The Need to Draft David DeCastro

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Matt Moore started the last 12 games of the Miami Dolphins 2011 NFL season.  Moore lead the Dolphins to a record of 6-6 in those last twelve games.  Did you know that Moore was sacked at least 4 times in each of his six losses and not more than 2 times in each of his six wins?  Think of the possibilities if Moore had been better protected in some of those losses.

Dec 24, 2011; Foxborough, MA, USA; Miami Dolphins quarterback Matt Moore (8) is sacked in the fourth quarter by New England Patriots middle linebacker Jerod Mayo (51) at Gillette Stadium. The Patriots defeated the Miami Dolphins 27-24. Mandatory Credit: David Butler II-US PRESSWIRE

Moore was sacked 4 times in a 18-15 Week 7 loss to Denver.  He was sacked 5 times in a 20-17 Week 8 loss at the Giants.  He was sacked 4 times in a 20-19 Week 12 loss at Dallas.  And, he was sacked 5 times in a 27-24 Week 16 loss at New England.  In these four games alone, Moore was sacked a total of 18 times and the Dolphins loss all four games by a total of 10 points.  Let me say that again, Moore was sacked a total of 18 times in 4 games in which the Dolphins loss by a total of 10 points … more sacks than point differential.  If the Dolphins could have won these four games, their record would have been 10-6 rather than 6-10.  AND, the Dolphins would have made the 2011 playoffs.

If the Dolphins had made the 2011 playoffs behind Matt Moore, there would not be such an outcry to pursue a “franchise” QB.  There would not be such a discussion now about drafting Ryan Tannehill.  Rather, the focus of draft discussion would be on drafting an offensive lineman to protect Matt Moore.

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