Stephen Ross Is My Hero

Recently, it has become known that Team Owner Stephen Ross called a Miami Dolphin season ticket holder to explain the state of the franchise. Cynics would say that this is damage control or a publicity stunt. I say, here is an owner that cares and is genuinely being affected by the current mutiny in Phinland.

In the late 90s, in one of my accounting classes, we scrutinized the state of the Florida Marlins  At that time, owner Wayne Huzienga, claimed that he had no choice but to sell the team because he was taking a loss. This brings me to the first rule.

Rule Number One: If you own a professional sports team, winning and winning alone, should be your mission.

Owning a professional sports franchise in the United States should never be about profiting.

Rule Number Two: If you cannot afford to take a loss as an owner of a professional sports franchise, you should not own one.

In the end, my studies showed that Huzienga was not taking a loss because he owned the television rights for the Marlins.  An excellent article was written about this, A Miami Fish Tale.  His claims were ludicrous. The fact that he was a billionaire, falsely complaining about the loss of a few millions, angered me. This man was sick. He had been possessed by the monster that is GREED.

Now, we have an owner that may be quirky but has shown nothing but a desire to win. He overpaid for the Dolphins because money was not his motivation. He wanted to be a part of something special and, damn it, the Miami Dolphins are special. He has done nothing but try. He is criticized for catering to celebrities but this in no way takes away from the product. Jeff Ireland runs the football side. Ross just opens his wallet.

If the NFL was cap-less like MLB, the Dolphins would be the Yankees of football. Ross cares about winning but in today’s NFL, it takes a lot more than desire.

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