A Coming Nightmare Scenario for Dolphins at QB

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The nightmare begins on Monday with the Packers placing a franchise tag on Matt Flynn.  This might not be that big of a deal, but it would likely mean that a prospective team would have to give up a second round draft pick in order to get Flynn — rather than just getting him without compensation.  Flynn is already expected to demand a high salary ($8 – $10 million per season), but now would also require giving up a valuable draft pick (likely a potential starter) to the Packers.

The nightmare continues next Thursday with a Colts announcement that would defy all the media pundits.  The Colts shockingly announce that they have decided to re-sign Peyton Manning to a two or three year deal that would allow him to play out his career in Indianapolis.  He would not only be the starting QB, but also the mentor for the first pick in the 2012 NFL Draft named Andrew Luck.  Luck would get to play the role of Aaron Rodgers for a couple of years holding a clipboard while learning under a great one.

The nightmare really heats up on the morning of March 14th with a Seahawks announcement.  Seattle is in desperate need of a QB.  The bad news is they sit at the 12th position in the 2012 NFL Draft with the likelihood that all three top QBs in the draft will be gone by the time it is their pick.  The good news is they have a huge salary cap space.  So, the morning announcement of March 14th is the Seahawks acquire Matt Flynn giving up a 2012 second round draft pick to the Packers.  They give Flynn a ridiculous more than “Kevin Kolb” or “Ryan Fitzpatrick” type deal that the Dolphins cannot even touch given salary cap constraints.

So, at this point in the nightmare, the Dolphins lose both Plan A and Plan B at QB.  And, worse yet, the nightmare continues for the next six weeks with Dolphans having to read about the media’s opinions on Plans C and D.

The horror part of the nightmare occurs on April 26th.  All Dolphans are sitting on the edge of their seats as the 2012 NFL Draft begins.  As expected, the Colts pick their two year clipboard holder Andrew Luck with the first pick.  And, with the second pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, we have a trade.  The Browns, who have not been paying much attention to Robert Griffin III, trade the 1st and 22nd picks in the first round plus their second round pick to the Rams — the Rams decide that two first round picks this year are better than first round picks in 2012 and a 2013.  The Browns select RGIII with the second pick.  And, a few moments later, with the sixth pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, the Redskins select Ryan Tannehill.  Dolphans are now left speechless and demoralized.

In the nightmare, the laws of supply and demand plus salary cap space and draft order have crept up and bit the Miami Dolphins like a big bad shark attack — Jaws music and all.  Gone are Plans A, B, C, and D — even though the Dolphins try their best.  And, all that is left for the Dolphins are second round draft picks Weedon, Foles, or Osweiller — don’t Dolphans just love drafting a QB in the second round.  Or, all that is left for the Dolphans are veteran retreads like Orton, Campbell or Henne — don’t Dolphans just love acquiring NFL QB retreads.  Or, what is most likely left for the Dolphins is the status quo in the name of Matt Moore.

What a Parcelian nightmare!

Personally, I do worry a little bit about this nightmare scenario — mostly because of all the media hype.  The competition for a franchise QB in the NFL is brutal and the stakes/risks are high.  Although the Dolphins have options (four of them in fact), they are not holding all the cards in any one.  And, in the end, they just may be left standing with not the best looking date for the prom.  But, a date that did win the last six of nine games for the Dolphins (with Tony Sparano as coach).  Who knows?  Maybe, Matt Moore is not that bad of a fall back position considering he will be coached by Philbin and Sherman in 2012.  Things could be worse — the date could be fugly.


So, what do you think?  How would you react to the nightmare becoming a reality?


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