idea. How about we SAVE our top 10 draft pick we have, pick up Peyton from Free Agency (where he’ll be considering the Colts HAVE to drop him unless they want to take a 28 million dollar hit on their salary cap AND draft Luck Number 1), and try to trade up a couple spots to draft Justin Blackmon or one of the top O-lineman.

    I think that’s a much more feasible plan than giving up B. Marsh (our most prolific wide receiver we’ve had in over 2 decades), our top 10 pick, as well as our 2nd round pick.

    Did Ditka write this article or what??