July 31, 2010; Davie, FL, USA; Miami Dolphins executive vice president of football operations Bill Parcells during training camp at the Dolphins training facility. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Bill Parcells Is Not A Hall Of Fame Coach

In the NFL, it’s all about what you bring to the table.  Every day, every year, over and over again.  It’s what separates the great from the good and the average from the bad.  Last night, the NFL held it’s first ever awards show on NBC.  I missed it.  That is what happens when you spend the day running around town with the wife.   Distraction.  I kid of course, about the wife comment, not about missing the awards show.

Judging by the highlights I have watched (Katherine McPhee over and over again) the awards show appeared to have kicked off it’s innagural effort successfully.  With Terrell Suggs winning the AP Defensive MVP award and Peyton Manning crowning Aaron Rodgers for his first League MVP, it appears as though the NFL once again has turned it’s brand into must see television.  Proving once again that the NFL is America’s real sport.

What other league can boast their draft as one of the most viewed television events?  Or the fact their playoff games often have more viewers than the World Series?  Also lost on the this years PhinPhanatic.com editor…me…was the fact that yesterday, in addition to the NFL Awards show, the NFL announced it’s 2012 Hall of Fame class.  Tackle Willie Roaf, RB Curtis Martin, Chris Doleman, Cortez Kennedy, Dermontti Dawson, and senior selection Jack Butler will represent the class at inductions on Hall of Fame weekend in Canton, Oh.

Absent from the list?  WR Chris Carter (still can’t figure out why Carter is not in the “Hall” and Michael Irvin is but oh well…I throw this up every season about Irvin for one of my Dallas Cowboy friends who frequents our site), Jerome Bettis, and former coach Bill Parcells.

Now, I really don’t have a problem with Bettis or Carter being left off the HOF list this year.  Eventually they will likely get in deserving or not, but in the case of Bill Parcells let’s just call it “sour grapes”.  In other words, I’m really glad he didn’t make this years group.

Parcells is the man I still blame for the mess that is the Miami Dolphins.  His self-serving ego was paramount to adding failure to an already floundering franchise.  His inability to find fresh groceries to use one of his terms, did nothing in revitalizing the team that he was tasked with building, let alone the fact that he walked away from the job before it was completed…in fact he walked away from the job two weeks before the 2010 season started.  Nice.

Perhaps if Bill Parcells had put forth the effort to actually make Miami a competitive team that was once again relevant, he would have made the list last night instead, his short two and a half seasons with Miami may actually have kept him off that list.  He will get in someday, but not this year.  I take a little comfort in knowing that the misery he cost the Dolphins fans the last four years, may have kept him out…but yes, I’m just being self serving myself right now.

Still, congratulations to the six men who will stand at the podium in August and try very hard not to cry in front of the thousands in attendance, even Curtis Martin.

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  • Cornerss

    meh, i dont buy it. How can you say he left the team a huge mess? Most would agree were a qb short of making playoff runs.

    I think the only reason people can even say it is because he left the job early,that i fault him for. You cant fault him for drafting a future HOF Long and putting a respectable defense on the field. We have a reputation as a tough team,something we didnt have when we were 1-15. So, not sure how you can say were worse off then when we were 1-15 when he came aboard

  • Phinphanatic

    @Cornerss Well as I said, It’s my opinion and I think the guy was a flake. As for his drafts? Long was a good pick but Pat White? Turner? Nalbone? the list goes on. I also don’t like the fact that he agreed to do something and than ran away from it instead of seeing it out. Furthermore, I think he should have done more with his appointed HC instead of leaving him out to learn on his own.

    From my seats, I saw a man who thought he had a perfect gig and when it became apparent that there was more work to be done, he left. I’m sure he doesn’t look at his time in Miami as a positive one…evidenced by the fact that in his ESPN Film bio on his career it was left off of it and he didn’t bother to even talk about it.

    But seriously that’s just my opinion.

  • 123M

    What a moron! The Hall is for provable accomplishments, not because you happen to be a sportswriter and happen to have a grudge against someone. Assuming you can read, look at Parcells record. He literally saved a franchise that is playing in todays superbowl.

    I’ll give you credit for at least telling the public who you are in denying Parcells his due. Most of your ilk are too cowardly and just plain too vindictive to actually judge someone on their accomplishments and not their own petty grudges. Now if you could just overcome your own petty grudge you would be on the road to having more than a single digit IQ

  • Phinphanatic

    @123M Well, 123M, me and my 1 digit IQ didn’t say that Parcells didn’t belong in the HOF…he does and he will get there and he deserves to get there. My gratification is simply self absorbed to know that he didn’t get in on his first attempt and that despite his beliefs to the contrary, the NFL world doesn’t really kiss his ass.

    He will get in as I said, but Im simply glad it wasn’t in year one.

  • 123M

    @Phinphanatic No doubt that’s the same logic that keeps Pete Rose out of the Baseball Hall.

    You win – there’s no combating narrow mindedness.

    • Brian Miller

      it’s not about winning and losing…it’s my opinion regarding the fact he isn’t a first ballot HOF’er. it’s not narrowminded either…considering the powers that be who voted didn’t believe he was either.

      As for Pete Rose…Rose isn’t in the HOF because of Pete Rose. He should be and would be but he has no one to blame but himself. Is it stupid? Sure it is, but the same case could be made for Shoeless Joe Jackson and some of the other Blacksox 8

  • pattejt

    Leaving him out was an absolute travesty by the selection committee. This guy is one of the 3 best coaches of the modern era of football, and one of the others was one of his proteges. You act like the dude pissed in your Cheerios. Maybe it’s fair to blame him/the timing of his departure for the ‘Phins sucking these days, but shit, the man’s almost 70 and he’s never been known to hang around in one place for too long, but it’s not like he wanted things to go bad in Miami. He’s a competitor, I’m sure he wishes he could’ve turned it around. I’m also sure that he’s fairly stung by getting snubbed the day before the team he led to 2 SB wins beat the team he took to a Conf championship in this year’s SB, so you’ve got that to be happy about, I suppose.